Man Considers Going to Court after Girlfriend He Sponsored in Nursing School Rejects Marrying Him

Man Considers Going to Court after Girlfriend He Sponsored in Nursing School Rejects Marrying Him

  • A Nigerian man has stirred reactions online after he shared his fallout with his girlfriend he saw through school
  • According to him, he had a verbal agreement with her and her mum about them getting married after her studies
  • The shortchanged man is now looking to seek redress via legal means after his girlfriend failed to keep to her end of the 'deal'

James Eze, a Nigerian man, has cried out online after his girlfriend refused to marry him despite agreeing to do so earlier.

Facebook user Maria Ude Nwachi reposted the man's touching story and got people talking.

Man heartbroken as lady refuses to marry him after he sponsored her in school
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James revealed he verbally agreed with his girlfriend and her mother to marry her after she was done schooling.

He said he sponsored her through nursing school and when she finished in 2023, his girlfriend changed her mind.

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He wants to know what legal options are available to him to seek redress. Maria's Facebook repost read:

"James EzeI had a verbal agreement with my girlfriend and her mom to sponsor her to nursing school, then we marry afterwards. She completed last year and now wants to reject me. What are my legal options please?"

Netizens advise the heartbroken man

Naza Emmanuel said:

"Don’t marry her and don’t let another man marry her.
"If happened in my vila. The lady used her eyes to see her ears before she was set free."

Unique Recipes said:

"So far there is an agreement between you them and you really kept the agreement by sponsoring her, Oga wake up and do the needful biko."

Nnamani John said:

"Let her go and move on, anything aside this you may not like it later. God bless you more gracious as you as you look forward not backwards."

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Festus Okonkwo said:

"If you can use wisdom to gather evidence of the agreement, even if to confront them on the agreement and get it recorded, then get a lawyer and sue for compensation..."

Evangelist Kenneth Obiora said:

"Verbal agreement does not carry weight for legal matters, Make peace with her if possible or hand it over to God."

Paschal Akunyeonu said:

"Some of you have refused to learn from others' mistakes, you will keep learning the hard way, just move on with your life and allow nature to take its cause since there was a verbal agreement. Best of luck."

Akwa-Ugo Egwuejali said:

"Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Be thankful to God."

Lady dumps lover who sponsored her education

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had secretly married another man and dumped her lover, who sponsored her in school.

X user @_agneeess narrated how the lady left her boyfriend in the city and went to the village, where she married an electrician.

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When she and the man were dating, the lady insisted they won't make love before marriage, and the man complied.

The man had ensured his girlfriend had no financial issues throughout her school years.


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