"She Is Going to Lagos": Little Girl Reacts after Mum Scolded Her, Picks Her Bag and Leaves Home

"She Is Going to Lagos": Little Girl Reacts after Mum Scolded Her, Picks Her Bag and Leaves Home

  • Internet users were in stitches over the funny tantrum a little Nigerian girl pulled at home in anger
  • After being punished by her mother for an offence she committed, the kid picked up her bag and exited the house
  • Some people recalled how they made a similar move like the kid when they were younger and shared their stories

A little girl did not take lightly that her mother punished her and took immediate action that amused people.

The kid picked up her school bag and left the house in anger.

Video shows little girl leaving home angrily after her mother scolded her
The kid left the house angrily. Photo Credit: @bellapere8
Source: TikTok

Taking to TikTok, her mother shared the incident and laughed at her daughter for pulling such a tantrum.

According to @bellapere8, she punished the girl for committing a crime and the kid decided to leave home.

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She recorded the moment the girl walked out the door and kept stealing glances as if expecting to be called back.

Meanwhile, another little girl went viral online after she made a similar move.

Watch the video below:

Netizens found the kid's action hilarious

maryemmanuel162 said:

"She's going to Lagos before you know it she don make am that's Nigeria movie."

maggibills said:

"I did this wen I was little my own I go sit down for one of our neighbor house I no no wen I sleep off I wake see myself for house."

Lovi_na said:

"I pack go meet my aunty nah so so Eba dem dey cook nah so I pack after two days go back to my house with shame."

Canadian_emmanuel said:

"She will now move to Lagos and become a billionaire in 6 months and come back to the village and surprise you."

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Dia said:

"I did this was I was 9 my mum gave me transport. I left and came back in the night nobody send me."

Anaele Edwina said:

"The way she keeps on looking back like this woman no go beg me."


"Stop hurting the kid please I beg you bring her back home I really love hershe's calm and very respectful."

Little girl leaves home after being scolded

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a little girl had left home after being scolded by her mother.

In a short video shared by @pulsenigeria247 on Instagram, the kid looked visibly annoyed and struggled to gather her lunch box as well as another bag in readiness for her exit.

Her mum could be seen hilariously appealing to the kid to change her mind, a plea that seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

Source: Legit.ng

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