Young Nigerian Man Makes Benin People Proud, Builds the Largest Artwork in the Kingdom

Young Nigerian Man Makes Benin People Proud, Builds the Largest Artwork in the Kingdom

  • A talented young man, Lukas Osarobo, made a great plaque that tells the story of the first king of Benin
  • Lukas revealed that there are many bronze pieces of the kingdom abroad that were stolen and dissociated from Benin
  • Though the conceiving of the plaque's design took him a day, he revealed that casting it could not be rushed

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A young Nigerian man, Lukas Osarobo, has wowed many people as he designed a big bronze plaque in the Benin kingdom.

In his interview with Legit TV, he said the piece of artwork is the largest ever made in Benin. Luka who is a multi-disciplinary artist stated that he made it to show that the Benin bronze pieces which were stolen are still housed in many foreign museums around the world.

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It is the largest in the Benin kingdom.
He said that he is proud of what he has done.
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Many were stolen

He added that Benin artwork has been for many years treated like regular pieces of art. Members of the Benin kingdom stood in amazement as they looked at the artistic hieroglyphs on the plaque.

Lukas revealed that the art pieces in foreign museums were treated like they were dug up somewhere without associating them to the Benin people.

The plaque tells a story

According to him, the plaque is the life story of the first king of Benin who made the kingdom into an empire. He added that the monarch was also the first king to have contact with the Europeans.

The Nigerian man said that it did not take him long to come up with the design and story, but the casting took roughly two years because he had setbacks.

Watch the full video interview below:

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Edo influenced Portuguese creole

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the Edo language contributed greatly to the Portuguese creole because of the relationship Benin had with Portugal during the pre-colonial days.

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Great Benin wall

To show how great the kingdom was, another report described it as one of the oldest cities in Africa a wonder to behold before the modern age.

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