How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend

How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend

Love is a beautiful feeling, and it makes you want to become a better person. However, love will not last forever if you do not ignite it every day of your life. If you and your partner have nothing to talk about, this relationship probably will not have a huge chance of working out. That is why it is very important for you to know how to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend – both in person and on the phone!

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Things to talk about with a girl

It is a common truth that falling in love is a chance, but staying in love requires effort. In your relationship with someone special, you should always remember that this person expects all the love and attention from you. Finding each other attractive is not enough – you have to lift each other up, be the best of friends, and exchange constant support and encouragement. That is why people get in the relationships – everyone is dreaming of finding an exceptional person like this, who will become their soulmate.

To become truly closer, you must have exciting conversations with your girlfriend, because if you are constantly struggling to find topics, then perhaps you are not so compatible. True life partners should be feeling free to talk to each other about anything in the world, including both serious and funny conversation topics.

Maybe you are searching for the interesting topics to discuss with a girl, and realizing that your creativity is not working as you would want it to? Or you are searching for some funny questions to ask your girlfriend to make her laugh? Or perhaps you are wondering how to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend on the phone? In either case, we believe that this article will be helpful for you, and you will discover many ways to have a thrilling conversation with a girl.

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How to have a good conversation with someone you love

The best way to initiate a nice conversation is finding some topics that are meaningful to your girlfriend and relationship. Perhaps you are not sure where to start with this? No worries – we will give you some useful recommendations, after which you will be able to feel free to communicate with her easier.

1. Talk about things that you have in common

If you have met and fallen in love, then you must definitely have something in common, unless it is just a casual dating thing as a result of physical attraction. If this is something deeper, then you must be connected with this person, and notice a lot of similarities between the two of you. In fact, your similarities must have been what drove you to each other in the first place. Even the researches that were conducted on the relationships have proved that people usually think of their loved ones as similar to themselves in many ways, and put aside the differences. Also, our brain has a part, which activates when we meet the person who we are similar with.

Basically, the things we share in common can make us connect on multiple levels. This is why bringing these things into the conversation is an excellent idea because it will make both people feel close and have a sense of understanding each other. You can talk to your partner about the beliefs that you share in common, the habits that you possess together, the things you like and dislike. It can be any topic that would bring you on the same page, and make you feel that your connection is growing stronger.

2. The things you like about her

Every person enjoys hearing about their positive sides. And if you have fallen in love with your partner, then naturally there are things you like about her. You would want to make your girlfriend feel better by listing the qualities that you find attractive in her. For example, you can talk about the way you felt when you first met her, and reminisce these memories together with her – she will be pleased to hear about your experience.

With all the good things that you say about her, you will make her feel better about herself, and increase her self-esteem. This is what relationships are for – lifting up each other’s spirits. Chances are that she is feeling insecure, and your words can really increase her mood. Your feelings will always transfer to her if they are truly genuine and you mean all the words you say. She will feel like you support her and that your bond is growing closer.

3. Talk about God

If you have still not talked about the religious and spiritual topics with your girlfriend, perhaps you have a chance to connect with her on a deep level by discussing them. These are very serious topics, and certainly not what you usually discuss with the strangers, so you must have a certain level of trust. Sometimes, you might be aware of the basics – for example, if you go to the same church, you would know what she believes in. However, for many people, this topic is something brand new to discuss, and it will give you a good insight into the beliefs of your girlfriend and her convictions.

If she is ready to share her intimate thoughts with you, you should also be prepared to share yours. It can be possible that during the conversation, it will turn out that you have different takes on God and religion. However, you should not get angry and try to convince her to share your beliefs – it will only turn her off. You should try and understand why she feels this way, and this conversation could potentially bring you closer and increase your mutual trust. Pay close attention to the things she says, as they can inspire you for a further initiation of the new conversations later. For instance, she can mention the beliefs of her parents, or the influence of her friends, or the ways her religion helped her. You can discuss these things with her later in more depth.

4. Discuss gratitude

Every person feels gratitude for something that happens in their life and the things they have. It is an excellent topic for discussion because focusing on gratitude is a very positive thing: it is much better than dwelling on negativity and complaining about how everything goes wrong. It can also be a very good way to comfort your girlfriend whenever something in her life is going wrong – just nudge her in a positive direction. Asking her girlfriend about what she feels grateful for means inspiring her and making her feel happier about her life. It is a very easy way to bring her in a good and cheerful mood.

You can ask some specific questions – for example, about the thing that she feels the most grateful for, or for the person that she is thankful to for being in her life. In the random conversations, you can just choose the topic which is focused around gratitude. In her low moments, it will be the best way to cheer her up – concentrating on the positives is a great strategy to beat the negativity.

5. Talk about embarrassing moments

You can discuss this topic with a trusted person because most of those people who have had embarrassing moments in their life are not ready to discuss them with those they barely know. So, if you are exchanging such things with your girlfriend, it is a very positive thing, which means that your relationship is heading in a right direction, and you trust each other enough to know that the other person will not judge or laugh. This topic is reserved for the closest people. At first, it might be awkward to discuss, but it is also useful because, through it, you will show that you are a vulnerable person and that you also have your low moments.

Showing each other that you are regular humans who make mistakes, and giving insight into each other’s lives is really important for closure. Let alone that you and your girlfriend will have cute little secrets that other people will not know about you.

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6. Have conversations about vacation destinations

Everyone is feeling better after talking about their favourite places for vacation because when we speak about it, we start getting visuals of this place. We can even feel the atmosphere of this place without actually going there. This is another thing that shows how different we are because some people enjoy calm vacations at the seaside, while some like active trips to the mountains. It is essential to know what kind of vacations your girlfriend enjoys because in the future, you might be planning holidays together with her, and you need to be aware of her preferences.

Talking about the favourite destinations for vacation is very productive because it gives you both a deeper understanding of one another. You will both learn more about each other’s beloved activities, places to relax, and things that make you feel alive. Also, make sure you are paying attention to your girlfriend’s dream vacation. For instance, if she says that she always dreamed of going to France, in the future you might surprise her with two tickets to Paris!

7. Discuss childhood memories

Everyone’s childhood has shaped them as a person and made them who they are today. It was an incredibly important period in our life when we were learning many things about ourselves and the world. Our childhood taught us many important lessons and has had a lot of moments that changed our entire life. For every person, childhood is an intimate topic to talk about, and your girlfriend is not an exception.

Usually, every person has a memory from their childhood that especially stands out. If you are close with your girlfriend, maybe you can ask her to share some of those memories with you. You might gain some deeper knowledge of your girlfriend’s actions and personality when you learn about her childhood experiences. Perhaps, there was something that influenced her in a really strong way.

8. Ask who she looks up to

It is always interesting to find out who is your girlfriend’s role model. It will help you understand her goals, purposes, and intentions better. If you want to learn who she admires and respects, then you could ask her this question. You can also get interested why exactly she chose this person to look up to, and in which ways she wants to be like them. It can be anyone – her family member, friend, or her favourite celebrity. We usually look up to people who we want to be like, and those who are doing things that we dream of. So, the answer of your girlfriend to this question will make you learn about her dreams, goals and the way she sees herself in the future.

9. Talk about your future together

The depth of these discussions usually depends on how close you are, and how long you have been together. If you are dating for not a very long time yet, then you are probably not ready to discuss such topics as marriage or kids, but you can still talk about some plans with her, like places you would like to visit together or things you want to do. It will help you feel much more connected, and your girlfriend will feel secure with you, knowing that you are not planning on abandoning her, and are including her in your future plans. Even if it is just a relaxed talk about your plans for the next week, it can make you both feel like your relationship is something bigger than casual dating with no obligations.

If you and your girlfriend have been together for quite a long time and are comfortable with one another, then naturally the topics of marriage and children can be brought up, as well as other related topics like the house you want to live in or your lifestyle when you get married. These things are critical to discuss because you should definitely know for sure that your life partner shares the same desires and values as you. If she wants something different from life, then you will just be making each other unhappy. Discussing your future will boost the connection you have.

10. Ask about her hobbies

Every person has a hobby that they like doing, and it makes them unique. Hobbies are a really significant part of our life, and they shape our personality in different ways. If you are dating someone, you should be interested in finding out about their hobbies, because they are a great insight into the person.

Your girlfriend most definitely has some hobbies that she likes doing. Sometimes they can even be silly and ridiculous, and she might be afraid of sharing them because of possible judgment. Your task is making her comfortable to open up about her hobbies and interests. It is a brilliant way to know more about her and learn some unexpected things that you would never normally think she would do. Hobbies and interests are very dear to everyone’s heart, and you should be supportive of them. Never judge her for her passions, because she will be afraid of opening up to you again in the future.

Perhaps, your girlfriend seems to have no hobbies, since she is always busy with work and looks stressed. In this case, your task is to make her remember about things she used to be passionate about and inspire her to go back to the old hobby that she once loved. Chances are that she will be grateful to you about reminding her that life is not just about work and rekindling her passion.

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11. Ask her about her definition of romance

We all have very different definitions of how the perfect romance would be. Some people think it is like a fairytale depicted in the melodramatic movies where the girl is regularly swept off her feet, while the others are down for more casual relationship where the most romantic thing is watching a movie with pizza at home.

12. Talk about each other’s goals outside of your relationship

It is very significant to keep in mind that you and your girlfriend are two separate people, who both have their own lives and goals. You just happen to be together because you make each other happy, but also you are your own person, and so is she. You should be free to discuss different goals that have no connection to your relationship: for example, the personal, career, or health goals.

13. Discuss your favourite TV shows and movies

We all have those shows and movies that we love watching over and over again, and that keep us on the edge. Every popular show, movie, book, game, or another piece of media, has a large fan base all over the world. Perhaps your girlfriend is the fan of the same thing that you like? For example, if you both enjoy watching a certain TV show, you can watch it together, discuss it.

14. Ask her about things she does not like

You have asked her about her role models and things she loves, and now it would be a good time to ask what she does not enjoy and does not want to become like. It will make you learn a lot of new information about her, and she will feel closer to you by sharing her deepest fears. Usually, people do not want to become something that they are afraid of or struggling personally with.

If you ask this question, it will give you a chance to see her deep thoughts and worries that she might not share with other people, and learn more about her moral compass. Talking to you about it means that she trusts you, and wants to exchange the deeper conversations with you than just speaking about the weather.

15. Ask her what makes her feel happy

This question is good not just because you will learn more about your girlfriend but also because she will learn more about her own personality. If you ask her what makes her feel the happiest, your girlfriend will reminisce those times when she truly did. If she currently does not feel entirely happy, then maybe she will make some positive changes to the better.

Inspiring each other to be happy is a really important thing about every relationship. If your girlfriend will change things around herself to become happier, then you will become happier with her too.

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These are fifteen interesting topics that you can bring up in the conversation with your girlfriend! Every couple’s relationship will improve if they learn to talk to each other about many different things and truly listen to what the other person has to say. We wish you to have the most lively and exciting discussions.

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