Banker Resigns from Her Job after 13 Years, Converts Her Home to Catfish and Poultry Farm in Video

Banker Resigns from Her Job after 13 Years, Converts Her Home to Catfish and Poultry Farm in Video

  • A farming exercise that started as a means of survival is now a beacon of hope and a fast-growing business venture for an ex-banker
  • It all started during the coronavirus lockdown, which many people at home, including the former banker and her kids
  • She converted her home into a catfish and poultry farm and quit her bank job after seeing potential in the farming business

A Nigerian woman who transitioned from a banker to a full-time farmer has inspired people with her success story.

A short video documentary on her farming business explained that she turned her home into a small poultry and catfish pond during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to lockdown.

Lady who dumped her bank job and turned her home into a farm makes it
She left her bank job after 13 years. Photo Credit: @mechidykefarms
Source: TikTok

According to the documentary, the idea behind the farm was to help her family survive the lockdown, as they didn't know how long it would last.

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However, after three months, the woman saw potential in farming and decided to quit her bank job, ending her career of 13 years.

Mechidyke Farms produces 30 crates of eggs

According to the woman, they started with 25 broilers and 50 fingerlings but currently have 3,000 layers and a catfish pond of 5,000 fish.

It is reported that the layers at Mechidyke Farms produce a minimum of 30 crates of eggs daily. On why they turned it into a family business, the ex-banker said:

"We found out that there was passion between the children and I."

In a contrasting turn of events, a poultry farmer had shed tears after finding 100 of his chickens lifeless.

Watch the video below:

Reactions trail Adimike's home poultry business

Your Trusted Lagos Realtor said:

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"Imagine not paying 150 for egg right now 2020 really changed some peoples lives for the better tho."

parcel said:

"Come on na, how can 3000 birds get you an average of 30 crates, mad loss. 3000 bird are meant to produce an average of 80-90 crates."

HBK said:

"5000 capacity farm no be small thing need atleast 4million naira to feed for 4 to 6 months. Maybe she had enough capital."

Mother_Esther said:

"Why always bankers . me watching from my desk in the banking hall."

Gabriella said:

"That area people go Dey suffer for smell oh Abeg make una Dey carry poultry go far Na so my neighbor wan use smell wound me."

SerahAlexis said:

"Quit her job as a banker one day this will be me, I am tired."

Dagbolu said:

"3000 birds producing 30 crates daily is a great loss. They should give at least 90 crates daily."

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Woman becomes farmer after losing job

Meanwhile, previously reported that a woman had become a full-time farmer after losing her job.

According to Black Capitalist, Nombuso's journey began after losing her job. With a spirit fueled by resilience and a desire to provide for herself, she turned to the fertile soil, starting a small-scale farming business that has become a beacon of hope and inspiration.


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