Itire-Ikate Council Boss Returns From London Trip, Engages in War of Words With Former Campaign DG

Itire-Ikate Council Boss Returns From London Trip, Engages in War of Words With Former Campaign DG

  • The embattled Chairman of Itire-Ikate LCDA, Hon Ahmed Apatira has finally returned to the country
  • However, on his return, he has immediately picked up battle with a prominent politician in Baruwa ward, Alhaji Sulaiman Idrees
  • According to Alhaji Sulaiman Idrees who maintained his stand that the LCDA is not being run properly, the poor state of projects in Itire-Ikate LCDA are glaring

After weeks of vacation in the United Kingdom and alleged abandonment of governmental responsibilities, the embattled Chairman of Itire-Ikate LCDA, Hon Ahmed Apatira has returned to the country.

Following a report on his absence from the council by, the council boss ended his London vacation and hurriedly returned to the country on Wednesday night.

Itire-Ikate council boss returns from London trip, engages in war of words with former campaign DG
A dilapidated school in the LCDA. Photo: Sola Adeola
Source: UGC

In a swift reaction to the allegations of abandonment of government duties, highhandedness and dearth of developmental projects in the LCDA, the Media and Publicity Team of the office of the Executive Chairman of Itire-Ikate Local Council Development Area, Hon (Dr.) Ahmed Olanrewaju Apatira in a statement described the allegations as misleading and display of bitterness.

Itire-Ikate Council Boss Returns From London Trip, Engages in War of Words With Former Campaign DG
Another dilapidated government building in Itire-Ikate Council. Photo: Sola Adeola
Source: UGC

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The statement read in part:

“Recent reports suggesting that government activities are being abandoned are nothing but lies and a display of politics of bitterness.

"It is important that we correct these erroneous impressions created by those who do not wish the administration well. There is no iota of truth in them. Government activities are taking place without hitches. So, it is baffling to know that some groups of jobless people would tell lies just to satisfy their political interests.”

Itire-Ikate Council Boss Returns From London Trip, Engages in War of Words With Former Campaign DG
Poor state of a primary school in the state. Photo: Sola Adeola
Source: UGC

Maintaining his stance on absence of developmental projects and highhandedness of the council boss, a prominent politician in Baruwa ward, Alhaji Sulaiman Idrees, said the poor state of projects in Itire-Ikate LCDA are glaring for the blind to see.

He stated that his desire for good governance and impactful lifestyle for residents remain unshaken contrary to the authoritarian regime that is presently in place in the LCDA.

“Evil prevails when good people are silent which is why I am concerned about the plight of residents and pace of development in Itire-Ikate LCDA. I am not bothered about an individual. My preference is for good governance and not the authoritarian administration of Hon Apatira presently in place in the LCDA.

Consequent to an online report, Apatira sent a WhatsApp chat to me harassing and cursing me. He queried my insistence on good governance and that I cannot grow for speaking truth to power.

Meanwhile, in the build-up to the 2021 Chairmanship election, he was rejected outrightly but for the intervention of eminent political leaders in the district. All we are requesting for is development of the LCDA. I personally told him that if he wouldn’t embark on projects that would have positive impacts on the lives of the people, I would neither follow nor support him.

Following the mediation by our elders, he sent some people to me that he wanted to give me a cheque and land in Badagry. But I vehemently rejected the offer. I told him I don’t want his money and land that all we requested of him is to embark on meaningful projects for the good people of Itire-Ikate LCDA. Are these too much to ask?

I told our leader, Pa Azeem Owe about the offer of money and land from Apatira but he laughed it off. Out of desperation, he sent emissaries to Pa Azeem Owe with the same package of money and land and as expected, he rejected both and urged him to do the needful. Residents in Itire-Ikate LCDA are tired of mis-governance and absentee chairman” Idrees, a former Apatira chairmanship campaign DG retorted.

However, Apatira in a WhatsApp message sent to his former political ally, Alhaji Sulaiman Idrees while responding to the earlier publication wrote, “You can’t change. How can you grow with all these? Continue.”

Another resident in Odi-Olowu ward, Mary Vincent expressed her displeasure over the poor state of Sijuade and Aguntasolo Primary Schools in Ijeshatedo.

She said, “I am more concern about giving quality education to my children but with the decayed structure and absence of good learning environment, I doubt this is achievable.

There are rot everywhere but the council boss is paying lip service to projects in the LCDA. Many of the council staff are complaining and suffering in silence.

He denied former five councillors return ticket having escaped ploy to impeach him during his first term. He wouldn’t want any of that in his second term so he edged them out.

Even the newly elected councillors, too, are suffering but they cannot complain because he was instrumental to their emergence.

We knew what played out during the last chairmanship election. How the female vice-chairman of council was almost removed from the race but for the timely intervention of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The female vice-chairman is currently being suppressed and rendered useless by Hon Apatira. She is denied many things including her imprest and board appointment that ordinary would come with her office. In Itire-Ikate, councillors earn more in terms of monthly salary than the female vice-chairman. Women have no place in the administration of Hon Ahmed Apatira. We need women emancipation under this current administration.”

When contacted to comment for her alleged suppression and denial of portfolios, Vice-chair person of the LCDA, Hon Yetunde Jimba declined to comment saying, “Please, I have nothing to say to that. And I will appreciate if you respect my opinion. Thanks.”


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