150 Cute Korean girl names and their meanings you will love

150 Cute Korean girl names and their meanings you will love

Choosing a nice-sounding and meaningful name for your new bundle of joy can be quite daunting. If you enjoy aspects of East Asian culture, you may want to consider choosing from the numerous cute Korean girl names available today. These names reflect several aspects of Korean people and culture. Typically, most Korean names have two syllables, one representing the family name and the other chosen by the baby’s parents.

pretty Korean girl names
A young Asian girl. Photo: pixabay.com, @jinhokim
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The meaning behind Korean names is often determined by the Hanja (a traditional writing system typically consisting of Chinese characters) used in a particular name.

Top Korean girl names to choose from

Here is a look at several Korean female names one can give their child.

Cute Korean girl names

Here are some pretty Korean girl names that not only have nice meanings but also sound quite good.

  • Dallia: It refers to the Dalia flowers.
  • Areum: Good-looking
  • Ailiseu: Iris
  • Nabi: Butterfly
  • Soo: Charitable and noble daughter
  • Ha Yoon: Ha stands for summer or talent while Yoon means allow/consent
  • Yun: Lotus flower
  • Hwa-Young: Beautiful flower
  • Kyung Soon: Korean for ‘honored’ and ‘mild.’
  • Sang Hee: The pleasant and benevolent one
  • Gyeong: The respected one
  • Nam Kyu: Southern
  • Eun-Hye: Grace
  • Ho- Sook: Clear lake
  • Yeona: ‘One with a heart of gold.’
  • Yumi: Reasonable and friendly
  • Hee-Ryung: Graceful and bright
  • Ki: ‘One who has risen.’
  • Yuri: Crystal or glass
  • Mi Cha: Gorgeous daughter
  • Goo: One who completes
  • Deiji: This nature-inspired name refers to the daisy flower.
  • Soo Yun: A perfect lotus flower
  • Yun Hee: Flower of pleasure
  • Ok: ’One who is treasured.’

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Popular Korean girl names

unique Korean girl names
A young girl in blue goggles. Photo: pixabay.com, @OkBoks
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Every culture has several popular names that are quite easy to come across. Here is a look at some common Korean girl names you can give your baby girl.

  • So Young: Eternally beautiful and prosperous
  • Min Jung: Bright and decent daughter
  • Min: Sharp-minded
  • Yoon: Allow or consent
  • Mi-Hi: Beauty and joy
  • Ara: Beautiful and good
  • Woong: the grand and magnificent one
  • Molan: From the Korean word for ‘peony.’
  • Sarang: This name means ‘love.’
  • Myung-Ok: Bright pearl
  • Hyun-Ae: Loving daughter
  • Mi-Ok: Beautiful pearl
  • Hee-Young: The joyous and prosperous one
  • Soo-A: Perfect flower
  • Whan: Always enlarging
  • Doh: The accomplished one
  • Min Jee: Wise and bright girl
  • Paenji: From the Korean word for ‘pansy.’
  • Mindeulle: Korean for ‘dandelion flower.’
  • Youra: Silky one
  • Yon: Lotus blossom
  • Sung: Heir
  • Mi-Sun: Beauty and goodness
  • Migyung: A nature-inspired name meaning ‘beautiful scenery.’
  • Gi: The brave one
  • Yoon-Suh: Forever young
  • Ae-Cha: Affectionate or loving lady
  • Soon-Ja: Obedient child
  • Yong: The perpetually brave one

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Unique Korean girl names

beautiful Korean girl names
An Asian girl smiling. Photo: pixabay.com, @cuncon
Source: UGC

If you would prefer a less common Korean name for your baby girl, here are some excellent options to consider.

  • Soo Jin: Treasure, truth, or excellence
  • Kyung Mi: Honorable and beautiful
  • Mishil: Striking reign or kingdom
  • Ah-In: It means benevolence
  • Suseonhwa: From the Korean word for daffodils.
  • Aera: Love, or ‘the one who catches birds.’
  • Kyong: The meaning of Kyong is ‘brightness.’
  • Chun-Ae: Righteous love
  • Sena: Worldly beauty
  • Seung: Winning daughter
  • Tyullib: Korean for tulips
  • Eunjoo: It means a little flower or a summer grace.
  • Cho: Beautiful one
  • Hyun Jae: Wise and respectful
  • Soo Min: Excellent and brave one
  • Eun-Ha: Silver river
  • Oung: This name means ‘successor.’
  • Dasom: Beautiful love
  • Sun Jung: Goodness and nobility
  • Eui: This means righteousness.
  • Hei-Ran: Gracious orchid
  • Eun: Silver
  • Yo-Jin: Valuable and rare
  • Iseul: Dew
  • Sook: Pure and natural girl
  • Chin-Sun: One who seeks goodness and honesty
  • Bom: Springtime
  • Konnie: This name means ‘constant’ or ‘steadfast’ in Korean.

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Inspirational Korean female names

Here is a look at some inspirational Korean girl names and meanings.

  • Minji: Sharp and intelligent
  • Yun-Yeong: Brave hero
  • Ae-Ri: Merit or advantage
  • Yoonah: This spiritual name means ‘oe who has the light of God.’
  • Yeong: Courage
  • Bong-Cha: The ultimate girl
  • Taeyang: This nature-inspired name means ‘sun.’
  • Hae: Ocean-like
  • Byeol: Star
  • Mi Sun: Attractive
  • Kiaraa: God’s precious gift
  • Mun-Hee: The educated one
  • Wook: Sunrise
  • Ga-Eun: Kind and beautiful
  • Chul: Firmness
  • Kaneisyeon: From the Korean word for ‘carnation.’
  • Nari: Lily
  • Young Mi: Prosperous and good looking
  • Seo-Yun: Well-chosen
  • Kwan: Strong daughter
  • Hyun-Ok: Wise and beautiful pearl
  • Chun-Hei: Graceful and just
  • Ha-Neul: The sky
  • Hana: The favourite one
  • Ora: From the Korean word for purple
  • Moon: The smart one
  • Chun Cha: Righteous and chaste girl
  • Hae-Won: The graceful and beautiful garden

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Profound Korean names for girls

common Korean girl names
A beautiful baby girl in the outdoors. Photo: pexels.com, @jcarter
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As with other cultures, female names in Korea have varied meanings. Here is a look at some with profound meanings.

  • Gyunghui: Honor and respect
  • Da: ‘To attain or win.’
  • Yang-Gwibi: From the Korean word for poppy flowers.
  • Bon-Hwa: Glorious
  • Kamou: Purity, spring, or love
  • Kyung-Hu: A girl in the capital
  • Bongseon: Impatient flower.
  • Dae: The great one
  • Bada: Ocean
  • Sora: Beautiful sky
  • Sun Hee: Pleasure and goodness
  • Mi Kyong: Brilliance and exquisiteness
  • Hea: Graceful baby girl
  • Baram: Wind
  • Da-Eun: Da-Eun means ‘kindness’ in Korean.
  • Soon Bok: Gentle and blessed
  • Ahnjong: Tranquility or peace
  • Eun-Ae: Grace and love
  • Yeon: Little queen
  • Myung-Hee: Cheerful joy.
  • Bitna: Shining
  • Eun Jung: Grace with affection
  • Ah-Seong: Succeed or accomplish
  • Eun-Kyung: Graceful gem
  • Young-Soon: Mild and flowery
  • Eunji: It means intellect, kindness, and mercy.
  • Bae: Inspiration
  • Mi Young: Everlasting beauty
  • Mee: The one who holds beauty

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Korean girl names that start with J

Korean girl names that start with J
A beautiful girl in casual wear. Photo: pixabay.com, @yimnao
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Here are some beautiful Korean girl names starting with the letter J.

  • Jae: Respect
  • Jae-Hwa: Respect and beauty
  • Jee: The wise one
  • Jeong: The silent one
  • Ji: Intellect and wisdom
  • Jia: beautifully good
  • Jieun: Something hidden
  • Jin Ae: Love, truth, and treasure
  • Jin Kyong: Truth, treasure and brightness
  • Joon: Talented
  • Jung: The silent and chaste one

Which Korean girl name means smart?

The name Moon means ‘the smart one.’

Which Korean girl name means brave?

Several girl names mean brave in Korean. These include: Yong for the perpetually brave one, Yun-Yeong for a brave hero, and Soo Min for the excellent and brave one.

If you are a fan of East Asian culture and naming systems, then you might be looking for Korean girl names to give your child. The country has numerous beautiful names with interesting and profound meanings.

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