200+ cool gnome names for your Dungeons and Dragons character

200+ cool gnome names for your Dungeons and Dragons character

Gnomes were created as a substitute for other races that were already in existence in the Dungeons and Dragons Universe. Gnomes are small in stature and have a great sense of humor which they often use to trick their enemies. In addition, their peculiarity, curiosity, and penchant for tinkering make them prominent developers. With this in mind, here are a few unique gnome names for your DnD character.

Gnome names
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Gnomes are curious, great engineers and skilled swindlers who do not hesitate to use their minute body structure and witty nature to con anyone. Finding an anonym that portrays this quality for your DnD character will serve as a great start.

What are some of the interesting DnD gnome names for your character?

Gnome names in DnD are musical and difficult to pronounce, but that's what makes them so perfect. So, what are some good gnome names?

Cool male gnome names for your character

These masculine D&D gnome names are a good fit regardless of subrace:

  • Begnym
  • Jinzic
  • Borwass
  • Snaanbag
  • Labkost
  • Jenkkig
  • Clamdor
  • Bitty
  • Brena
  • Amorette
  • Sarug
  • Erpos
  • Nimin
  • Jorhim
  • Salmorn
  • Vorbar
  • Davdri
  • Valmin
  • Nigrim
  • Davkas
  • Brocc
  • Burgell
  • Roondar
  • Seebo
  • Wrenn
  • Zook

Creative female gnome names that sound fascinating

Exciting names you can give to your female character include:

  • Tyra
  • Tawyn
  • Rena
  • Zanitina
  • Tifapine
  • Lyda
  • Satra
  • Lorifi
  • Daphiphina
  • Arila
  • Zanigani
  • Zindira
  • Qiroe
  • Tifaceli
  • Folxi
  • Grentina
  • Heshana
  • Tifamyn
  • Myna
  • Cartra
  • Dedellbop
  • Beren
  • Dawrzel
  • Rikkavikki
  • Jorziver
  • Gaerick
  • Nackle
  • Rikkenedol
  • Lanziver
  • Uvarkk
  • Ninzel
  • Forrisiren
  • Erbar
  • Raulnor
  • Sacheppen
  • Puddlefen
  • Jortix

Deep gnome names

Creatures of this subrace are serious and sour-faced. Here are some cool gnome names for D&D that you can use:

how to make your own names for the gnomes?
Female DnD character. Photo: @roguecaliber
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  • Kulweg Sandfoot
  • Shundell Stonybender
  • Wuttlic Garnetfoot
  • Breilli Smeltmerger
  • Wentri Agatecleane
  • Frarshann Crystalcollector
  • Eneil Terralifter
  • Kude Grimemask
  • Mudann Obsidianmolder
  • Sninkee Shelfseizer
  • Gontrurs Alabastertwirler
  • Bentreck Depositbleacher
  • Wiltren Peridotshoveler

Funny gnome names

Here are some funny gnome names:

  • Fizzingbuns
  • Ban
  • Dombledomblest
  • Doodlevoletor
  • Mixithinklicker
  • Aithne
  • Dipple Sprocket
  • Balabar Muckbuckle
  • Bitty
  • Amorette
  • Zeph Nocktonick
  • Lucky Nimbledigit
  • Bixi
  • Aripine
  • Blink Millybonk
  • Rondo Dimbuckle
  • Carlin
  • Armida
  • Bimble Tegginuckey
  • Chug Dignugget
  • Darra
  • Belita
  • Felix Bignoodle
  • Fats Rumbuckle
  • Dinky
  • Bonita
  • Bombus Clockmort
  • Sonny Boddyhop
  • Elfi
  • Brooke
  • Fenthwick Fizzlebang
  • Dino Dinwiddie
  • Charlene
  • Brenna
  • Braggett Nickleplenty
  • Sharkey Finn
  • Celqys
  • Bingles
  • Filius Fillydook
  • Snaps McKraken
  • Demi
  • Banxi
  • Hands Magee
  • Dimble Mocklaw
  • Carnoa

Do gnomes have last names in DnD?

Yes, they do. Gnomes can have various surnames, ranging from strange-looking words to more familiar ones.

How to make your own names for the gnomes?
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These titles can vary from clan, family to nicknames. They are made up of a few common, mischievous and gibberish words that produce a musical effect. Check out these cool gnome last names:

  • Dustseeker
  • Nuttlattle
  • Bernfitlacks
  • Ipswoms
  • Pelletsniffer
  • Tinkerfoot
  • Gemhair
  • Blaesocket
  • Sabblewloth
  • Muwlebra
  • Giobibaar
  • Woh
  • Apleldosp
  • Mirlon
  • Peedlupnon
  • Grosko
  • Timbacktoo
  • Faekkan
  • Qiphina
  • Tureon
  • Hymnir
  • Dirkera
  • Ylofi
  • Gumpaben
  • Hesyaris

Do rock gnomes have last names?

Rock gnomes are very intelligent creatures whose minds are particularly adept at figuring how things work. Check out these amazing titles:

  • Dipple Sprocket
  • Zeph Nocktonick
  • Blink Millybonk
  • Felix Bignoodle
  • Fenthwick Fizzlebang
  • Braggett Nickleplenty
  • Filius Fillydook
  • Marlo Grimboodle
  • Sharkey Finn
  • Fats Rumbuckle
  • Rondo Dimbuckle
  • Lucky Nimbledigit
  • Balabar Muckbuckle
do rock gnomes have last names?
A forest gnome. Photo: @gorec
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WOW gnome names

World of Warcraft, also known as WOW, is a popular multiplayer online role-playing game. If you have been looking for gnome Warlock names, then you are in the right place.

  • Lithkumizz Theetunkic
  • Idink Squigglegear
  • Piboron Scratchhammer
  • Gneecithe Wrenchspindle
  • Kreerkesh Bellowcog
  • Enkergic Wiggleriddle
  • Eencink Pullsignal
  • Kreencish Gearpatch
  • Madolo Fizzlecub
  • Takic Overboss
  • Caweethi Blackspindle
  • Thithkeefek Wigglepocket
  • Klurkink Pullsignal
  • Etlarirn Quietclue
  • Kallee Squigglecheek
  • Geki Mintheart
  • Keldo Shortballoon
  • Ocobla Shortscheme
  • Thilkon Tidytwist
  • Gira Bizzspark
  • Foten Blackchin
  • Penusack Pitchsprocket
  • Sytlozz Springcable
  • Lygatklazz Tidycollar
  • Hytkiklank Buzzfuzz
  • Klithun Sprybells
  • Mikaz Coilscheme
  • Dilkazz Fixcase
  • Klanni Wrenchcrank

Can one use a nickname as a gnome name?

Yes, you can. These mystical creatures can have more than two titles. In addition, one could use a personal, clan or nickname for their character. Here are some interesting tags that you could use as a nickname for your character.

  • Stumbleduck
  • Doublelock
  • Filchbatter
  • Aleslosh
  • Ku
  • Ashhearth
  • Fnipper
  • Oneshoe
  • Badger
  • Cloak
  • Nim
  • Pock
  • Sparklegem

Understanding your game character

Do rock gnomes have last names?
A Male wizard. Photo: @Donnellywarren
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Initially, these creatures were thought of as the descendants of dwarves and elves. It is common knowledge that interbreeding between these two races was forbidden. Over time, the creatures have evolved to become a crucial component of the game.

The different races of gnomes in DnD include the surface and deep gnomes. The surface ones are found on the exterior of the earth. Their height is a little over 3 feet, while their weight is between 40-45 pounds.

How long do gnomes live for?

Most are usually male. The female kind is extremely rare. They usually can live for 350 to 500 years. They are expected to have settled down by age 40.

D&D gnomes are indeed an interesting race. They love life, marveling at their creations and games. Their miniature frames lessen their ability to make swift movements. However, they use it to their advantage by duping opponents who have bigger frames.

The truth is, D&D is a group storytelling game. One player can come up with a fantasy storyline, but it takes a collaborative effort to play the different characters. The Dungeon Master is the most important role as it sets the pace for the entire game.

However, all the creatures are just as important. They enhance the realistic feel of the game. They contribute positively to the legend and open up a variety of storylines for players to explore. By learning about their origin and traits, players have better insight into what D&D is about.

How do you create your own gnome name for your DnD character?

It’s no secret, creating your name for your DnD character is always challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Questions such as "How many names does a gnome have?" or "Is using a title from real-world cultures good?" are bound to arise in one’s quest for a good DnD title. There are, however, simple rules that would help one create a name for their character.

How many names does a gnome have?
A gnome character. Photo: @rjd20
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Here are some rules on how to make your title for your mystical creature that will give insight into the identity of your game character.

  1. Avoid using easily recognizable fantasy names.
  2. Always consider your character’s race. Different races have different qualities and caste.
  3. Consider using real-world names from different cultures.
  4. Using a simple one-word name usually works just fine in many instances. In the DnD universe, last titles are for noblemen, while commoners get trade anonyms.

Now that you have the lore behind these creatures, you should choose the best gnome names for your DnD or WOW character. You are likely to enjoy your game more when you are equipped with a fitting name.

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