75+ hilarious short people jokes to tell your favourite shortie

75+ hilarious short people jokes to tell your favourite shortie

Telling jokes is the easiest way to kill boredom. If you are surrounded by short friends, you may find short people jokes hilarious. However, ensure the jokes are clean and do not hurt their feelings. Otherwise, you should refrain from telling jokes about someone's physical attributes. Find out some of the clean but hilarious short people jokes you can tell such people.

hilarious short-people jokes
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Short people jokes will make you laugh hard because they are simple and funny. The jokes are solely meant to lighten the mood and have a good time while hanging around your favourite little persons.

Short people jokes

If you are looking for something hilarious to share with your short friends and family, below is a collection of short people jokes you can share to brighten their mood. Always be mindful when making fun of your short friends or family members, as you do not want to hurt their feelings.

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Hilarious short people jokes

Are you looking for the best short people jokes to bring some laughter and cheer to your favourite shortie? Here are the best funny short-people jokes that are sure to bring a smile to their faces!

  • When a short person waves at you, what do you call it? A microwave.
  • If short people formed their own country, what would their national anthem be? ‘It’s a small world after all’.
  • Short people are oppressed. They’re always getting overlooked.
  • My friend who's really short had a party the other night, and he only invited other really short people.
  • I asked a dwarf to lend me 5 dollars yesterday. He said, “Sorry, I’m a little short.”
  • What do women call short men if men call them “petite”? Friends.
  • How come an elf can’t lend you money? Because they’re always a little short.
  • Do You know what always catches my eye? Short people with umbrellas.
  • Why aren’t short people allowed to be mentors? Because you can’t look up to them.
  • Short people are always sad because they can never reach happiness.
  • I was walking down the street yesterday when I saw someone pickpocket a dwarf. I don’t know how anyone could stoop so low.
  • Sometimes when I look at short people, I wonder...If they're able to reach their goals.
  • You know you’re short when people ask you which Minion character you played in the movie.
  • What three things does a short person need to take a bath? Floaties, a snorkel, and a lifeguard.
  • My girlfriend is very short and gets fed up with me making fun of her height. So tonight, I'm going to make it up to her.
  • Did you hear about the psychic midget who escaped from jail? He’s a small medium who’s at large.
  • Sometimes I want to make a joke about short people, but I don't want to stoop to their level.

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Best short people jokes

jokes about being short
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Whether you want to share a funny moment with a friend, family member, or colleague, these short-person jokes are perfect for breaking the ice and enjoying some good-natured humour.

  • Why did the short guy buy the house with the water fountain? Because he’s always wanted to own a swimming pool.
  • Why do short people make great comedians? Because they always keep the jokes short and sweet!
  • How do short people always manage to have an umbrella in their bag? They're always prepared for a "high" chance of rain!
  • How do short people go shopping for pants? They buy shorts.
  • Why did the short person bring a stool to the concert? They wanted a "front-row" view!
  • What did the short person say when asked if they wanted a high-five? "No thanks, I'll just take a low-five!"
  • I heard short people can hear what the ancestors are saying since they're so close to the ground. You're the literal definition of down-to-earth.
  • How does a short person reach the top shelf? They don’t.
  • What is a short person's favourite side order? A small fry.
  • You know you’re short if you think the people on the wedding cake are the actual bride and groom.
  • It's not that I am short. I simply have a built for speed and accuracy.
  • Why did the short person join a basketball team? To prove that height isn't everything when it comes to scoring points!
  • How do short people shoot a bow and arrow? With a rubber band and a toothpick.
  • Why did the short person become a chef? So they could reach the top shelf and create delicious dishes at the same time!
  • What did the short person say to the tall person? "Excuse me, can you help me reach the top shelf of cuteness?"
  • Why did the short person bring a ladder to the bar? To reach the high notes!
  • Why did the short person become an architect? Because they wanted to design buildings, they could reach the top!
  • Why did the short guy drop out of college? Because he couldn’t reach higher education.
  • Why did the short person go to the amusement park? They heard there was a height requirement for the roller coasters and wanted to prove it wrong!

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Clever short people jokes

short people jokes for adults
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Short-people jokes are relatable to many. They are real knee-slappers, and they even get better when they are shared.

  • I met a couple of really short people today. They were really down-to-earth guys.
  • What's so offensive about short people jokes? I consider them the height of comedy.
  • Why did the short guy fall asleep in his harness and his helmet? Because he was tired from climbing into bed.
  • I would make a joke about short people...but that's low-hanging fruit.
  • Why do you need to explain jokes to short people? To make sure it doesn’t go over their head.
  • As a general rule, I never make fun of short people. They have it hard enough putting food on the table.
  • Short people tend to get angry easily because they're so close to the ground their anger doesn't dissipate quickly.
  • I'm starting a business to teach short people maths. It's called "Making The Little Things Count."
  • Why shouldn't short people be mentors? Because you can't look up to them.
  • Tall people and short people should never date. Long-distance relationships never work out.
  • Have you ever noticed that short people have more role models than anyone else? It’s because they look up to everyone.
  • Being tall is an enormous responsibility; short people look up to you.
  • You shouldn't make fun of short people. They belittle themselves.
  • How do you call it when two short people do 69? Ea
  • What do you name a gathering of short Irishmen suffering from leprosy? Lepercon.
  • What is the name of a short Mexican? A paragraph because he's not a full essay yet.
  • What do you call short people on a merry-go-round? A midget spinner.

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Short jokes about short people

jokes for short people
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Whether it's a funny one-liner or a playful observation, these jokes can help create a memorable and enjoyable experience with your favourite shortie.

  • Do short people listen to songs? Just A Lil Bit.
  • How do you win an argument with a short person? You stoop to their level.
  • You gotta hand it to short people because they can't reach it.
  • I love short people. They're more down to earth.
  • Why couldn’t the short guy finish the fun-sized candy bar? It was too big!
  • I hope the next stage of your life comes with a ladder.
  • You are so short you could sweep under your bed while standing.
  • What do you call a short manager? A real micromanager.
  • What kind of horse does a short person ride? A miniature horse.
  • You're so short; if you pull up your pants, you'd be blind.
  • Behind every short woman is a house decoration that was being hidden.
  • You are so short you would need a lift to kiss your bride.
  • You look like you still have a lot of growing up to do.

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Short people problems jokes

roasts for short people
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These short people problems jokes will have you laughing until you crack your ribs.

  • Why do short people have a hard time raising a family? Because they struggle to put food on the table.
  • Where is the worst place for a short person to stand at a concert? Behind anyone at all.
  • Why don’t midgets need a concrete wall to play handball? They are able to just use the curb.
  • You know you’re short when your own shoelaces hit you in the head.
  • You hardly see a short person being fat at the same time. They have to do a lot of exercise going up and down the kitchen.
  • Why shouldn’t you hire short people as chefs? Because the steaks are too high.
  • Two tall guys walk into a bar. Why didn’t the short guy walk into the bar too? He walked under it.
  • Why was the short guy scared of the wiener dog? Because it was too tall.
  • Why was the short person stuck in the elevator? Because they couldn’t reach the ‘door open’ button.
  • You know you’re short when your kids can keep things out of your reach.
  • How does a short person take a bath? They get into the sink!

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Sharing hilarious short people jokes with your favourite shortie can be an excellent way to bring joy and laughter into their life. These jokes celebrate the uniqueness of being vertically challenged and provide an opportunity to bond and share light-hearted moments. It's important to always be respectful and mindful of others' feelings when telling jokes that touches their physical attributes such as height.

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