20 top tips on how to woo a girl online: how to sweep her off her feet

20 top tips on how to woo a girl online: how to sweep her off her feet

Some of the best love stories began online. It is not unusual to hear about couples who first met on social media before meeting in person. You need to learn how to woo a girl online if you have spotted someone you wish to date on social media. Winning her heart is an art.

how to woo a girl online with words
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Mastering how to woo a girl online is something that all young men should do. Unfortunately, many men do not know how to talk to ladies online. These simple tips will help you get your dream lady and maybe even get married to them in the long run.

How to woo a girl online in 2022

Does talking to women online make you break a sweat? If so, relax. These simple tips will assist you in mastering how to woo a girl online with words.

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1. Make the subject line catchy

If you want to learn how to woo a woman with words, you should know a simple hi is inadequate, especially if you have decided to slide into her DM on social media.

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You need to show her you are different without being creepy. Your goal is to make her want to open your message. You are allowed to get a little cheesy. Cheesy examples are listed below.

  • I may not be a royal, but I am charming.
  • You are beautiful, but why do you appear so shy?

2. Compliment her

You can never go wrong with genuine compliments if you wish to master how to woo a girl on WhatsApp or other online platforms. Ladies are impressed by personalised words.

If you want to start a sparkling conversation with her, compliment her personality. Avoid complimenting her physical features too early, as it may make you appear superficial.

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3. Always be respectful

Respect is earned. If you want her to be friendly and respectful towards you, you should show her respect at all times. Besides, you do not want to woo a lady you do not respect.

If you experience problems respecting women in general, you should seek therapy to help you figure out why. Women get disgusted by men who show no manners.

4. Do not suffocate her

Too much of everything is poisonous. You do not want to be in her DM or WhatsApp all day long because you will make her get bored of you too soon. A little space to breathe never hurt anyone.

5. Do not be a sourpuss

Nobody likes people who are always grumpy and complaining. Life is challenging for everyone, but being positive helps us to keep going. Do not be a Debbie Downer in life. If you want to make a good lasting impression, avoid complaining about the challenges you are facing in life.

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how to toast a girl online
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6. Pay attention to the small details

If you want to learn how to woo a girl by texting, you probably have her number or access to her social media platforms. As you chat, listen and internalise what she is saying. Attention to small details will make her like you.

7. Do not rush her

While it is understandable that you want her to be your girlfriend ASAP, you have no right to rush her feelings. Avoid coming off as too pushy for a relationship. Instead, communicate with her often and allow her some time to figure out how she feels about you. Remember, hurry, hurry has no blessing.

8. Show confidence

There is something s*xy about a confident man. Act and speak with confidence. As you do so, beware there is a thin line between confidence and a huge ego.

9. Make her laugh

If you have a funny bone and wish to master how to toast a girl online, here is your best shot. You can crack appropriate jokes as you chat with her online. Make her see your funny side. Again, ensure you use appropriate jokes because you do not want to offend and drive her away.

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10. Be genuine and open with her

Men generally find it harder to open up and be vulnerable with other people. However, opening up to her will allow your bond to deepen. Share things you are comfortable sharing without coming off as a crybaby.

11. Flirt with her

A little flirting here and there is encouraged. After all, how else will she know you are attracted to her? Tease and challenge her now and then when she says something. When you pull her leg, she will try harder to prove herself to you.

How do I woo a girl I like?
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12. Show genuine interest in her

There is a difference between lust and genuine interest. If you are genuinely interested in her, ask about her life. Check-in to know how her day was, if she has eaten, and her hobbies. You can also tell her more about yourself.

13. Be dependable

Every lady wants to be with a man they can count on when the need arises. Therefore, you should let her feel she can depend on you by being present when she needs you. If she feels grateful and happy to communicate with you online, she is bound to think highly of you.

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14. Always keep your word

Did you promise to videocall her tomorrow at a specific time? If you want her to take you seriously and handle you with respect, keep your word. Avoid giving promises you cannot keep.

15. Avoid becoming just a friend

Many men complain about being friend-zoned by potential love interests. There is a thin line between a best friend and a guy who is soon going to be her boyfriend. Let her know you like her and find her attractive to stay out of the friend zone.

16. Let her know you think of her

There is nothing sweeter than knowing someone has been thinking about you. Impress her by telling her she was on your mind. If she knows you think about her, she will start thinking of you too.

17. Know your strengths

When you look at yourself, what are your strongest qualities? Modern women are attracted to men who are self-aware. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can work off of them when it comes to figuring out how to make her your girlfriend. Be yourself!

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18. Share her emotions

It is not news that women are emotional beings. If she is happy, show some cheer. If she expresses sadness, let her know you feel her pain and ask how you can make her feel better. Validate whatever she is feeling. This will make her trust you.

19. Maker her feel beautiful

Making her feel beautiful should come naturally after you have earned her trust and respect. You should make her feel like she is the best lady in the entire world. Compliment her inner and outer beauty without being offensive.

20. Finally... ask her out

Now that the tips above have helped you, she trusts and likes you. The cherry on the cake is asking her to meet you in person. After all, you cannot date online for the rest of your lives. Give her a date and choose a public place that is safe and accessible to both of you. Remember to apply all the tips above when you meet physically.

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How can I woo a girl with words?
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Donts when trying to woo a lady online

Below are things you must not do if you want to master how to impress a girl when chatting.

  • Never send indecent pictures or videos.
  • Do not be creepy.
  • Never play games with her feelings.
  • Never make empty promises.
  • Never dictate or invalidate her feelings or emotions.

How can I woo a girl with words?

You can win her by showing being interesting, showing her you think about her, and flirting with her. You should also use respectful words and create a safe space for her to open up, as should you.

How do I woo a girl I like?

You can win her attention by gathering the courage to speak to her. Show confidence and interest without showing an inflated ego.

How can I impress a girl by chatting?

You can impress her by paying attention to the small details, opening up to her, and letting her know you are attracted to her. You must also be brave and confident.

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How do I flirt with a girl online chat?

You can flirt with her by complimenting her and teasing what she says. Be yourself as you do this and avoid anything potentially offensive.

We hope the tips above on how to woo a girl online will help you make the lady you are interested in like you back. We also hope your soon-to-be relationship thrives.

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