List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

In the previous year, Governor Godwin Obaseki presented a list of commissioners in Edo State. It was proclaimed during the first Executive Council meeting in the state where all candidates were appointed to the 18 ministries. Let’s take a closer look at the people who were appointed to serve the people of Edo!

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

Review of Edo State

The capital of Edo State is Benin. The entire population of the state consists of eight million people which is quite a large number. It’s made up of four main ethnic groups in the state, like Etsako, Owan, Esan, and Edo.

The Benin Capital holds the main portion of the population from the state. The major languages of the state are English, Okpamheri, Esan, Etsako, Edo, and Igarra. This state is home to many ethnicities, like Ijaw, Email, Igbanke, Akoko-Edo, Ora, Afemai, Esan, Okpe and Edo. Therefore, it’s one of the most versatile states in terms of ethnic groups.

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

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This state was created in 1991. It occupies the total area of 17,802 square kilometers. In the area, this state takes the 22nd place out of 36 in Nigeria. The Senators from the state are Francis Alimikhena, Ordia Clifford, Urhoghide, and Aisagbonriodion. The governor of the state is Godwin Obaseki from All Progressive Congress.

Godwin Obaseki

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

It’s the current governor of Edo State. He was born in Benin in 1959. Godwin Obaseki acquired the post of the governor in 2016. He got the postgraduate degree in Finance and International Business, today, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers. He also serves as a board member of several private companies, like Afrinvest.

Godwin Obaseki announced all names from the list of current commissioners on the first Executive Council meeting. According to his vision, he created a good team which will lead the state only forward!

Top 18 list of present commissioners in Edo State

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria
  • Yekini Idaiye - Energy and Water Resources
  • Paul Ohonbamu - Communication and Orientation
  • Emmanuel Agbale - Science and technology
  • Emmanuel Usoh - Wealth Creation, Cooperatives, and Employment
  • Magdalene Ohenhen - Women Affairs and Social Development led
  • Osahon Amiolemen – Infrastructure
  • Joseph Ughioke - Minerals, Oil, and Gas
  • Mika Amanokha - Youth and Special Duties
  • Osagie Inegbedion – Finance
  • Hajia Maryam Abubakar – Budget
  • Edorodion Oye Erimona - Physical Planning and Urban Development
  • Professor Yinka Omorogbe – Justice
  • Osaze Osemwegie-Ero - Arts, Culture, and Diaspora
  • Monday Osaigbovo - Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Dr. Christopher I. Adesotu – Education
  • Hon. Reginald Okun - Environment and Sustainability
  • Dr. David Osifo – Health
  • Jimoh Ijegbai - Local Government and Community Affairs

What do we know about the people appointed by the governor?

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

There is not much information about the list of Godwin Obaseki commissioners. Still, some information about them can be visible through their previous deeds.

Hon. Emmanuel Usoh, Commissioner for Wealth Creation, Cooperatives and Employment managed to provide some good news for Benin. Together with the official of Mahindra Group, they managed to create a prototype of an industrial park in Benin city. Obaseki expressed confidence that this industrial park will become a catalyst that will provide more jobs for the citizens of Edo State.

Osahon Amiolemen, who is a commissioner of infrastructure disclosed the information about the long-term Public-Private Partnership cooperation. This cooperation will help Benin to reconstruct the major parts of the state capital infrastructure and provide ultra-modern bus stations. The new bus parks will help to create new jobs and create better infrastructure.

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

Hon. Mika Amanokha appeared in several conferences connected with Youths and Special Duties for her state. Her main concern about the youth in modern Nigeria is the providing of jobs for the young specialists. Therefore, she always goes with initiatives to create additional job places for young people and especially in the technical sphere.

Hon. Erimona Edorodin Oye provided a new idea of the building approval for the development of the state. According to her idea, the approval for the plan of building should last no more than three months. It’s enough time for a permit to be provided to a building company.

Hon. Osaze Osemwegie-Ero introduced the idea to open tourism information desk at the Benin Airport. This information desk should ensure the development of arts and tourism into the state. Moreover, it’s the first step towards recognition of local investments to tourism and other attractions of the states. It can also be another good step to acquire new jobs for the state.

List of commissioners in Edo State Nigeria

Therefore, there are a lot of ideas that can be brought to life by the commissioners in Edo State, they have already provided enough material so that people could evaluate their efforts.

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