How to check NIN number on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and online

How to check NIN number on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and online

NIN number is a must-have for every Nigerian citizen. If you have it, can you remember it? Since it is a new system of identification, it is likely that you might not recall the digits. However, here is how to check NIN number on different mobile phone networks.

How to check my national identification number
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Soon, it will be mandatory to have an NIN number in Nigeria before you access various services from the government and other service providers such as banks and telecom companies. For that reason, knowing your unique number puts you in an advantageous position to benefit from such utilities.

How to check NIN number on 9mobile, MTN, Airtel, and Glo

For MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile network users, to check NIN number, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the USSD code *346#.
  2. Choose option 1 to retrieve.
  3. Provide the required inputs as displayed on the screen.

This procedure applies if the SIM card in the phone is the same one used for registration.

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This process deducts 20 Naira from your airtime balance and thus, ensure that you have an adequate credit balance before you commence the process.

How to check my NIN number online

You can only check your NIN on your phone using the USSD code *346#. Currently, there is no online platform that provides the service.

How do I link my phone number to NIN?

Linking NIN to a mobile phone is simple. Depending on your network provider, here is how you can go about it:

Link using the NIMC mobile app

This App allows you to connect up to 7 different mobile phone numbers to your NIN. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Log in to the App using your security PIN.
  • On the home page, select “MY DEVICES”
  • Click on “ADD MOBILE NUMBER” and enter the digits you would like to link.
  • Enter the OTP code you receive on the phone to complete the process.

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How to check NIN number
How to link your NIN to your number using NIMC App. Photo: @nimc_ng
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How to link your NIN to an MTN card

For MTN subscribers, here are four alternatives available:

  • Using the phone digits that you would like to link, dial *785#, followed by your national identification number and submit the request. You can also dial *785*NIN#.
  • Send your national identification number as a message to 785.
  • Open myMTN app and provide the details required.
  • Visit the MTN website and provide the necessary information.
How to link NIN to MTN
Linking your NIN to your MTN mobile number. Photo: @mtnloaded
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You can also opt to do it on the MTN website, where you will provide all the required details.

How to link your NIN to Glo line

To link your Glo line to NIN, use one of the following options:

  • Visit the Glo website and submit your details.
  • Using the phone with the Glo line you would like to link, dial *109#, then enter your NIN or dial *109*NIN#.
  • Send the national identification number as a text message to 109.

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How to link NIN to Airtel line

Users of the Airtel network can link their NIN to phone digits, router/MiFi and ODU digits. Here is how to do it:

  • To connect your mobile digits, dial *121*1#, then enter your NIN and press the send button.
  • To link your router/MiFi and ODU digits, visit the Airtel website to provide the details.
How to check NIN number on Airtel
Steps for linking NIN to your Airtel line. Photo: @AirtelNigeria
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How to link NIN to 9mobile line

If you are a 9moble subscriber, follow these easy steps to link your NIN to your mobile digits:

  • Dial *996# and then provide details of your identification digits.
  • You can also log onto the 9mobile website and submit the required information.

How do I register for NIN online?

To enrol online, visit the NIMC website and go to the pre-enrolment portal. On the portal, enter all the required information in capital letters and then print out a summary sheet that has a 2D Barcode.

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Note that online enrolment is an initial step. Thus, you must complete the process by going to any NIMC enrolment centre for biometric data capture and processing.

Also, the registration is a once in a lifetime process and any subsequent attempt is a punishable offence.

Is NIN the same as the SEQ number?

After a viral social media post claimed that the SEQ number on the old national ID card could be used as the national identification number, NIMC moved with speed to dispel the claims. NIMC maintained that the old ID had been discontinued and everyone should enrol for the NIN.

How do I find my NIN number?

If you have never enrolled for the national ID number, you will have to go through the enrolment process to find your NIN. The process entails an online pre-enrolment on the NIMC website. Then, you will visit any nearby NIMC enrolment centre, and an officer will capture and process your biometric data and give you your national ID number.

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To retrieve your lost NIN, dial *364# on your phone and select 1.

Why should you have the NIN?

The number serves as a unique identifier for every person in Nigeria. Once you have registered and acquired it, no one else can have a similar one, whether dead or alive.

The digits are unique and are linked to a database that has details about your fingerprints, biometric data, facial picture and digital signature. It allows you to access various essential services and also facilitates transactions.

How to check my national identification number enrolment fees

To check the enrolment fee, visit the fee portal on the NIMC website. Currently, you are not charged any money for the enrolment process.

In modern-day Nigeria, the national identification number is a must-have for every citizen. Now that you have learnt how to check your NIN number, you can access it easily whenever you need.

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According to the report, you can check if your ID card is ready on the NIMC website. If it is ready, it outlines the requirements for ID card collection at an activation centre.


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