Popular Polish names for boys and girls, and their meanings

Popular Polish names for boys and girls, and their meanings

Polish baby names are perfect for any parent who envisions their child going far in life, with elements of courage, stoicism, and faith. Here are some beautiful Polish names.

Polish names
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What are common Polish names? If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, check out our selection of Polish names and meanings.

What are some common Polish girl names?

Polish girl names
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There are a variety of names you can choose for your little princess. The most common Polish female names include:

  • Adelajda: Graceful or noble
  • Agata: Good-hearted
  • Basia: Foreign woman
  • Berna: Brave like a bear
  • Bolesawa: Large glory
  • Bozena: The divine one
  • Celina: Moon goddess
  • Danuta: God is the judge
  • Dorota: Bright-minded person
  • Dosia: Giving to God
  • Ela: My God is an oath
  • Eliza: God is my pledge
  • Elzbieta: God is bountiful
  • Elzbieta: My God is an oath
  • Emilia: Rival
  • Filipina: Lover of horses
  • Florentyna: Blooming
  • Genowefa: White wave
  • Gertruda: Sharp as a spear
  • Gizela: Pledge
  • Hania: Gracious
  • Hanna: Grace
  • Henrieta: Home ruler
  • Irene: Peace
  • Itka: The industrious one
  • Izabella: God is my oath
  • Izolda: Fair aspect
  • Jadwiga: Refugee of the war
  • Jagna: Chaste or sacred
  • Joasia: God is merciful
  • Juliste: Strong-spirited
  • Kazandra: To excel
  • Kinga: Brave
  • Lena: Kind-hearted or alluring
  • Luvyna: Bright
  • Magdalena: From Magdala
  • Marcelina: From Mars
  • Martyna: Warlike
  • Milena: Pleasant or gracious
  • Mina: Gilded helmet
  • Morela: Sweet like an apricot
  • Nadia: Hope
  • Olga: Holy
  • Paulina: Small
  • Pola: Poppy
  • Salomea: Peaceful
  • Sonia: Wisdom
  • Stasia: Resurrection
  • Ula: Strong like a bear
  • Vanessa: Butterfly
  • Wera: Victory bearer
  • Zaklina: One who supplants
  • Zofia: Sofia or wisdom
  • Zuzanna: Lily

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What are some female Polish names?

Polish names
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Here are more Polish names for girls that are unique and adorable.

  • Estera: Myrtle leaf
  • Felka: Lucky
  • Gaja: Earth
  • Irena: Peace
  • Izabela: My God is an oath
  • Jadwiga: Battle
  • Jadzia: Battle
  • Jagoda: Berry
  • Jolanta: Violet flower
  • Julia: Youthful
  • Justyna: Righteous
  • Kalina: A tree with white and pink flowers
  • Karina: Pure or beloved
  • Kasia: Pure
  • Katarzyna: Pure
  • Krystyna: Christian
  • Ksenia: hospitable
  • Larysa: Cheerful
  • Leokadia: Clear
  • Lyudmila: Loved by the people
  • Maja: Good mother
  • Marcelina: Warlike
  • Maria: Bitter or from the sea
  • Marzanna: Goddess
  • Miroslawa: Peace and glory
  • Nadia: Hope
  • Natalia: Born on Christmas day
  • Natasza: Born on Christmas day
  • Ola: Defender of men
  • Oliwia: Olive
  • Patrycja: Noble
  • Radomila: Glad favour
  • Radoslaw: Glad glory
  • Renia: Queen
  • Roksana: Star
  • Roza: Rose
  • Ruta: Friend
  • Salomea: Peace
  • Stanislawa: Famous
  • Stefcia: Crown
  • Teodozja: Giving to God or gift of God
  • Truda: Warrior woman
  • Ula: Little bear
  • Urszula: Little bear
  • Wanda: Wanderer
  • Wera: Truth
  • Weronika: True image
  • Wiktoria: Victory
  • Wiola: Violet
  • Wioletta: Violet
  • Wisia: Battle victory
  • Wislawa: Great glory
  • Yetta: Home ruler
  • Zaklina: Supplanter
  • Zaneta: God is gracious
  • Zdzislawa: Created with glory
  • Ziva: Life
  • Zlota: Golden
  • Zosia: Wisdom
  • Zuzanna: Lily

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What are some common Polish male names?

Polish male names
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Polish boy names can be found in the list below.

  • Aadab: Good wish
  • Aadalarasan: Attraction
  • Aadalarasu: King of Dance
  • Aadarsh: Ideal
  • Aadava: Sun
  • Aaddhar: Foundation
  • Aadhar: Brilliant like the sun
  • Aadhav: Ruler
  • Aadhavan: Brilliant like the sun
  • Aadhesh: Sun
  • Aadhev: First
  • Aadhikara: Lord Shiva
  • Aadhikesavan: One who is ideal for others
  • Aadhimulam: One who is very first of everything
  • Aadhinarayanan: The first God
  • Aadhira: Moon
  • Aadhirai: A special star
  • Aadhiseshan: Anyone
  • Aadhishankar: Founder of Adwaitha philosophy
  • Aadhunik: Modern or new
  • Aadi: Most important
  • Aadidev: The first God
  • Aadideva: Highest God
  • Aadijay: The first victory
  • Aadimoola: Supreme being
  • Aadinath: Supreme ruler of the universe
  • Aadinatha: The primordial master
  • Aadipta: Bright
  • Aadish: Full of wisdom or intelligent
  • Aadit: Peak
  • Barrick: Grain farm
  • Barrie: Fair-haired
  • Barse: Fresh-water perch
  • Bart: From the barley farm
  • Bax: Baker
  • Baxter: Baker
  • Betia: House of God
  • Betty: My God is plentiful
  • Beval: Like the wind
  • Beverlee: Beaver stream
  • Burgaud: Variant of Burchard or strong castle
  • Burgeis: Lives in town
  • Burghard: Strong as a castle
  • Burghere: Lives at the fortress
  • Burgtun: From the fortress town
  • Burhbank: Lives on the castle's hill
  • Clyftun: From the farm near the cliff
  • Clynt: Diminutive of Clinton or from the town near a hill
  • Clyve: Lives at the cliffs
  • Cob: Heel
  • Dagmara: Day maiden
  • Dorota: Gift of God
  • Edek: Guardian of property
  • Egidiusz: Protective shield
  • Jedrick: A strong man
  • Jedrik: Strong
  • Ludoslaw: Loves glory
  • Ludwik: Renowned warrior
  • Mandek: Army man
  • Marcin: Warlike
  • Maurycy: Moorish
  • Michal: Who is like God
  • Mikolai: Victory of the people
  • Radoslaw: Loves peace
  • Rafal: God heals
  • Rajmund: Mighty
  • Ryzard: Strong ruler
  • Sergiusz: Attendant
  • Stanislas: Glorious camp
  • Tolek: Gift of God
  • Tomislaw: Glory of the twin
  • Waleron: Brave or strong
  • Wienczyslaw: Victory
  • Ziven: Alive and vigorous
  • Zygmunt: Conquering protection

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What are some Polish boy names?

What are some Polish boy names?
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You might also want to explore some of these unique Polish names for boys.

  • Aaban: Name of the angels
  • Aabavaanan: Reliable or responsible
  • Aabharan: Jewel
  • Aabhas: The sense or feelings
  • Aabid: Worshiper
  • Aacharappan: Restless or proactive
  • Aacharya: Another name for Drona
  • A-wut: Weapon
  • Bartel: Son of a farmer
  • Barth: Son of the earth
  • Barthram: Glorious raven
  • Basset: Variant of bassett
  • Baul: Snail
  • Bavol: Wind
  • Burhdon: Lives at the castle
  • Burhford: Lives at the castle ford
  • Burhleag: Lives at the castle's meadow
  • Burhtun: From the fortified town
  • Burke: Fortified hill
  • Clyff: Diminutive of Clifford or river ford near a cliff
  • Clyfford: River ford near a cliff
  • Clyffton: From the farm near the cliff
  • Clyfland: From the cliff land
  • Elek: Blond
  • Eljasz: God is the Lord
  • Emmilian: Active
  • Erek: Lovable
  • Eufemiusz: Nice voice
  • Eustachy: Steady
  • Felcia: Lucky
  • Feliks: Lucky
  • Flawiusz: Blond
  • Florian: Flowering
  • Jan: God is gracious
  • Janek: God is gracious
  • Januarius: Born on January
  • Jarek: Born on January
  • Jedrek: Strong
  • Mikolaj: Victory of the people
  • Miron: Peace
  • Nelek: Like a horn
  • Nikodem: Conqueror of the people
  • Nikolai: Victorious
  • OLes: Defends mankind
  • Patryk: Noble
  • Pawelek: Little
  • Pietrek: Rock
  • Waldemar: Mighty or famous
  • Walerian: Brave or strong
  • Zarek: God protect the king

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Common Polish names that are religious

Common Polish names
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Some popular Polish names that are religious include:

  • Betzalel: In God’s shadow
  • Bolesław: He who will have a lot of fame
  • Bogdi: Given by God
  • Bogumił: One who is dear to God
  • Boguslav: God’s glory
  • Bogusław: To praise God
  • Bożydar: Gift from God
  • Bożena: God
  • Bronisław: He who will defend his fame
  • Czesław: One who will worship or respect the good name
  • Gabryjel: God is my shelter
  • Jan: Gift from God
  • Janusz: God is gracious
  • Jarosław: Vigorous and powerful
  • Lazor: God has helped
  • Mirosław: He who praises peace
  • Wojciech: Warrior

Famous Polish first names

Polish first names
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Have a look at some Polish baby names that will suit your little boy or girl.

  • Aleksander: Man's defender or warrior
  • Ambrozy : One who is immortal
  • Antoni: Priceless one
  • Bazyli: A king
  • Bratumil: A dear brother
  • Cibor: Honor battle
  • Dobrogost: Good guest
  • Donat: The given one
  • Jakub: Supplanter
  • Jan: God is gracious
  • Jozafat: Yahweh has judged
  • Kazimierz: He who destroys peace
  • Leon: Lion
  • Lubomierz: Love world
  • Ludomir: Means people
  • Metody: With the road
  • Mikołaj: Victory of the people
  • Milogost: Gracious guest
  • Radzimir: Someone eager to fight
  • Serafin: The fiery one
  • Stanisław: Fame or praise
  • Szymon: To be heard
  • Uriasz: Yahweh is my light

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There are numerous Polish names with lovely meanings. It is important to know the meaning of a name before giving it to your child.

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