Nigeria? 10 Worst Governed Countries in Africa Emerge

Nigeria? 10 Worst Governed Countries in Africa Emerge

  • A list of ten African countries that are being less governed by their government has been released by World Economics
  • The UK-based research organisation maintained that the rating of the worst-governed countries was based on four indexes
  • World Economics listed the four indexes as the rule of law, political rights, corruption perception, and press freedom

A United Kingdom (UK)-based World Economics, a research organisation, has dropped its ranking for the 2024 good governance.

According to The Tribune, the ranking for good governance was arrived at by assessing four main indexes. These indexes included the rule of law, political rights, corruption perception, and press freedom.

World Economics, a UK based research organisation, has listed Cameroon and Egypt as two of the ten worst-governed countries in Africa.
10 worst-governed countries in Africa Photo Credit: Paul Biya, Abdel Fattah Al-Sise
Source: Twitter

4 Indexes used to rate worst-governed countries

With the assessment, Nigeria was not considered one of the worst-governed countries in the African continent.

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The World Economics assessment gave equal weights to the four indexes the researcher had gathered.

Below are the highlights of the ten worst-governed African countries and their indexes.

  1. Libya (15.4)
  2. Dr Congo (21.6)
  3. Chad (23.2)
  4. Burundi (24.4)
  5. Central African Republic (25.1)
  6. Cameroon (27.2)
  7. Congo Republic (28.4)
  8. Egypt (28.8)
  9. Zimbabwe (29.0)
  10. Eswatini (30.5)

List of oldest African presidents earlier reported that President Bola Tinubu has been discovered to be one of the oldest presidents in Africa at the moment. This is because the continent produced the youngest president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, the president of Senegal, who was sworn in on Tuesday, April 2.

There are other countries in Africa whose presidents are in their fifties and sixties. Still, the superpowers in the continents appear to be led by the people of the older generations, including Nigeria.

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As disclosed by StatisSense in a social media post, 14 other African presidents, including President Tinubu of Nigeria, are between the ages of 70 and 90.

African presidents were removed via a military coup

The renewal of a military coup to topple a democratically elected government had put the rule of law in a perishing line across Africa.

Gabon became the latest country to join the trend on Wednesday, August 30. In a live broadcast, some military men announced the taking over the country's government and nullified the recent election.


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