Senator wears in Nigeria: best designs for men and ladies

Senator wears in Nigeria: best designs for men and ladies

It’s not a secret that many people are in love with senator wears in Nigeria. Such native styles always look elegant and cute. They are perfect for everyday wear, business meetings, office days, and special occasions. What are the new 2018 senator styles to enjoy this year?

Senator wears in Nigeria: Best designs for men and ladies

If you take even a short walk in the streets of your city, you will notice many men and women wearing Senator native designs. Such clothes look impressive on young people and businesspersons making them modern gentlemen and real ladies of the 21st century.

It is true that contemporary ladies love to wear senator suit designs as much as men. We suggest you take a look at some of the most interesting and luxurious senator style to enjoy in 2018.

Following Nigerian fashion and latest trends is awesome, because you can discover many great shirts, pants, and tunics that will suit you.

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Here is what men will wear in 2019: latest senator male styles

Native styles

Many Nigerians choose the best designs for men and ladies in senator styles all across the country. Senator suit designs came from Niger Delta areas and Southeastern part of the country.

There are rumors, that the style was named ‘senator’ because Nigerian Senator Anyim really chose to wear similar clothing for work in the early 2000s. This is when the fashion became a real trend all across the country, and it is still loved by many citizens.

What are the most elegant and cutest senator wears in Nigeria in 2018?

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Senator style for men

Created for men, senator wears are comfortable, strict or playful looking, elegant, stylish and fashionable. Usually, senator native designs for men do not usually have embroidery. Let's take a closer look at the main elements and trends in senator wears in 2018:

  • Senator styles can come with short and long sleeves.
Bright and trendy male Ankara styles for in 2019
Senator wears in Nigeria short sleeves
  • Or the style can offer long sleeves ending in a cuff.
Senator styles for men in Nigeria with long sleeves
  • These styles can include some minimum décor.
Nigeria Senator wears for men with embroidery
  • 2018 styles look awesome with thin contrast lines (vertical, horizontal).
Best senator wears in Nigeria for men with lines
  • And rarely such native styles can come with a print.
Senator male styles in Nigeria cute print
  • Light gray and dark blue colors are in big trend in 2018.
Senator shirts in Nigeria: Best designs for men

Senator wears for ladies

Originally senator suit designs were meant for men, today Nigerian women also enjoy getting senator wears because they are comfortable, elegant, and cute-looking.

All businesswomen who are looking for trendy office clothes will look impressive wearing native styles, that is why you can find senator wears for ladies these days with similar designs for men.

There are many awesome cuts of female tunics in senator native styles, so every Nigerian lady can find a piece of clothes that look perfect on her figure type in 2018. Now, let's turn to the main elements relevant in senator styles for ladies this season:

Traditional styles for ladies to rock in 2018
  • Tunics with short sleeves are perfect for sunny days.
Best female senator wears in Nigeria 2018
  • Senator suit designs with long sleeves are great for cold weather.
Senator wears for women in Nigeria with long sleeves
  • Women can also enjoy cute shirts with ¾ sleeves.
Senator female styles in Nigeria with 3/4 sleeves

Senator female styles in Nigeria with 3/4 sleeves, photo from

  • Senator wears look great in strict color.
Senator wears strict color in Nigeria: Best designs for women
  • It is better to choose monochrome colors for trousers to look stylish with senator style tunic.
Senator wears for women 2018 in Nigeria

The floral design is senator suit for ladies, photo from


Senator lady style in Nigeria 2018

Blue senator suit for young ladies, photo from

  • While most women choose one-color pants, you can follow the 2018 trend and wear trousers with vertical strips.
Senator pants for women with stripes

Picture from

  • If men prefer senator wears without embroidery, women will love their tunic to have a small floral ornament in the chest.
Senator tunic for ladies in Nigeria
  • Senator wear tunics can also come with a pattern for ladies.
Senator style with a pattern for ladies in Nigeria
  • Simple strips on the shirts are very popular in 2018.
Senator wears in Nigeria for ladies

Photo from

  • Flared tunic (fashionable A-line silhouette) is loved by many Nigerian women this year.
Senator wears in Nigeria: Best designs for ladies

Senator native designs for men and ladies

It is also wonderful when a couple wears the same style, so-called matching styles. Both women and men look great when they share the same native wear. Take a look at the photos below. Don’t they look impressive?

Top Nigerian men’s fashion trends in 2018 you need to know

There is always enough room for your imagination when choosing your family style.

Stylish senator wears in Nigeria: Best designs for men and ladies

Photo from

Cool senator wears for men and women can be perfect for a photoshoot.

2018 Senator wears in Nigeria: Best designs for men and ladies

As you can see, different colors look trendy in 2018. Getting some of the best senator wears for men and ladies is not enough. Nigerians also have to think about some accessories that will make their look complete.

An elegant hat, cap, awesome pair of shoes, a nice watch for men and jewelry for women can make you look fashionable and elegant.

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