How to check MTN number: 5 workable ways to do that (2021)

How to check MTN number: 5 workable ways to do that (2021)

Most of us have more than one phone or more than one SIM to use. The quick development of mobile network all across Nigeria and the whole world makes millions of users take advantage of multiple operators. This means that sometimes you can easily forget your phone number. We would like to remind each person how to check my MTN number without any issues.

How to check MTN number
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The guide on how to know your MTN number is useful to all new customers who didn’t have time to remember it or Nigerians who rarely use one of their phones or SIM cards. There is nothing to worry about. Besides, there is more than just one method of how to know your MTN number in Nigeria.

Let us get to the point and figure out what you should do once your find yourself in the situation when it is important to recollect MTN number right here right now.

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How to check MTN number in 2021

We are happy to list three most popular methods for checking your MTN number. You can easily choose the one you like the most or find the easiest in our selection.

How to check MTN number
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Method 1: Code to check MTN number

Just like other Nigerian companies, MTN makes sure its clients always get quick access to their personal details and information. You can use USSD code and learn what number you have within seconds.

  1. You need to dial one USSD code and perform some further actions. *123# - this is the quickest combination to dial directly on your device to see your personal MTN phone number on the screen. You will access the Menu.
  2. Now you are welcome to choose option 1. Once you make this choice, you will get to My Tools feature.
  3. Click another option 1 known as ‘My Number.’ This is how each MTN client is capable of requesting his or her phone number.
  4. You will now see your phone number.

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Here is the full USSD you will have to dial and a second option to use:

  • *123*1*1# - your MTN number will be shown on your screen
  • *663# - you will see the phone number on the display
How to check MTN number?
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Method 2: MTN self-service

MTN has a self-service portal, which is available 24/7. However, it requires your phone number and PIN to log in.

There is also a special self-service mobile application you can download and install directly on your smartphone. Here is how it works:

  1. When you have connected to MTN network, you can text a short message ‘Care’ to a quick number 5018.
  2. You will get a responding SMS with a link that leads to the application download. It is called MyMTN App.
  3. Install the program and use it to check all kinds of information about your account.

Method 3: Request call back

The mobile operator offers Call Me Back feature. You can text such message to your friend and see your handset number. Use the quick combination *133# to perform this action. This feature is free of charge.

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Method 4: Call your friends

This is a good method if you have airtime on your account. Just call anyone from your contact list and ask to name your phone number, which is always displayed when a person is calling.

check MTN number
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Method 5: Use customer service

You can also visit MTN’s site and find their Customer Care phone number. Call it and ask what phone number you have.

You can see that you can enjoy more than just one SIM card and get a mobile connection anywhere you are, enjoy more affordable data plans, text/call packages, and always now your phone number without having to remember it.

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