20 best 90s TV shows you can binge watch on a long weekend

20 best 90s TV shows you can binge watch on a long weekend

Are you one of those people that can never get enough of classics? Well, the 90s TV shows are some of the most entertaining, and educational shows of all time. A lot has happened over the years, but one thing remains consistent, and that is the fact that great entertainment will always be timeless. Some of the well-produced and acted films and shows from the early years would fit perfectly even in today's setups, cultural changes notwithstanding.

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If you are a fan of great shows, then you would be pleased to go through some of the 90s shows that stood out. The actors and actresses of the time seemed to connect with the audience perfectly. You will get the feeling of instant gratification and identity just by watching one episode. But which are these 90's TV shows that you must look out for? Check out these 1990s TV shows for the best weekend of binge-watching.

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20 of the best 90s shows

What should I binge watch right now? If this is a question that is running through your mind, then consider yourself lucky as this article brings to you some of the best suggestions. In case you have been wondering what will keep you entertained whenever you are free and in the mood to watch TV, then you should consider these classics. You can be sure that they will be worth your time.

20. Cheers

It ran from 1982-1993 and around for 270 episodes. What is the longest show to binge watch? This is probably the show to go for. It will take a while to complete it, which would cover the entire weekend. It is not one of the most popular 90's sitcoms for no reason.

The story is a bar owned by a retired relief pitcher named Sam Malone. Cheers was originally named the Bull and Finch Pub and was actually established in 1969. The Boston pub that inspired the fictional bar in the NBC sitcom, Cheers, is actually a real neighborhood institution that has been serving its Beacon Hill environs for over 4 decades. You should watch the show because it is simply the best.

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If you love a classic and best-acted multi-camera sitcom, then this is your choice. This explains why it was around for 11 years. It would be perfect for anyone who wants to spend some time alone. It is available on Netflix and Amazon, and can also purchase a DVD.

19. The Dick Van Dyke Show

It ran from 1961-1966 and was around for 158 episodes. The American television sitcom initially aired on CBS from October 3, 1961, to June 1, 1966, with a total of 158 half-hour episodes that span five seasons.

It was produced by Calvada Productions in association with the CBS Television Network and Desilu Studios, and created by Carl Reiner. It starred Dick Van Dyke, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Larry Mathews, and Mary Tyler Moore. It is centered on the work and home life of television comedy writer Rob Petrie (Van Dyke).

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You need to watch it because it will always have a fresh appeal no matter how old it is. The smart writing that went into it, coupled with talented acting, gives it an overall balanced feel that any person can identify with the story. The chemistry between Van Dyke and Moore set the standard for later sitcom couples: they were probably the first husband and wife on a TV comedy who were really sexy together.

You can find it on all major streaming services, and a DVD as well as on Blu-ray.

18. Father Ted

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It ran from 1995-1998 and was around for 25 episodes. Three priests are being punished by the Catholic Church for various incidents in their pasts live together in a small house on Craggy Island, just off the coast of Ireland. The show is a unique blend of a warm small-town sitcom and mid-’90s surrealism, as Father Ted offers big laughs with an underlying melancholy.

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You should watch it because of the creators' Graham Linehan and Andrew Mathews. The show is for lapsed Catholics, practicing Catholics, non-Catholics, and people who just really want to escape to a goofy, friendly place for a few hours. It is available on YouTube, but the best way to watch it is by buying a DVD.

17. Fawlty Towers

It ran from 1975-1979 for 12 episodes. A beleaguered British hotel manager tries to raise his establishment’s profile while dealing with a multitude of annoyances. This includes, but not limited to, his domineering and gossipy wife, a Spanish waiter with a terminal language barrier, as well as an endless sea of demeaning, deceitful, and (occasionally) deceased guests. He also has to deal with his own elitism and short-sightedness.

You should watch it because it has been cited as one of the greatest sitcom ever made, and the passage of time has done nothing to erode this. It suits any past and present service-industry workers who have choked on the urge to explode on co-workers or patrons, and frequent travelers. It is available on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and is also available for digital purchase and on DVD.

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16. Hill Street Blues

It ran from 1981-1987 for 146 episodes. Police officers or the blues in a nameless American city work the beat bringing together issues of everyday crime-fighting and domestic strife into the precinct. It is the first major success of Steven Bochco, who, along with Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, defined crime dramas on television for the last several decades. If you love cop shows, then this will be a classic entertainment. You can stream a few episodes on Hulu and many more on YouTube.

15. Homicide: Life On The Street

The show ran from 1993-1999 and had 122 episodes. Do you know those people who rave about how The Wire is the greatest television show ever produced? Well, Homicide is the father of them all. The American police procedural television series chronicles the work of a fictional version of the Baltimore Police Department's Homicide Unit.

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The fast-paced police drama portrays the brutal detective work of a homicide department in Baltimore. Dealing with the numerous murders are Detective John Munch, Lt. Al Giardello, and Det. Meldrick Lewis. Early episodes of the show were inspired by the book "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets."

As mentioned before, if you love detective shows, then this will be your go-to show. You can find the complete series is on DVD.

14. House Of Cards

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This is a brilliant example of a masterpiece from the 90s TV shows list. It ran from 1990 with four episodes. It was also followed by sequels, To Play The King in 1993 with four episodes, and The Final Cut from 1995 with four episodes.

In the wake of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation, veteran Conservative MP Francis Urquhart acted by Ian Richardson plots to destroy his rivals and enemies while rising to fill the leadership vacuum. He uses different methods, including seducing a tabloid reporter as well as killing one of his pawns by poisoning his cocaine. Urquhart’s story starts in the four-part miniseries House Of Cards and is continued in the sequels To Play The King and The Final Cut.

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It is excellent for Americans looking to feel better about U.S. politics. You can stream it on Hulu, or purchase it at Amazon, iTunes, or buy a DVD.

13. I, Claudius

It was around in 1976 and ran for 13 episodes. The story is about fifty years in the history of the Roman Empire, as seen through the eyes of one of the best and wisest emperor of his lifetime. Claudius acted by Derek Jacobi, who, at a time when everyone was scheming and plotting and jockeying for position and murdering anyone perceived as a threat, and was able to survive long enough to take the throne. Most people thought that he was a half-wit but it turned out that he was the smartest of them all.

It would be perfect for fans who enjoyed shows like Scandal or Reign, or those who would like to see what cutthroat political melodrama and historical soap opera done to the extreme really looks like. This classic will work perfectly. You can stream it on Hulu, or purchase it at iTunes or on DVD.

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12. UFO

This a show that ran for 26 episodes from 1970 to 1971. It is one of the reasons why TV shows of the 90s were loved by many. The story is set such that in the near future of 1980, Ed Straker is the steadfast yet tortured commander of SHADO, which is a top-secret paramilitary organization that is dedicated to winning the war against mysterious alien invaders. All this time, they need to keep the public in the dark about the UFO threat as they fight against budget cuts.

This perfect creation is good for Retro-futurists, lovers of crackpot conspiracy theories, and anyone who believes a purple wig is a vital part of proper military dress. You can find all but one of the show’s 26 episodes are available on Hulu. Alternatively, you can buy the entire series on a digital DVD.

11. The Larry Sanders Show

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It ran from 1992-1998 for 89 episodes. Against an ever-shifting late-night talk-show scene, veteran TV host Larry Sanders played by Garry Shandling struggles to keep his footing in the face of fickle audiences, as well as threats from new faces, and the demands of network weasels. He also needs to find the right balance between appeasing the correct people to keeping his career afloat and achieving his dreams.

Anyone who has ever wished to hear a detailed account of why network TV sucks will love this show. Stream it live on Hulu, or purchase at Amazon and on DVD.

10. The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis

It ran from 1959-1963 for a total of 147 episodes. A complete series is available on DVD.

9. The Monkees

This makes it to the list of 1990s TV shows for a good reason. It is a beautifully written story. It ran from 1966-1968 and had a total of 58 episodes. It is about four young musicians who hang out in a beach house and enjoy a series of zany adventures. It suits pop-music historians; beach house admirers; perpetual adolescents; members of the Davy Jones Fan Club. It is available on DVD.

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8. Moonlighting

The show ran from 1985-1989 and had 66 episodes. It is about a former model, Maddie Hayes, portrayed by Cybill Shepherd. She is forced to work at the private detective agency which she once owned as a tax write-off, and is thrown into the whirlwind orbit of David Addison acted by Bruce Willis.

The two solve mysteries, banter, and dance around the question of just when they will stop hating each other and start sleeping together. If you loved the handsome Bruce, then this is a show you must watch. It is for anyone who loves adventure. You can get a copy of the DVD.

7. Naked City

It ran from 1958-1963 and was around for 138 episodes. It is about Manhattan police detectives. You may describe it as a panoramic collection of lyrical, tragic, absurd short stories about all the losers and dreamers of New York City. It has been penned down brilliantly by some of early television’s finest wordsmith, namely Stirling Silliphant, Howard Rodman, and Abram S. Ginnes.

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It is a technical but brilliant police drama with two variants. First, you will love the noir-like aspect of the film, which involves half-hour of action-centric version. The second part of it is character-driven, and an hour-long reboot that stars Paul Burke. It is perfect for anyone who loves vintage films. You can find it on DVD.

6. Peter Gunn

The show ran from 1958-1961 and had 114 episodes. It is about a plugged-in private eye Peter Gunn acted by Craig Stevens, who works out of a waterfront jazz club called Mother’s. He regularly takes a break from snapping his fingers to the house band. He flirts with the singer played by Lola Albright. He moves on to accept cases and goes on to run down bad guys.

It works for anyone who enjoys detective-like movies. You can stream it on Hulu or watch the DVD.

5. The Rifleman

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The show ran from 1958-1963, making it one of the oldest around. It ran for 168 episodes. The story is about a widower who is trying to raise his son right on a ranch in the New Mexico territory. She is also dealing with the various people and problems that come to town each week. It is an interesting show for people who love guns, especially if you want something bigger than a revolver. It will also interest you if you love civil war vets too. Fifty of its episodes from the first four seasons are available for streaming on Hulu, whereas most of the other episodes are on DVD.

4. The Rockford Files

This powerful example of one of the best 90's shows ran from 1974-1980 and had a total of 122 episodes. It is about a story of an ex-con that turned into a private detective by the name Jim Rockford. He solves crimes, meets beautiful women, and struggles to keep his bank account in check. If you love drama and thrillers, then this show will be something to keep you occupied. You can watch it on Hulu and Netflix, or better still get the DVD.

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3. Spaced

It ran from 1999-2001, totaling 14 episodes. It is about a comic-book artist, Tim, and a freelance writer, Daisy. The two meet when she thinks he is a weed dealer. They pose as a couple in order to rent their dream flat and have to learn how to navigate their relationship. You will love the cast of misfit friends, and enjoy the different pop-cultures captured on the show.

It would interest people with roommates, whether they love them or not. You can stream it live on Hulu and Netflix or watch the DVD.

2. Thirtysomething

It ran from 1987-1991 and showcased a total of 85 episodes. The story is one of the most influential drama series of all time. Thirtysomething took the concerns of creators Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick and their baby boomer friends and filtered them into poignant stories of trying to hang onto youthful idealism, while also hoping to have it all. The chances are that anyone in their 30s will be excited to watch this series. The entire series is available on DVD, and it streams at Amazon.

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1. Twin Peaks

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It ran from 1990-1991 with 30 episodes to its name. The story is about an FBI agent who comes to a strange Washington town when the body of the homecoming queen washes up on a riverbank. This marks the beginning of the town’s violent mysteries. You can catch the adventure as it unfolds on by streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes. On the other hand, you can choose to watch it on DVD.

If you find any of the 90s TV shows captivating, then you are in luck. The above-mentioned 90s TV shows are some of the best collections you will ever come across. If you have never considered watching TV shows from the 90s, consider getting started, and you can be sure that you will not regret it.

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