Iran vs Isreal: Military Personnel, Manpower, Airpower, Population, Financials, Others Compared

Iran vs Isreal: Military Personnel, Manpower, Airpower, Population, Financials, Others Compared

  • Placed side by side, Iran is ahead of Israel, according to global statistics which a number of indices for both nations
  • For instance, in terms of naval power, submarines, armoured vehicles, and fleet strength, Iran is stronger
  • However, in the areas of reserve personnel, defense budget, foreign reserve, and total aircraft, Israel is taking the lead

Like many other times, the Middle East is boiling with the Iran-Israel conflict which culminated in multiple missiles from the former against the latter on Saturday, April 13.

While the international community, including Nigeria, is calling on the warring nations to adopt a peaceful method of resolving the issue, the comparison of certain indices of particular interest for both countries brings them into perspective.

A comparative analysis of both nations in many ramifications of national resources, reveals that Iran is ahead of Israel.

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Middle East heavyweights
The scale is not balanced on many aspects between Iran and Israel
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Below are the areas compared:

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Total Population:

Iran : 87.6M

Israel : 9.04M

Available Manpower:

Iran : 49.05M

Israel : 3.80M


Iran : 41.17M

Israel : 3.16M

Military Personnel:

Iran : 610K

Israel : 170K

Reserve Personnel:

Iran : 350K

Israel : 465K

Paramilitary Forces:

Iran : 220K

Israel : 35K


Defense Budget:

Iran : $9.95B

Israel : $24.4B

External Debt:

Iran : $8B

Israel : $135B

Foreign Reserve:

Iran : $127.15B

Israel : $212.93B


Total Aircraft:

Iran : 551

Israel : 612

Fighter Aircraft:

Iran : 186

Israel : 241

Attack Helicopter

Iran: 13

Israel : 48

Land Power:

Tank Strength:

Iran : 1,996

Israel : 1,370

Armored Vehicles:

Iran : 65,765

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Israel : 43,407

Self-Propelled Artillery:

Iran : 580

Israel : 650

Naval Power:

Fleet Strength:

Iran : 101

Israel : 67


Iran : 19

Israel : 5



Iran : 319

Israel : 42

Merchant Marine:

Iran : 942

Israel : 45

Natural Resources:

Oil Production:

Iran : 3.45M bbl

Israel : 0 bbl

Israel closes schools amid tension with Iran

Israel, in a move to protect its citizens, has announced to close all schools effectively from Sunday, April 14, after Iran threatened to retaliate for a deadly air strike on its Damascus consulate.

Israel's military spokesman Daniel Hagari disclosed this on Saturday, April 12.

Hagari said there would be no educational activities when the school week resumed on Sunday in light of the security situation


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