Female and male vampire names and their meanings. Updated List

Female and male vampire names and their meanings. Updated List

Currently, a lot of people are ditching common conventional names. More catchy ones are now being used including vampire names which have different meanings and origins.

vampire names
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Be it male or female, vampire names offer a wide variety to choose from. Some of them have dark meanings associated with them while others portray certain abilities or specific traits of a person.

Vampire names and their meanings

The list below contains male vampire forenames and their meanings

  • Arnoldo: means eagle power.
  • Bertoldo: defines as bright ruler.
  • Bonifacio: implies good destiny.
  • Clemente: gentle and merciful.
  • Ambrogio: the immortal.
  • Ambrogino: meaning little immortal one.
  • Alessandro: defender of mankind.
  • Baldasassare: protect the king.
  • Egidio: shield of goatskin.
  • Eligio: to choose
  • Eliodoro: gift of the sun
  • Emilio: rival
  • Ermanno: army man
  • Massimo: the greatest.
  • Silvano: from the forest.
  • Ettore: defender
  • Faramundo: journey protection
  • Fino (serafino): serpent or burning one
  • Gaspare: treasure bearer
  • Gregario: watchful
  • Leandro: lion man
  • Marco: defender of the sea
  • Tacito: mute, silent.
  • Baldovino: brave friend.
  • Dario: possesses a lot.
  • Edmondo:protector of prosperity.
  • Edoardo: guardian of prosperity.

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Female vampire monikers

In addition, the list below contains female vampire monikers

  • Iezabel: meaning chaste.
  • Despoina: meaning mistress.
  • Eva: meaning life.
  • Kora: meaning maiden.
  • Maia: meaning nursing.
  • Akeldama: meaning field of blood.
  • Akantha: meaning thorn.
  • Nerine: meaning sea sprite.
  • Adrasteia: used to define inescapable.
  • Selene: it has a definition of the moon.
  • Callidora: meaning gift of beauty.
  • Semele: meaning of the underworld.
  • Thyone: meaning inspired frenzy.

Vampire male names

vampire male names
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The list below provides suggestions for different male vampire forenames. We have included their denotations alongside with their origins.

  • Diabolos: Derived from Greek mythology, Diabolos definition is the slandered or accuser.
  • Azazel: of Hebrew origin, Azazel means the scapegoat or total remover.
  • Ravana: The definition of Ravana is the man with ten heads.
  • Seth: The name is denoted from an Egyptian word and means the one who dazzles.
  • Chernobog: The name is derived from Slavic mythology meaning black god.
  • Demogorgon: This moniker is derived from two Greek words, daimon and gorgos. The full definition is the grim scrounger.
  • Asmodeus: Also referred to as the demon of luxury and sensuality, it has a definition of the wrath vampire.
  • Ahriman: Derived from Persian mythology, Ahriman belonged to the god of darkness and destruction. Ahriman means devil or evil spirit.
  • Apep: derived from Egyptian mythology meaning to slither.
  • Brandeis: of German origin. It means the dweller on a burned clearing.
  • Doyle: derived from Irish mythology. It means the dark stranger.

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Common vampire names for girls

vampire girl names
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The following designations are a compilation of vampire names for girls alongside their connotations.

  • Hecate: She is referred to as the goddess of the underworld. Hecate is derived from Latin. It means worker from far off.
  • Lezabel: She was the wife to King Ahab. Lezabel is a Greek word which means chaste and intact.
  • Pandora: Derived from Greek mythology, means all gift.
  • Lamia: The Arabic name refers to a monster who kidnaps children. Lamia means large shark
  • Mara: She is the most powerful vampire and female counterpart of Incubus. The definition of Mara is bitter
  • Ambrossia: The moniker means of food of the gods
  • Bronwen: This exotic vampire forename means dark and beautiful.
  • Asrid: With origins as far as Scandinavia, this unique vampire moniker means divinely beautiful.
  • Zurie: The name means white and lovely.
  • Layla: Is one of the names with a significant popularity, means dark beauty.

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Vampire surnames

Surnames for vampires depend totally on the type of vampire that is being depicted. Most of these last names depict the main behavior or characters of the vampires. We have listed the most popular vampire last names starting with male vampire surnames:

  • Dragomir
  • Mondragon
  • Kinczillers
  • Dagger
  • Powers
  • Dragoon

For their female counterparts, we have the following surnames

  • Stinga
  • Vladu
  • Steala
  • Tirea
  • Diablo
  • Bloodtear

Good vampire names

Most of the listed vampire name are commonly used in everyday life, some so common that you might know someone who goes by the name. Some of the good vampire names include;

  • Shysie: derived from native America, the name stands for silent little one
  • Rana: the name denotes beautiful or eye catching
  • Astrid: from the Scandinavian myths, the name means divinely beautiful
  • Belladona: the name, when translated, means a beautiful woman
  • Eyota: used to define the greatest one.
  • Ballari: of Indian origin, meaning walking quietly.
  • Orazi: has good eyesight.
  • Marco: defender of the sea.
  • Lorcan: derived from Irish mythology, the name means silent but fierce.
  • Gualtiero: ruler of the army.
  • Draven: meaning hunter.
  • Eliodoro: gift of the sun.
  • Elu: Originating from native America, it means full of grace.

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Whether from Greek, Irish or Armenian mythologies, vampire names are eternally unique.

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