List of the cheapest universities in Ghana

List of the cheapest universities in Ghana

This time we want to give you an overview of the cheapest universities in Ghana and their fees. Here we have top 10 institutions where you can receive quality education for a relatively low price.

Cheapest universities in Ghana


List of affordable universities in Ghana

Ghana is known as a great educational center of the West African region. Many of the universities situated in this country are ranked as the best institutions in Africa. In this article we want to pay attention to the cheapest universities in Ghana, these are affordable institutions, where one can receive quality education.

The number of such institution has increased in recent years. The main point is that a low price of tuition doesn't mean low quality of education. Let’s see the list of universities in Ghana with low school fees:

Regent University of Science and Technology

Regent University


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This one is among the cheapest universities that are situated in Accra Ghana. The total fee is 790.00 Cedis. The fees for the semester for Ghanaians 1,500 - 1,450 Cedis, international students: 2,600 - 2,800USD

The institution opened in 2003, over the years of rapid development the institution grew into three campuses. The institution is listed among best universities of Ghana.

University provides education in three schools:

  1. School of Leadership and Business
  2. School of Graduates and Research
  3. School of Informatics, Technology, Engineering

All the schools provide the programmes of education in accordance with modern requirements.

Pentecost University College

Pentecost University College


This is one of the cheapest private universities in Ghana. The tuition fees of the institution are:

Theology & Missions: local students - 781 Cedis, international students - $700

Information technology: local students - 1,320 Cedis, international students - $1,300

Business Administration: local students - 1,210 Cedis, international students - $1,200

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The university is situated in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, it has three faculties:

  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Theology and Mission

There are also different professional programmes offered to students.

Central University College

Central University College

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The university is considered as one of the best of the cheapest institutions for international students.

The fees of institution per semester:

  • School of Theology and Missions: Local students - 1,110 Cedis, International students - $1,520
  • School of Business Administration: Local students - 1,480 Cedis, International students - $2,020
  • Faculty of Sciences and Arts: Local students - 1,370 Cedis, International students - $2,020

School of Applied sciences:

  • Nursing(general): Local students - 2,175 Cedis, International students - $3,260
  • Nursing(SRN): Local students - 1,405 Cedis, International students - $3,060
  • Architecture: Local students - 2,085 Cedis, International students - $3,260

Civil Engineering: Local students - 2,085 Cedis, International students - $3,260

Physician Assistantship: Local students - 2,430 Cedis, International students - $3,260

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Currently, it is the biggest private university in Ghana. The institution is divided into campuses and the programmes are designed in the most convenient way for students.

Ghana Technology University College

The university was opened in 2005. The average fees for fresh students: $1,243 - $2,243. Continuing Students - Bachelors: $1,077 - $1,997

There are three main faculties:

  • Faculty of Computing and Information Systems
  • Faculty of IT Business
  • Faculty of Engineering

Catholic Institute of Business and Technology

The institution is based on strong Catholicism, it is among the most affordable private institutions to receive quality education in the country. The fees for international students are:

  • Freshmen pay $1300
  • Returning students pay $1250.

Valley View University

Valley View University


It is situated in Accra, Oyibi. This is another cheap institution in the country, it is managed by Seventh Day Adventist Church.

  • The average fees in the school of business - 1293 USD
  • The average fees in the school of science - 1398 USD
  • The average fees in the school of education - 1284 USD
  • The average fees in the school of Technology and missions - 1284 USD
  • The average fees in the school of Social Science - 1284 USD

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All Nations University College

All Nations University College


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The university was established in 2002, the students of this university designed and tested Ghana’s first satellite.

Kings University Ghana

Kings University Ghana


The tuition fee for a semester in this institution is 2000 USD for international students, and 3000 GH for local.

Sikkim Manipal University

The institution was established in 2007, and it has a good reputation as affordable university, that provides quality education. Go to this page and see all the fees structure of the institution:

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Ghana is Zenith University

And the last one of our list of cheapest universities in Ghana is Zenith University. This private institution was established in 2001.

Its fees for most courses are affordable. For example, for first degree courses for Business Administration, all students (including international) are required to pay a sum of 900 Cedis per semester, for English students are required to pay 400 Cedis per semester.

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As you have seen, it is possible to find a relatively cheap university in Ghana to receive a quality education.

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