Nigerian Woman Cries out after Checking Her Sleeping Baby at 12am, Shares Video of Her Discovery

Nigerian Woman Cries out after Checking Her Sleeping Baby at 12am, Shares Video of Her Discovery

  • A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to raise an alarm over an observation about babies that mothers and guardians should note
  • She made the discovery after checking up on her sleeping baby girl at 12am and found her face covered with the duvet
  • She shared a video online showcasing how she tried to fix the problem but her kid sleepily countered her efforts

A Nigerian woman has sent social media into a frenzy after sharing what she observed about her sleeping kid.

The mum, @lima_herbals, said she decided to check up on her kid at 12am when she found her kid sleeping with the duvet over her face.

Nigerian mum, baby girl, 12am
She checked up on her kid at 12am. Photo Credit: @lima_herbals
Source: TikTok

She immediately removed the duvet from her kid's face and watched as the baby sleepily tried to put it back on.

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Why she removed the duvet from the baby's face

In removing the duvet from her kid's face, she wanted to prevent suffocation.

"Went to check by baby at 12am and discovered she covered her face with her duvet.Always check on them to avoid suffer infant death as a result of suffocation," she captioned the clip shared on TikTok.

Her clip raised questions about why she didn't sleep with her kid and the woman said:

"I sleep in the room but not same bed, because it’s advisable not to sleep with your baby in the same bed."

Watch the video below:

People shared their thoughts on the woman's discovery

Aries said:

"That's why you are adviced in the hospital to make sure there is nothing in the baby's cot or bassinet. no blankets, no cover cloths and no toys."

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Black lady said:

"Use a sleeping bag is like a blanket but you wear it on them like a dress. It’s better that way they can’t suffocate or feel cold."

Ursula Billions 02 said:

"My 4months baby does this all the time .. Chaiiii may I feel like a mother small .. God when."

olamilekanfavorit said:

"Please let’s try and get this cute baby, from my own little experience,I guess she doesn’t want the light on."

Xoxo..... said:

"I was slapped in my sleep only to wake up and see my baby's face covered with her one was in the room with us."

chommy said:

''Please avoid this thick blanket to avoid stories that touches the heart. This nearly suffocated by son. just wear thick overall and cover her hair."

Lady finds her 6-month-old baby thrusting on his bed

In a related report, a lady had exposed her kid whom she found thrusting on his bed at night.

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Sharing a video on TikTok, she cried out for help, saying she thinks her child is broken. She added that her child does that at certain times of the night. In the clip she shared, the kid is seen thrusting repeatedly with a marvelling speed while on his bed.

The video has gone viral on TikTok and amassed 10 million views. Many people thought the child was only acting out what he had watched his parents do.

Mum of 5 newborns complain at night

Meanwhile, previously reported that a woman, who delivered five babies, had complained about her kids at night.

In a TikTok video, the woman showed the kids wide awake some minutes past 11 pm except one.

She (@chidinmaamaechi34) said she needed help and was tired. The woman added that though the kids did not want her to sleep, she would.

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The woman put the children on their backs. As she made the video, she said the one yawning was hungry at that time of the night.


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