100 cool names for boys and girls

100 cool names for boys and girls

Giving your child a nice name is of great importance because it has to be fitting for them throughout their entire life and reflect their personality. Some people prefer classic and traditional options, while others go for more modern and unique ones. Either way, here are 100 cool names for both boys and girls!

Cool names for boys
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A name is a reflection of a person, and many people want to resonate with theirs fully. This is why it is so important to give your baby a name with a special meaning. Here are some cool baby names for everyone!

By the way, if you want to give your child the name of a character in a fictional story or game, this article will be very useful to you as well!

Cool names for boys

Here are some cool boy names with their meanings. We will start with the more common ones.

  • Liam: comes from the Frankish Willahelm, meaning "helmet of will", or from the common William.
  • Noah: means "rest" and "comfort" from Hebrew. Noah was a famous Biblical character.
  • James: comes from Jacob, meaning "supplanter," the one who follows. It became more popular in the 17th century when James VI became the king of England.
  • Oliver: originates from Latin and means "olive tree." There are female versions, the most popular of which are Olive and Olivia.
  • Benjamin: comes from the Hebrew name Binyamin, which means "son of the South." It is often shortened to Ben.
  • Elijah: this one also comes from Hebrew. Elijah was a prophet, according to the Old Testament. Another variation is Elias.
  • Lucas: comes from Latin, meaning "man from Lucania." The region Lucania is situated in the south of Italy. Lucas is a popular naming option in many cultures.
  • Mason: originates from the last name Mason, meaning "working with stone." Lately, it is given to both boys and girls, even though it is traditionally masculine.
  • Logan: another one that is derived from a last name, which, in turn, came from a place. The place's name is thought to be derived from the Scottish Gaelic word lagan, which is a diminutive of lag, meaning "hollow."
  • Alexander: originates from Greek, meaning "defender of mankind." The famous historical figure Alexander the Great made it popular.
  • Ethan: comes from Hebrew with the meaning "firm, strong, long-lived." Ethan makes eight appearances in the Bible. Some of the other spellings are Eytan or Eitan.
  • Jacob: derived from Jacobus, means "supplanter" or "seizing by the heal." Jacob gave rise to a few other forms: Jack, James, Jake, etc.
  • Michael: from Hebrew, it translates to "who is like God?". This is a rhetorical question, which implies that no one is like God. Michael was one of the archangels in the Bible and Hebrew traditions.
  • Daniel: from Hebrew, it translates to "God is my judge." In the Old Testament, Daniel was a prophet.
  • Henry: it is composed of the Germanic word elements "home, power, ruler." The Normans introduced this name to England in the variation "Henri." It became incredibly popular and was given to multiple kings.
  • Sebastian: derived from "sebastos" which means "venerable." It was made popular by Shakespeare's character from the play "Twelfth Night" and later was given to the crab from "The Little Mermaid."
  • Aiden: originates from Celtic, where it was a name of the sun god. Usually, it is spelled Aiden, but the variant Aidan is quite popular as well.
  • Matthew: it is an English form of Greek "Matthaios," which was also a form of Hebrew "Mattityahu." Matthew was also one of the twelve apostles in the Bible.
  • Samuel: it also came from Hebrew, and means "God heard" or "name of God."
  • David: originates from Hebrew and translates to "uncle" or "beloved." David was the great king of Israel, and some stories about him can be found in the Old Testament.
  • Joseph: comes from Hebrew Yosef, which translates to "he will add." Joseph is one of Jacob's sons in the Bible.
  • Carter: it started out as a family name meaning "the one who transports goods using a cart". It possibly comes from Ireland or Scotland, with Celtic and Gaelic roots.
  • Owen: derived from Welsh and translates to "well-born," "noble" or "young warrior." Since 2000, it considerably rose in popularity.
  • Wyatt: originates from Wigheard, which means "strong, brave warrior." Some of the medieval forms were Wiot, Wyot, and Gyot.
  • Luke: it has a similar origin with Lucas, meaning "from Lucania". Luke also means "light-giving." In the Bible, Luke was the author of the third Gospel in the New Testament, and also wrote the Acts of the Apostles.

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Cool last names
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Those options are quite common in everyday life, but what if we give you some cool baby boy names that are unique and rare?

  • Bradford: there is a town in the United Kingdom which is called Bradford. It comes from "broad ford," the wide and shallow part of a river. It has a retro vibe to it and can be used as a given name.
  • Octavius: from Latin, it translates to "eighth" and has a noble sound to it. It was the real name of Emperor Augustus before he became a ruler.
  • Osvaldo: another retro variant, Osvaldo is a southern version of Oswald - "god, ruler, power."
  • Reggie: this shortened form comes from Reginald and translates to "council power." The nickname sounds fresh and modern.
  • Atlas: this one belonged to a famous Titan from Greek mythology who had to carry the whole world on his shoulders. As such, it comes with some inner strength.
  • Aziel: another Hebrew one meaning "God is my strength." If you want to use a Biblical but not very common name, you can choose this one.
  • Kenji: from Japanese, it means "strong" and "vigorous." It carries power and inspiration and would be a great choice for a boy.
  • Finlay: this Irish name means "fair-haired hero" and is quite popular not only in Ireland but also in Scotland. Another common variant is Finley.
  • Hernan: Spanish version of Hernando, which is a form of Ferdinand. It is unique and would fit a boy who dreams of becoming a superhero.
  • Jaylen: the popularity of this one rose in the 1990s. So, if you are searching for a new and fun option, you can surely pick Jaylen.
  • Mykel: sometimes the unusual options rise from spelling the usual ones in a different way. This version of Michael would make a statement.
  • Wren: this is the right choice for both girls and boys, and it comes from Middle English, meaning "small bird."
  • Keanu: in Hawaiian, Keanu means "cool breeze" and sounds very poetic. It will be a lovely pick if your child has Hawaiian roots.
  • Dewei: originating from China, Dewei carries a meaning of "highly noble," so it would be perfect for a little aristocrat.
  • Brennon: another spelling of Brennan that comes from Gaelic Braonán - teardrops, rain, and moisture. If something original is what you want, then this is for you.
  • Axel: It translates to "father of peace" from Danish and has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years.
  • Phoenix: originates from Egypt and symbolises the mythical bird that dies in flames and then is reborn by rising from the ashes. It can be a very inspiring pick.
  • Zane: this bold name has Hebrew, Arabic, and English origins. It has become increasingly popular lately.
  • Otis: another uncommon O name which comes from Greece and means "one who hears well".
  • Hugo: a fancier variation of the name Hugh. It is a popular name in some countries, such as Sweden, Spain, France, and Belgium.
  • Jett: it has a very new-age and futuristic sound to it. The initial meaning was a black mineral stone, but it also has an association with planes and travel.
  • Orion: originates from Greek mythology. Orion was a hunter and a son of Poseidon. It is also a famous constellation.
  • Gunner: associated with battle and strife and has Norse origins. Would be perfect for a tough boy.
  • Ace: this word means so many different things. All of them are positive and associate with unity and victory in some way. So, if your child is called Ace, he will always be a winner.
  • Spike: sometimes, this option can give a rebellious vibe, but it still fits a smart and confident boy. "Long nail" and "ear of grain" are some of its meanings.
  • Ashton: since the actor Ashton Kutcher became famous, the name rose in popularity. "Ash-tree settlement" is its definition, and some cool nicknames for it can be Ash and Tony.
  • Dexter: it has its origins in a family name for a woman who dyed clothing, but later it became a wide choice for boys.
  • Jagger: even though the primary definition of it is "peddler", the first association that we all may have with it is with the famous rock musician Mick Jagger.
  • Maverick: this one defines your child as independent and unique. If you are looking for something fun and unusual, maybe Maverick will fit. Your kid can be cutely nicknamed Mav or Ricky.
  • Joaquin: it is a Biblical name which is quite popular in Spain and is rising in some other countries. Lately, the actor Joaquin Phoenix made it even more known.

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These are some cool guy names, are they not? Now that we have gone through a share of cool male names, we can move on to the female ones.

Cool names for girls

Cool girl names
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These cool girl names can be used in every situation. Here are some classic ones.

  • Emma: it appears in many great literary works, including Jane Austen's. The meaning of Emma is "universal".
  • Olivia: this is the female variation of Oliver which might have originated from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". If it is too common for you, you can go with Olive or the Italian version, Oliva.
  • Ava: meaning "like a bird", Ava is associated with grace and glamour, as it was the name of beautiful Hollywood actress Ava Gardner.
  • Isabella: it is a variation of Elizabeth which was used all over Europe as countless queens had it, and in Shakespeare's works as well. Izzy and Bella are some cool nicknames for it.
  • Sophia: originates from Greek, meaning "wisdom". It experienced massive popularity in the 2000s and is now one of the common choices.
  • Mia: in many languages, this name means "mine" or "beloved". Many people seem to be leaning towards this short and cute option for their daughters.
  • Charlotte: a feminine form of Charles, it belonged to a lot of queens. Nowadays, it is coming back to the top among the most popular options and can be shortened to Charlie or Lottie.
  • Amelia: it appeared as a combination of Emilia and Amalia, meaning "hard-working" and "industrious", though it still has a romantic sound to it.
  • Evelyn: this option used to be famous hundreds of years ago, and is rapidly making a comeback now. Evelyn means "wished for" or "giver of life".
  • Abigail: today, this retro name is coming back to give the modern ones a run for their money. Abigail means "gives joy" or "my father rejoices".
  • Harper: initially considered a boy's name, it has acquired massive popularity among girls. Some celebrities have used Harper for their daughters.
  • Emily: here, we have a classic option that is not going anywhere anytime soon. The meaning of Emily is "striving" and "industrious".
  • Ella: here is another one that is prominent among celebrities. Rihanna's song "Umbrella" might have also given it additional popularity.
  • Madison: as this variant fell out of people's favour as a boy name, it got increasingly popular as a choice for girls.
  • Scarlett: ever since the famous novel "Gone with the Wind" came out, Scarlett has remained one of the top picks for girls.
  • Victoria: a classic female option which symbolises victory and royalty. Can be nicknamed Vicky or Tori.
  • Aria: from Italian, it means "beautiful song" or "melody". It is also alternatively spelled as Arya, as in the popular heroine from Game of Thrones.
  • Grace: it never goes out of style, even after many years. Some of the alternate variations include Gracie, Gracelyn or Grayson.
  • Chloe: comes from Greek and means "young green shoot". Chloe can also be an alternate name for Demeter, who is the goddess of fertility and harvest.
  • Camila: from Arabic, it translates to "perfect" or "complete". It can also be feminine for Kamal - "completion".
  • Penelope: originates from Greek mythology - Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus, who was waiting for him after the Trojan War.
  • Riley: at first, it was considered a boy's name, but now it is more prevalent among girls. It means "brave" and comes from the Irish.
  • Layla: comes from Arabic culture, meaning "night" and "dark beauty". It sounds lovely and romantic due to Eric Clapton's famous song.
  • Lillian: if Lily is too common, here is a unique variation of it. It can still be nicknamed to Lily or Lil and is reminiscent of purity, beauty, and innocence.
  • Zoey: it is a variation of Zoe which has become popular in recent decades. Zoey means "life" from Greek.

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Next are a bunch of cool female names that are unique and rare.

Cool female names
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  • Alina: it originates from old German and means "little and noble". It also means "light" from Greek.
  • Bellezza: in Italian, Bellezza means "beautiful". It is a fancier version of Bella or Belle.
  • Calliope: comes from Greek, meaning "beautiful voice". In Greek mythology, it was one of the muses.
  • Donatella: another one that came from Italy, Donatella means "gift of God".
  • Jacintha: it came from Greek and got famous in Spain as a male name Jacinto, which later birthed a female form. Jacintha means "beautiful".
  • Kyomi: another one with the meaning of "beautiful" and "pure", which came from Japanese culture.
  • Meadow: it is an English one, meaning "a mown field", and is one of the lovely nature choices.
  • Rosalind: if you do not want to use the typical "Rose" but like the sound of it, Rosalind, or "pretty rose", would be an excellent pick.
  • Sapphire: naming your child after a precious gem would be significant in reminding her how loved and appreciated she is. It originates from Hebrew and English.
  • Tegan: can mean "the favourite one" or "the loved one". Quite a unique pick for those who want their daughter to stand out.
  • Leilani: this Hawaiian option means "heavenly child" and has a melodious sound to it.
  • Raelynn: the combination of Rae, which is a short form for Rachel, and the suffix "Lynn".
  • Kaylee: it is another combination, with "Kay" and "Lee" put together. If you want your child to be unique, you can combine two names together and create your own one.
  • Jasmine: the flower association and gorgeous Disney princess are what makes Jasmine so outstanding.
  • Maryam: originates from Arabic and can be used if the common version "Mary" appears too simple.
  • Everleigh: the modern variation of the English Everly, means "from Ever's meadow".
  • Afia: meaning "a child that was born on Friday". It comes from Ghana.
  • Clementine: it means "mild and merciful" in Latin, and is also a common name of the tangerine fruit.
  • Elora: meaning "light" from Greek and "God is light" in Hebrew.
  • Scout: meaning "to listen" from French. In Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird", Scout was the main character.
  • Acacia: comes from Greek and translates to "thorn" or "point". It is also a flower.
  • Germaine: meaning "from Germany" in French.
  • Ladonna: originates from Italy, meaning "lady". It is an alternative variation of Madonna.
  • Quincy: comes from French, translating to "estate of the fifth son". It can be used for boys as well.
  • Ianthe: from Greek, it means "purple flower" and is used in Greek mythology.

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Cool baby names
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We hope you like these cool names for both boys and girls and now can choose one for your kid!

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