If a girl doesn't text back quickly enough, should you confront her?

If a girl doesn't text back quickly enough, should you confront her?

If staying connected over a text is essential to your relationship, then having a partner who texts right-back is the greatest gift one could ever have. On the flip side, having a boyfriend or a girlfriend who doesn't text back quickly can be super frustrating. At times, getting dry messages from your partner can cause you to jump to the worst conclusions, such as infidelity of the other person.

if she doesn't text back for days
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With so much choice of reaching out to someone today, ranging from Twitter, texts, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger to Snapchat, it can be pretty alarming when someone doesn't respond or get back quickly. However, the most frequent asked question is if she doesn't text back for days, should you confront her? Read on and find out.

What does it mean if a girl takes long to reply?

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While you must not dwell on it too much, the fact that you are sitting there and waiting for a text to pop up on your screen will never make her text back. You will find yourself asking questions like, she didn't text back, how long should I wait? If she feels the same way, you would not have to wait for that text, primarily if the message has been delivered and read.

On the other hand, perhaps she has not seen the text message, or her cell phone could be off. If you are not together yet and haven't formed a romantic relationship, there could be other reasons following her late or no reply. For instance, she could be:

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  • Already losing interest
  • Not that into texting
  • Preoccupied
  • Texting other guys
  • Not in the mood for talking
  • Testing you to see if you have the confidence to handle it
  • Playing hard to get

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How long is too long for her to text back?

Depending on the nature of the relationship the both of you have, even a delay that lasts for hours is regarded as too long. This is if you are aware of the other person's schedule, frequency on their phone, or any other factor that could prompt her not to respond.

How long should I wait to text her if she doesn't text back?

While many guys will start asking questions like, if she doesn't text back, is she not interested? There is probably no reason to fret if it is a one-time thing. However, if she often takes a long time to reply to your text, that is a cause of alarm. If this is the case, read on and find out exactly what to do if she doesn't text back for days.

Should I text her again if she doesn't reply?

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That inkling of worry that your partner is ignoring you is very typical. Moreover, it is okay to be presumptuous of anything. While it is essential to understand what is going on on her side, it is also crucial to know that you can never force a conversation with someone who doesn't want to talk to you.

If you feel upset or anxious because she hasn't texted fast enough, here are a few solutions to guide you on how to go about it.

1. Be patient

You could be furious and worried at the same time. But you do not want to make any decisions in that state of mind. Therefore, calming your nerves and being patient will enable you to figure out your next step. In other words, don't text her just yet.

She didn't text back how long should I wait
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2. Give her the benefit of the doubt

If you think about it, you are not the only one that revolves around her world. She also has a life away from the relationship you have with her. She could be hanging out with her friends, held up at work or running errands. There are many wholesome, favourable, or even mundane reasons why she is not responding quickly.

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3. Remind yourself of your worth

As much as you are craving that response from her, it would be best to remember that you have a life outside your relationship with her. Running errands and going about your activities will keep you away from staring at your phone waiting for a text from her.

4. Fill your day with things to keep you busy until you can hear back from them

Starring at your phone won't make her text back. Therefore, engage in things that you love to do, such as playing golf if you are an enthusiast, trying out new recipes if you love cooking, reading your favourite novel, or watching your favourite movie. When you engage in something or keep yourself busy, there are zero chances that you would stare at your phone waiting for her to text.

5. It is not necessarily a red flag

Just because she has delayed replying to your text message doesn't necessarily mean she will never reach out. As much as it is worrying that she hasn't yet responded, it should be a deal-breaker just yet. Be patient with her.

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Since this is about late replies, it is essential to have this conversation with her once she reaches out. Confront her and tell her how you feel. Make it clear that even though it may not be her intention, not texting back quickly enough makes you feel like a non-priority, unimportant, an option, or distanced from her.

If she doesn't text back for days, it is best to make a phone call to confirm whether she is okay. Furthermore, if you know her address, you can drop by her place to check up on her and ask her what the problem is. Maybe then, you will understand the reason behind her late or no replies.

How long is too long for her to text back?
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Texts that will make her respond

Have a look at some of the tips you can use to make her text back quickly without any effort.

1. Send her something funny

There's nothing more likely to get a good response than sending her something that makes her laugh. Girls love to be teased, and making a joke about something they always find funny will get her to text you. In this case, you can send funny memes or even funny questions that will send her typing for a response.

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2. Send a good morning text for her

One of the best casual yet cute plays you can make is to carry the whole text conversation until the next day, and then the first thing in the morning, hitting her up with a good morning text. However, do not send a dry good morning text. Instead, accompany it with a compliment such as how fascinating it is to talk to her and that you can't wait to talk to her again.

3. Send a good night text for her

Just as much as a good morning text can make her respond, a good night text after a long day at work or in school will do the magic too. She will understand that you care about her, and you are hoping she has a beautiful night. When she sees such a text popping up on her screen, she will want to get back to you immediately.

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4. Know when to send flirty texts

Avoid flirty texts just yet. Even though her responses are intriguing to you, don't go straight to teasing yet. Instead, use compliments such as you looked good today, I can't wait to see you again, and so many other complimenting statements.

5. Read the room and don't blow up her phone

should I text her again if she doesn't reply
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No matter how good the conversations seem to be going, blowing up her phone will not make her like you more. Therefore, it is essential to go with the pace at which she is texting. To avoid such scenarios, come up with general and open-ended questions that will make her answer in different ways, thus creating more room for a free conversation.

6. Send a message about things she loves

When she didn't text back the last time you talked with her, watch an episode of her favourite series and text her about it. Additionally, ask her for recommendations for the best album of her favourite musician or artist. This kind of text implies that you are interested in the things she loves.

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7. Say sweet things

Girls love to be complimented at all times. Therefore doing and saying all the sweet things will make her want to always talk to you. For example, compliment her about her new hairstyle, watch, dress, or even shoes.

If a girl doesn't text back quickly, it is essential to understand that a lot could be happening on her side. Therefore, before any speculations, try to find out what the issue could be. That way, you will get the closure you need, thus enabling you to know where the relationship stands.

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