How to get dimples quickly and naturally

How to get dimples quickly and naturally

Dimples are a beautiful facial feature which is a result of a muscle deformity. Dimples are, a genetically-inherited trait but there actually exist a lot of ways to get dimples naturally. Below are some tips on how to get dimples naturally, with no harm to skin, teeth, etc.

How to get dimples quickly and naturally

Tips on how to get dimples naturally

Dimples add some charm to their owners but, in fact, they are caused by a small defect of the muscles. Dimples appear when we smile or when our face expresses emotions. Though experts suggest that dimples are the result of genetic inheritance or hiccup, there is no detailed explanation of this phenomenon. There are two types of dimples: on the cheek and chin, and their nature is different. It is quite difficult to create natural dimples on the chin as they are caused by a crack in the chin.

The dimples in the cheek are no less complicated, but you can “teach” your muscles to create dimples. Some people have a dimple only on one side.

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Tip #1. Perform cheek exercises

Similar to body muscles, facial muscles can be trained. By making some unsophisticated grimaces, it is possible to get those desirable dimples. The trick here is to make a face like you are eating lemon or something very sour. If you can simulate this expression easily, no need to eat a lemon. Be sure not to clench your teeth but tighten the lips together. As this procedure is aimed at getting the naturally-looking dimples, try not to overdue on puckering your lips and pulling your cheeks in. Remember that this method is a folk remedy. It is not supported by any scientific evidence but doing cheek exercises is claimed to be helpful.

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Exercises for cheeks

How to get cheek dimples overnight

Tip #2. Press and hold

This is another folk tip to get dimples fast. Using this tip, you will be able to put the dimples on as quickly as a gown for some significant event. Well, maybe not that quickly but this method was proved to work. To apply it, determine the deepest point of your cheeks. Then, put your thumb tips on these points and hold for 30 minutes. Just perform this skin dimpling exercise before going to sleep or when getting ready for an event. You can also use the forefinger or pencil to make it somewhat easier. One more thing to do before applying this tip is to cut your nails to avoid damaging your skin.

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How to get dimples quickly

How to get dimples in 5 minutes

Tip #3. Smile wide!

You might think that getting dimples in a few minutes is impossible. In fact, it is but smiling is considered the safest and the most natural way to get dimples in the long run. Smiling is not only an effective remedy for stress but a cool beauty enhancement tool. To get the most out of this tip, smile widely but naturally. If you were doing the previous exercise, you can continue it by adding a smile for a double effect. Your fingers should be positioned near the corners of the mouth, where dimples naturally occur. The dimples developed by smiling are easy to disappear, so you might need to apply this tip quite often.

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Apply makeup

Top # 4. Apply makeup

Dimples usually have some moon shape looking like a dot crossing a line. Using a brown pencil eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, you can draw your desired dimples yourself. Avoid using black and colored eyeliners that don't make the skin look natural. Once, the dot is marked, draw a small, slightly curved line. The final step is to blend and redraw if needed to make it appear as subtle and natural as possible.

Get dimples quickly and naturally

Dimples make people look more adorable. Many people including celebrities spend a lot of money to get this distinctive feature. Here, we are sharing a few useful, safe and cost-free tips on how to make dimples with those who are not born with them. Hope, they help!

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