Aisha Buhari: 5 Times Nigeria’s First Lady Came Into Spotlight

Aisha Buhari: 5 Times Nigeria’s First Lady Came Into Spotlight

  • The controversy surrounding the First Lady of Nigeria continues to generate probable questions about her true self
  • She was recently caught in the web of another controversy when she allegedly ordered the arrest of a 500L student who criticised her on social media
  • It was gathered that the boy was arrested in his school in Jigawa state and was moved to Abuja

Nigeria's First Lady, Aisha Buhari, is not a stranger to the spotlight as she has been in the news over the years for several reasons.

Mainly for the right reasons, Aisha Buhari has always been in the news, but from a controversial point of view, she has been caught between severe criticism and sympathy.

Aisha Buhari, Controversy
The picture that accompanied Muhammad's controversial tweet about the First Lady. Photo: @aminullahie
Source: Twitter

In this short piece, takes a closer look at 5 times First Lady Aisha Buhari has been caught in the spotlight.

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1. Aisha critiqued her husband, President Buhari

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Aisha Buhari criticising her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari is probably the most controversial moment of her reign as First Lady.

During a BBC interview, the First Lady in 2016 threatened not to back her husband for a second term unless he puts his cabinet in order and revives the economy of Nigeria.

However, in 2018 she stated that her sense of justice triggered her to make such a comment and allegations that the cabals had hijacked her husband's government.

2. President Buhari's 'Kitchen and other rooms comment"

President Muhammadu Buhari is not known to be a person that responds to criticism or allows his emotions to get to him when criticised.

A few hours after Aisha, his wife criticised his government and threatened not to support him for a second term, BBC reported that President Buhari, in front of other prominent world leaders in Germany, publicly criticised his wife sarcastically.

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When asked about the wife's criticism of his government, President Buhari said:

"I don't know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room."

3. Rumoured Pregnancy

The rumoured pregnancy of Aisha Buhari in 2021 was another moment of controversy in life.

A series of reports made the rounds that she was pregnant after photos of her emerged when she returned to Abuja from the Turkey-Africa summit.

Meanwhile, an aide to the First Lady, Sulaiman Haruna, refuted the claims stating that the rumoured allegations were false.

He said:

“I can assure you 100 percent that our first lady is perfectly okay. She is neither sick nor pregnant, as some reports claim.
“Some of these reports are from mischief makers who don’t mean well. You know, nowadays, people can tamper with photos.”

4. Apology to Nigerians

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Recently, First Lady Aisha Buhari issued an apology to Nigerians over the state of the economic and security state of the nation. reported that she tendered the apology to Nigerians during an interview with BBC.

She said:

“The expectations on us were so high, and maybe after seven years, we haven’t met their expectations. Only God knows what is in somebody’s mind.
“As a human being, you can’t say you are right or you have done what you should, so the government has really tried, the administration did its best but may not be the best for others. So we must apologize to Nigerians whether we met their expectations or not.”

Over the week, Aisha Buhari became a trending topic as she was accused of ordering the arrest of Aminu Muhammad, a 500-level federal university student, at Dutse, Jigawa state.

Muhammad had made a sarcastic tweet about the First Lady that seemed to mock her body stature.

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The tweet reads in Hausa:

"Su mama anchi kudin talakawa ankoshi"

According to the translated version, his tweet reads:

“Mama has eaten poor people’s money and is now full”.

5. Aisha's alleged abuse of power

Meanwhile, reported that the parents of Muhammad have pleaded for mercy and appealed to the First Lady to order the release of Muhammad.

Muhammad’s uncle, Baba-Azare, said they had no idea of his arrest until five days later.

He said:

“The father did not know of the arrest… The following morning on Monday, Aminu (Mr Azare) called his father through a security agent’s phone and informed him that he was being held in Abuja by security agents.”

However, the First Lady is yet to issue a statement denying or taking responsibility for the alleged incident.

Mr Macaroni lambast First Lady, threatens lawsuit

She has also been greeted with backlash from a series of prominent Nigerians, like famous skit maker Mr Macaroni who described her actions as an abuse of power.

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In a three-paragraph tweet, the skit maker threatened to sue the First Lady; his tweet reads:

"President Goodluck Jonathan and his Wife suffered so much insults. Even from people who are in this present Government.
"APC trolls curse and insult some of us here everyday. We dey chest am. The ones we can’t chest, we go to court!
"Madam First Lady, stop abusing power!!!"

Aisha Buhari: Int'l group speaks on Aminu Muhammad’s arrest, makes serious allegations

Meanwhile, more reactions have continued to trail the arrest of Aminu Adamu Mohammed, a student who accused Aisha Buhari of eating poor people's money.

In a move, the family of Aminu Adamu Mohammed has pleaded with the First Lady to release the student.

Meanwhile, Aminu a student of Federal University Dustse Jigawa, was taken away by DSS directly to ASO Rock over his statement targeting First Lady Aisha Buhari.


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