"She is Still Looking for Job": After Pretending to be Fine, Unforgiving Man Ruins Cheating Lover

"She is Still Looking for Job": After Pretending to be Fine, Unforgiving Man Ruins Cheating Lover

  • A Nigerian man has boastfully narrated how he taught his ex-girlfriend a lesson after she cheated on him
  • He pretended not to be aware and advised her to quit her job with the promise of opening a spa for her
  • After the lady, who was tired of her job, quit it in adherence to her man's directive, he did the unthinkable

A Nigerian man, @LaaluNothappy, has recalled how he took revenge on his cheating girlfriend.

In a viral tweet on X, the man said he found out she started cheating on him and pretended not to know as he planned his revenge.

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Next, he told her to quit her job and promised to open a spa for her. According to him, she had always hated the job.

Instead of a spa, he sent her evidence of her unfaithfulness to him and a breakup text after she dumped the job. He wrote:

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"When my ex started cheating, I did not let her know I knew, but I was planning my revenge carefully. Told her to resign her job that I will open a spa for her (she has always hated her job). Then when she resigned and told me, I sent her my evidence with a break up text."

He said he was happy over the revenge

His tweet blew up and angered some people, but the man said he has no regrets about his action. In his words:

"I didn't actually, but I was happy to see she became sadder than I was. She is still looking for job, I have another lover now."

He further opened up on some of her 'sins.

"I traveled for 3 days and she promised to take care of my Dog, so I gave her money and dog food. She left him unfed until I came back. Guess where she was?"

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See his tweet below:

Commendation and condemnation trail his story

@Bigstiff1994 said:

"I like that you’re wicked & evil. Let’s be best friends. I only roll with evil people male or female."

@Cheeboozorrhh said:

"Men like you are the reason women don’t want to believe in love anymore. This is just a very wicked and vile act, not to even talk about the kind of damage you did to her career. I’ve followed you, kindly send me your account details so I’ll appreciate you for this."

@Rho_by_R said:

"With your line of reasoning and to all the people hailing you for being extremely wicked and vile, I hope you all will applaud the girl when she decides to k☠️ll you as payback. As e be say na who wicked pass na em win, okwaya?!"

@chiemer82887647 said:

"Would u swear dat u've not cheated on ha since u dated ha?? I know wat she did is bad buh u went too far bruhu should av talked to ha...sort it out wit ha since u loved ha...she might give u a listening ear."

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@oncollos said:

"U went extreme bro, but on second thought some might say it was a deserving punishment, but females will be like "is it worth is."

Man scared over girlfriend's behaviour after she caught him cheating

In a related report, a man expressed fear after his girlfriend remained cool despite catching him cheating.

In WhatsApp chats released by Princess Chelsea on Facebook, the disturbed man confronted his girlfriend, suggesting they should end their relationship.

According to him, he was not comfortable that she caught him cheating but acted as if nothing had happened. He said she deserved better.

Man revenges on cheating girlfriend

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a man had taken revenge on his cheating girlfriend.

He was sitting at home with her when a message popped up on her phone from her side boo, thanking her for treating him well in bed.

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After seeing the message, he pretended not to see it and continued the relationship with her and even treated her more nicely. Subsequently, he got another girlfriend while still in the relationship.

Source: Legit.ng

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