University Student Devises Way to Eat for Free for 2yrs, the Solution Helps Him Save N1.7m in His Account

University Student Devises Way to Eat for Free for 2yrs, the Solution Helps Him Save N1.7m in His Account

  • A university student, Jordan Vidal thought up a way not to pay for food for two straight years when he realised he was spending too much
  • One of his solutions was striking up a deal with local restaurant owners to give him the food they could not sell for the day instead of trashing them
  • Jordan finished his degree in Wales with enough savings in his bank account, money that would have been spent on groceries

A 25-year-old man, Jordan Vidal was almost overwhelmed with the way his bills were going up, so he came up with a way to save money while at the Univesity of Wales.

As the expenses kept soaring, Jordan realised that his student loan and part-time job were not just enough to take care of his shopping and rent, Metro UK reports.

He was able to save enough money.
The man said that his fridge was always full. Photo source: Metro UK
Source: UGC

His solution to save money ensured that he never paid for food for two years and also was never at any point hungry.

Jordan learnt that a cas*ino in Cardiff was giving members the opportunity to endless plates of food, a Chinese buffet, and drinks so he signed up.

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After discovering this hack to reduce his food bills, the man would go to the place on Mondays at 4 am and made sure he ate four plates of food, India Times reports.

Another free food solution

The 25-year-old man revealed that he ate so much on Mondays to keep him running for the next day. His search for free food never stopped there.

On Tuesdays after his classes, the young man would visit a popular place in town with many restaurants. The man built a relationship with the owners to get whatever they wanted to throw away at closing hours.

He said

"Legally, they have to bin any food that was made fresh that wasn’t sold, even if it’s perfectly fine to eat. I’d ask if they were going to throw anything away. And if they did, they’d give it to me.”

Fridge always stocked

Jordan said that the option ensures that his fridge got stocked with food. He always had bags of food on Tuesdays and Thursdays, enough to last him throughout the week.

The man stated that he was surprised that in a society where many people do not have food, some restaurants always binned unsold food at the end of the business day.

Jordan saved enough after his degree

With that solution, he was able to save the sum of £3,000 (N1,709,742.75), part of the money he would have spent buying food.

Jordan revealed that he had to build confidence to approach people after his mother told him that the worst he would ever get is "no".

Homeless people offered free food

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a kind young man, Derrick Walton, who was at a point in his life homeless, extended a good hand towards people without shelters.

The man opened a restaurant that the homeless can go to every Monday and eat for free. He said those types of people in society always feel alone and unloved.

The man, however, stated that he made some poor decisions in the past as he immersed himself into a life of addiction.


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