Iroko movies: How to download from iRokoTV (step-by-step guide)

Iroko movies: How to download from iRokoTV (step-by-step guide)

iRokoTV can undoubtedly be called the biggest African platform for Nollywood movies. It is also the largest content provider for millions of people in Africa and around the world. You can also download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV and watch best actors in Nollywood, whether it is a comedy, drama or even a horror movie.

Download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV
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This guide will help you know how to download films and start enjoying the latest Yoruba movies right from the palm of your hands. You will start by getting the app, then start downloading.

How to download the iROKOtv app

Here are the steps for downloading the iRokoTV mobile app to enable you to download Nigerian movies as you like. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

  • Visit Google Play Store or the App Store and search for “iRokoTV”
  • Find the app from the search results and click on it and hit “Install”
  • Open the iRokoTV app and click “I am a new member” so you could register. After doing that, select your country in the list of options provided and enter your phone number. It is an easy method for verifying your details.
  • Select “Continue” to proceed; you will receive a verification code which will be sent to your phone number.
  • Enter the verification code and click “Verify”; once this step is complete, you will be able to log into the iRokoTV application.

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What are the features of iROKOtv?

Latest Nigerian movies
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After installing the application and verifying your identity, it is fair enough to look and find out what it offers. Here are the features you will enjoy.

  • No Ads - The app delivers its content without any interruptions by advertisements.
  • Offline Playback - This feature allows paid users to watch their favourite movies whenever and wherever you are without having to connect to the internet.
  • File Sharing - With iROKOtv, it is easy to share your downloaded content with friends.

Exploring the iRokoTV mobile app

  • User Profile - You can find your personal information in this section, as well as the app settings.
  • Search - This section helps you find your favourite Nollywood movies. Just pick something you would like to watch and enjoy.
  • TV Series - This section is meant for watching and following your favourite TV series and other family programmes.

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How to download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV

While exploring the application, you will find the 'Download' button. It is the feature you will use if you want to download Naija movies from iRokoTv. All you have to do is pick a movie, click the button and BAM!, the movie gets downloaded.

download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV
Image:, @irokotv
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iRokoTV is a popular African web platform that allows you to download and view Nollywood movies. This platform initially started as a YouTube channel, but then the creators set up their own web site and even launched a mobile app recently. It is one of the first websites launched in Africa that provides full access to more than 5,000 movies from Nollywood. iRokoTV is part of iROKO Partners which is one of the leading entertainment companies in Africa, just like the online music platform called iROKING, and a YouTube channel called Nollywood Love.

iRokoTV was launched on December 1, 2011. iROKO Partners was founded in December 2010 by Bastian Gotteron and Jason Njoku, with headquarters in London, UK. iRokoTV is the largest legal digital distributor of African movies in the world unlike other unregistered sites and can easily be referred to as an African Netflix. Another reason why people love to download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV is its ease of use.

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