After Saving Her Salary for 2 Years, Lady Returns Home and Builds Stylish House, Video Emerges

After Saving Her Salary for 2 Years, Lady Returns Home and Builds Stylish House, Video Emerges

  • A lady has stirred massive reactions after she showed off her new bungalow house, which is almost completed
  • The excited lady revealed she built it with her salary she saved for two years while working overseas
  • Some people, however, faulted her for building a house with her salary, saying it was a bad move as it doesn't generate income

A lady who moved abroad in search of greener pastures has celebrated becoming the latest house owner in town.

Taking to TikTok, @charizonempire5 stood before her house nearing completion and spread her arms wide in appreciation to God.

Video emerges as lady builds house after saving her salary for two years
She said the house was built with her salary of two years. Photo Credit: @charizonempire5
Source: TikTok

According to @charizonempire5, she built the house with her salary which she saved for two years.

The abroad returnee revealed she had been working in Saudi Arabia. In a follow-up video, she danced in front of the completed house with a woman believed to be her mother.

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Netizens tackled her for putting her resources into something that won't generate income.

Similarly, a Lagos waitress had built a house for her parents with money realised from her group contributions.

Watch the video below:

Opinions divided over her house feat

Nicky Tapkoh Bates NTB said:

"Then how will you finish it now that you are in your country in addition no standing business so you may end up selling the whole plots and the house."

Dantez Alvez said:

"I may not your plans, but you could have a generating income project first."

cassimramadhan831 said:

"Madam don't be discouraged with other people that just like to stay in rentals, this is a step, congratulations."

Eshiatu Kamara said:

"It's not possible my sister, as for the house it needs another two years so it will complete."

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zully..@19 said:

"Congs buh I can say constructing a house like this ain't my dream for now, business fast."

Gilbow said:

"My advice to all of you who come abroad to work is that u come to look for capital wait building a house coz also that house needs another money."

Frank said:

"How can you spend a two-year salary to build a house that is not generating income? And then what next???"

Lady builds small house with her savings

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady working in a school had built a small house with her savings.

She (@lionabliss) filmed the building process. Her savings were able to plaster the walls, floor, and roof the house with corrugated sheets. A professional builder, Gbenga, who commented on the video, said that the cost of building such a house is relative and location is a determiner.


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