200+ good golf team names: cool ideas for you and your friends

200+ good golf team names: cool ideas for you and your friends

Golf is a club-and-ball sport played by millions worldwide. Since it's also a social sport, playing in a team can be motivating. Having a team with a catchy name adds excitement to the sport. If you are looking for good golf team names, these are cool ideas for you and your teammates.

Clever golf team names
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Golf is one of the wealthiest sports played for recreation and competition. Finding a good team name is crucial if you are in a team. A clever name will make the competition fun and build a community spirit. Here is a list of cool golf team names to consider.

Awesome golf team names

Every golf team should have a name representing the members' personalities and expressing the group's character and basic principles.

  • Mini tigers
  • Kill shot
  • Divot rollers
  • Rough boys
  • The Tee-Rific Twosome
  • Double bogey beasts
  • Full swing
  • Blue Phoenix
  • Bunker warriors
  • Duff bags
  • Rocky ride
  • High way rangers
  • Ace's club
  • No course for alarm
  • Ice Chip
  • The legendary Ace
  • Gravy Wackers
  • Roaring lions
  • The Sand Sailors
  • Hack attack
  • Royal course golfers
  • Club mobile
  • The kingdom of hookers
  • The Fowl Assassins

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Funny golf team names

Fantasy golf team names
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Although golf is mainly perceived as an individual game, being in a team is more fun. Below are some funny names for your golf team to choose from.

  • Putt pirates
  • Runway Birdies
  • Fore-Shadow
  • Wrecking balls
  • Chicks N chips
  • Hackers & Packers
  • Angry birdies
  • Putt N roll
  • Ball slayers
  • Hole in Nones
  • Wood whackers
  • Grass Cutters
  • Golfers groove
  • Grass Bandits
  • The Waterboys
  • Designated drivers
  • Greener pastures
  • Shooting sticks
  • Lazy champions
  • Sinking balls
  • Balls N Bros
  • Far from Par
  • Runaway golf ninja
  • Geriatric Tigers
  • The Tree Stooges

Best golf team names

Clever golf team names
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The best teams have legendary names, and golf is not an exception. Below are some of the best golf name ideas to make your team unique.

  • Barracuda Woods
  • Links Legends
  • Pro Spinner
  • American Golfers
  • Green Champions
  • Golf Rangers
  • Stroke Kings
  • Wood Vikings
  • Ball Wonders
  • Shot Of Luck
  • Burly Birdies
  • Ball Troopers
  • Hole Packers
  • Natural Hazards
  • San Traps
  • Fairway To Heaven
  • First-class beers
  • Tee Box
  • Eagle Hunters
  • Golf Machines
  • Golden Golfers
  • Flaming Birds
  • Ironclad Club
  • House Of Golfers
  • Teed-off

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Good golf team names

Funny golf team names
A man in red sweater holding a golf club. Photo: pexels.com, @kampus (modified by author)
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Team names carry weight when it comes to sports. A good golf team name motivates the players and makes the competitors green with envy. Here is a list of good names golf teams can adopt.

  • Top spinner
  • Duffers
  • Shank shooters
  • Red riot
  • The Pappy Putters
  • Smooth swing
  • Steel scope
  • Toe-to-toe ball giants
  • Swing and hit
  • Raging bulls
  • The Four Divots
  • Masters of the ace
  • Big Hitters
  • Ball launchers
  • City Boyz Golf Club
  • Club hoppers
  • Golf fiction
  • Iron lads
  • Smash and dash
  • Dogleg stars
  • Ball washers
  • Wannabes
  • The Queen's course
  • Pro heroes
  • Strokes of Luck

Fantasy golf team names

Cool golf team names
Five people playing golf. Photo: pexels.com, @jopwell (modified by author)
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Whether participating in a competitive golf tournament or playing for fun with your friends, an exceptional and amusing team name is entertaining. If you want a fantasy name for your team, check out the list below.

  • Sultans of swing
  • Inglorious drivers
  • Nominated adventure drivers
  • Putter's Tavern
  • Wedge wild cats
  • Dukes of golf
  • Wonder and Shine
  • Match play giants
  • The Deuce of Hazards
  • Weekend golfers
  • Against the Grain
  • The hole busters
  • Putt masters
  • Grip & Sip
  • Kraby caddies
  • High-priced ballers
  • Jabba the Putt
  • Unnamed hookers
  • Bag Shaggers
  • Sand Trapperz
  • Slice cowboys
  • Bros for hole
  • Slice and Dice
  • The Longballs
  • Tiger Cubs

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Cool golf team names

Great golf team names
A man wearing blue shirt playing golf. Photo: pexels.com, @martinmagnemyr (modified by author)
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Golf is considered a game for wealthy and cool people. It is, therefore, only fair to have a cool name for your golf team. Below is a list of cool name options for your team.

  • Weapons of grass destruction
  • High and fine
  • The Grim putter
  • Screw Drivers
  • Pin High
  • Swift Hitters
  • Bogeymen
  • Precision
  • Sharp dunkers
  • Thunder Putters
  • Grip It 'n Rip It
  • Ballers association
  • Sticky fame
  • Hole-In-One-Gang
  • Long shot
  • Wave Swing
  • Fairway Ninjas
  • Golf hounds
  • Golf fire club
  • Birdie Boyz
  • Ice tee
  • Bunker Buddies
  • Par-Tee trick
  • Grass Masters

Great golf team names

Best golf team names
A man wearing navy blue shirt and brown shorts playing golf. Photo: pexels.com, @juanico (modified by author)
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Playing golf is fun, but playing on a team is exciting. A team, however, has to have a name that is unique to them. You can check out the list below if you want a great name for your golfing buddies.

  • Rabbit and the stick
  • Golf hearted
  • The ball wedgers
  • Golf babes
  • Teen golf club
  • Thundery balls
  • Drive slayers
  • Hook shot handymen
  • Lady ball miners
  • Grip it and sip
  • Bunker paradise
  • Fringe players
  • Chosen by Golden Grass
  • Beer girl
  • Forefathers and sons
  • Foot wedge crew
  • Tee Rex
  • Restless Doglegs
  • Wonder Whackers
  • Pirates Hook
  • Sod Saviors
  • Chunky Dunkers
  • Rough Riders
  • Water Hazards
  • Pin Seekers

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Clever golf team names

Great golf team names
People on a golf course. Photo: pexels.com, @kawerodriguess (modified by author)
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Getting a name for your golf team is fun but can be tricky at the same time. You must be clever when choosing a golf team name to stand out from the crowd. Below is a list of catchy names you can pick for your golf team.

  • Big swing theory
  • Tiger's Hood
  • The '90s golfers
  • The wrenching wench
  • Top of the rack
  • Fore aces
  • Drive course
  • The Joker's ace
  • The fire hazard
  • Cotton caddies
  • Pink bandits
  • The bird spot
  • Hurricane birdie
  • Pin bandits
  • Golf Marchant
  • Green ogres
  • Putt in boot
  • Plot Hole Golfers Club
  • Club Groove
  • Men in hats
  • Chirpy Chippers
  • Fringe Players

Nice golf group names

Cool golf team names
A woman in green dress holding a golf club. Photo: pexels.com, @alidanaci (modified by author)
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Playing golf in a group setting brings out the members' competitiveness and creates a sense of responsibility. Below are some options you can use for your golf group.

  • Ace Venturers
  • Ball Busters
  • Balls Of Fire
  • Botox Bachelorettes
  • Cup Hunters
  • Victorious Secret
  • Underachievers Anonymous
  • The Fair Miners
  • UnderParFect
  • The Longest Yard
  • The Fringe Crew
  • Worm Burners
  • Victory Lap Vixens
  • The Handicaps
  • Rainbow Warriors
  • The Happy Hookers
  • The Old Strokes
  • The Waterballs
  • Hoof Hearted
  • Breaking Baddeley
  • Duffer's Daughter
  • In The Leather Heels
  • Golf Cowgirls
  • Janzen In The Streets

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Choosing the perfect golf team name involves brainstorming and creativity. A good name will improve your golfing experience. If you want a good name for your golf team, this article is for you. The above is a comprehensive list of over 300 golf team names you can choose from.

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