Tour Of Buhari's Country House In Katsina (PHOTOS)

Tour Of Buhari's Country House In Katsina (PHOTOS)

The president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, owns a modest apartment in his hometown Daura, Katsina state. Daura is a very important town not only to Katsina state but to the entire Hausa race, The Punch reports.

Daura is generally accepted as the origin of the Hausa states (Hausa Bakwai) and it had in time past been under the rule of queens, known as Magajiya. It is a predominantly Hausa/Fulani Muslim town centrally located on the northern apex of Nigeria which borders Kano, Jigawa states and Zinder in Niger Republic.

The personal residence of the president-elect in Daura is located in the Government Reserved Area.

Buhari's modest three-bedroom bungalow is located a few metres off Daura-Kwangolam road, nestling the Daura Shagari Low Cost Housing Estate. The building is almost nondescript thus attracting no attention. It is painted white.

The structure is, however, protected by an average-height concrete perimeter fence. The massive dark-green metal gate that serves as an entrance is bordered by a gatehouse with a small window and a security guard inside.

The structure reportedly was built in 1983. The same year Buhari became the military head of state in a coup d’état on December 31. Prior to this, he was a one-time military governor of North-Eastern (now Borno) State, a former federal commissioner for petroleum and atural resources, and a general officer commanding more than two military divisions.

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The surrounding fence of the property is not as high as to prevent passers-by from observing whatever event that is going on inside the general’s residence.

Apart from the fence, the entire building is devoid of heavy barbed wire around it. Similarly, from the outside because of the harsh weather, the neem trees and other plants have grown to further beautify the modest structure.

About 1,500 metres from the residential building, Buhari’s farmhouse stands modestly, surrounded by white sands.

Despite the presence of security operatives moving in, out and around the house, the entrance to the house is not restricted.

Children, youths and others visit the house at all times to exchange greetings with the General’s aides, who reside there.

The President-elect's residence is structured to give the needed relaxation as the building is located somewhere close to the middle of the yard with space on both sides as well as the front and back.

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Speaking on the former Head of State, some of his neighbours said they were humbled to have Buhari close to them.

“We have learnt a lot from the General because he is someone that is principled, strong-willed and quite dependable,” one of them said.

A neighbour who pleaded anonymity, said: “We shall continue to support and assist him with prayers to enable him do the right things for our great nation, Nigeria.”

Another neighbour, Malam Habu, said: “In 1983, when he became head of state, most people had started adjusting their lifestyles owing to some of his administration’s programmes and policies. Look at where he started from, how he has asked his immediate family members and dependants, to find legitimate jobs to do, as anyone of them caught committing a crime would have himself to blame, meaning that none of the them will be spared the rod.”


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