20 tips on how to glow up inside and out in a span of a month

20 tips on how to glow up inside and out in a span of a month

Are you looking for tips on how to glow up in a month and achieve an empowering transformation of the real you? You might be wondering where to start. But you can achieve an ultimate transformation within a month if you dedicate your mind to the process. Generally, everyone has their own timeline of glowing up, but in most cases, the changes occur during puberty.

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Some people glow up much earlier than others, while others don't hit their stride until 50 years or later. This is true because there is no specific time to realize your full potential. While the change tends to occur naturally, it can also be planned. The glow-up tips highlighted below will leave you energized and happier if you seek to achieve the transformation in a month.

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How to glow up physically

A physical glow-up can be both natural and planned. You can decide to have a physical glow-up challenge in a month by focusing on improving your looks at your absolute best. It is all about taking charge of yourself by avoiding overworking your body and sticking to activities that will easily yield the expected results.

1. Drink more water

Drinking eight-ounce glasses of water in a day will do the magic. Water serves as a solution for skin issues and helps prevent acne. In addition, it gives you nourishes your skin by regulating your body temperature. Keeping your body hydrated makes your skin look healthier and more radiant.

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Not only does water help in improving your overall physical appearance, but it also helps transport nutrients to give you more energy. If you are looking for the easiest remedy to have a physical glow-up, make sure drinking plenty of water is at the top of your list!

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2. Eat more vegetables and fruits

The nutrients contained in vegetables and fruits help in boosting muscle functions. The type of food you eat will directly affect your skin. That is why you should focus on eating antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits with high levels of vitamin C. A good example is oranges, blueberries or strawberries.

The fruits and veges will boost your metabolism, which will, in turn, soften your skin, give you a natural glow and help you become more physically fit.

3. Exercise regularly

Working out is another remedy to achieve a better physical glow-up. Regular exercises can help you to lose weight and stay in shape. Exercising also helps you to improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance.

how to glow up physically
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Exercising releases endorphins, hormones that make you feel happy and energetic. It also delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

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4. Get a hairstyle that fits your face shape

A hairstyle that matches your facial features will make you stand out. If your hair is curly, ask for layers to frame your face nicely while still being easy to manage in the mornings.

On the other hand, if your hair is straight, you may want to consider adding some waves at the ends of the locks to give it a natural and stylish beachy vibe.

5. Try out lymphatic massages

Why is lymphatic massage important? They help improve your physical appearance because they help move lymph fluid and toxins out of the body, giving your skin a healthy glow. Besides that, lymphatic massages help in boosting the immune system and improve overall health.

6. Start a skincare routine

You can adapt a skincare routine that best suits you by wearing makeup that enhances your natural features. A good skincare product will make you look pretty and boost your confidence. It is advisable to figure out which skin care product works best on your skin.

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7. Wear clothes that make you feel confident

You may have heard the phrase "look good, feel good." The clothes you wear will directly impact how you feel and behave. Investing in nice outfits will make you feel confident and reduce your anxiety.

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One may not realize it, but people can see when you're feeling good about yourself and respond to that energy. Dressing well requires no special talent or skill but the willingness to try out new things until you find what works for you.

8. Always smile and adapt a positive standing posture

Smiling and standing straight can make you feel better by boosting your self-confidence. Your standing posture and facial expressions send a strong message to the other people in your social group. Adapting a straight-standing posture and smiling will do the magic in enhancing your physical appearance.

9. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is a must-do remedy to improve your appearance. When you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin, meaning you wake up to a healthy glow. Depriving yourself enough sleep causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face making you look dull. You might also start developing wrinkles on your face over time, which is what you least expect.

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How to glow up mentally

A glow-up is incomplete without a beautiful change in your mind and thoughts. That is how you glow from inside. You can glow up naturally by always being optimistic. However, there are habits that you can adapt to glow up your mental state as it does not always come naturally to everyone. Below are tips on how to glow up naturally in a month.

10. Listen to empowering music

The type of music one listens to directly influences their mood. Empowering music inspires positive energy and reminds you of your cherished memories. When selecting the type of music you want to listen to, ensure that it’s the type that makes you feel unstoppable and ready to take on the world.

11. Set goals and chase them!

Setting goals makes you stay on track and more focused. They make you feel that everything you want can be within reach. Goals give you a long-term vision and fuel your short-term motivation.

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12. Flush out toxic people from your life

Negative people always bring you down with them as they intend to dampen your mood. Therefore, you must flush them out of your life if you want a long-term glow-up. Surround yourself with people who love, support, and lift you instead of bringing you down.

13. Get empowered

You can only glow up from within if you have confidence in yourself. You can do that by boosting your motivation and mindset. For instance, you can begin by reading inspirational quotes, listening to motivational speeches, etc. Empowering yourself is one of the easiest ways to try to realize a glow-up in a month.

14. Make time for yourself

Taking care of yourself is a non-negotiable part of a glow-up process. Set aside time for yourself and do things that make you happy. This is important because sometimes you may be busy looking after your family or focusing on your career. Giving yourself a break from work each day to reflect and relax will train your mind to become more productive.

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15. You should be organized

It will be challenging to make significant mental changes if your whole life is a mess. Avoid clutter at all costs because it will waste your time. Staying organized is useful for anyone who needs a little help in staying on top of appointments and deadlines.

16. Meditate

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Meditation is about relaxing your mind, evading negative thoughts, and getting into a more centred headspace. The act is important as it gives you a sense of calmness, peace and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health.

How to glow up after a breakup

Pain from a breakup is similar to physical pain and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. With the following glow-up tips, you will find it easier to get your life back after a breakup.

17. Do a self-assessment

Undergoing personal introspection after a breakup is one of the best remedies to improve mental and physical well-being. Take time and analyze your ex's bad stuff and what you could have done better yourself. However, you should not blame yourself for what happened.

18. Block your ex everywhere

This part is a lot harder than you might think. At first, you may want to reassure yourself that your ex will make up their mind and return to you. Sometimes you want to check their page to see if they’ll say something. After a breakup, remember that you two called it quits for a reason and blocking them right away is the first step to realising a glow-up.

19. Get into daily affirmations

After a breakup, it’s typical to put all the blame on yourself and say self-deprecating things about yourself. However, to ensure you don't fall into the negative vibe mentality, you can come up with daily affirmations to keep you going.

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20. Educate yourself more on self-love

People who practice self-love after a breakup naturally tend to radiate positively. If you feel you need any help, you can find support from self-improvement books, positive quotes, podcasts, and even professional psychologists.

At what age do you normally glow up?

Most people begin to glow up in their teenage years. This is when they begin experiencing a significant change in their physical appearance. However, others glow up earlier or later in their lifetime. For many people, it happens between the ages of 16 and 18.

Can everyone have a glow-up?

Yes. Everyone can have a positive personal transformation. It is an individual thing that can happen to anyone at any stage of their life. In some instances, it comes naturally, while in others, it is planned.

Finding remedies on how to glow up can be challenging at first. With the remedies shared, you can try them out to experience a significant change in your overall feel and looks.

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