Notcoin vs Tapswap: 5 Things to Know about Telegram Games Nigerians are Tapping

Notcoin vs Tapswap: 5 Things to Know about Telegram Games Nigerians are Tapping

  • The successful launch of the new token Notcoin has skyrocketed the popularity of another Telegram-based crypto mining project, Tapswap
  • In churches, schools, social gatherings and homes, the young and old seem to have caught the 'Tapswap bug'
  • highlights interesting things about the recently launched Notcoin and soon-to-be-launched Tapswap

These days, it is hard for you to scroll through social media platforms without seeing posts or videos about Tapswap.

The viral Telegram-based crypto-mining game has gained massive traction in the Nigerian internet space, and this is not unconnected to Notcoin's unprecedented success.

What to know about the tapping games on Telegram, Tapswap and Notcoin
While Notcoin has already been launched, Tapswap has yet to be launched. Photo Credit: @iam_safee, Bitcoin News, Nairametrics
Source: TikTok

Despite the 'tapping fever' in the Nigerian air, a section of netizens are still lost about the whole thing.

In this article, breaks down critical details about the Telegram-based projects, Notcoin and Tapswap.

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1. Defining Notcoin and Tapswap

According to Binance, Notcoin (NOT) is a token that started as a play-to-earn game on Telegram. The game offered players the chance to "mine" its digital currency by engaging with an animated coin in the chat interface.

On the other hand, Tapswap is a fast-growing project in the decentralised finance sector that is also based on Telegram.

On its official X handle, Tapswap disclosed that it is a Solana-based crypto exchange with low fees, high throughput, and exciting features like staking and margin trading. Players earn Tap tokens by engaging the Telegram Tapswap bot in a crypto-mining game.

2. Tapswap has not been launched yet

The sudden rise in the popularity of the Tapswap has been attributed to the successful launch of the Notcoin.

It was valued at $0.00568 per unit, giving it a market capitalisation of $574 million, Bitcoin News reports. However, market prices are not stagnant.

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Medium reports that Tapswap will have its launch pool on May 30, 2024, and members will be able to exchange the in-game rewards for the real asset on the program "$TAPS Token".

3. Notcoin can't be mined on Telegram anymore

The initial mining scheme of NOT officially ended on March 31, 2024, while Tapswap is still being mined on Telegram.

4. Notcoin and Tapswap don't require expert knowledge

When it was still minable on Telegram, Notcoin offered players tokens via fun and simple tasks that do not require expert crypto knowledge.

The same goes for Tapswap, which still gives players Tap tokens on Telegram after they complete simple tasks like joining groups or following X handles.

5. Tapswap is projected to surpass Notcoin's performance

According to a crypto expert who spoke with, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, Tapswap has great potential and would likely surpass the performance of Notcoin when it is eventually launched. In his words:

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"Tapswap is a good project with lots of promising potential. If you ask me, I see a possibility of Tapswap doing better than Notcoin because of the blockchain involved, known as Solana. Solana has more value than Ton, and its popularity was before Ton rose to fame this year.
"The thing is, the more popular a coin, the more chances of it doing well."

Lady buys mum phone with Notcoin earning

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady bought her mother a smartphone with her earnings from Notcoin.

Since listing on major exchanges like Binance and OKX, the viral Telegram Tap-to-Earn game has rewarded many of its players.

According to Nasdaq, Notcoin (NOT) is a game embedded in Telegram that has recently attracted millions of players. This play-to-earn game is a mini-app within the Telegram messaging platform, where users can “mine” or earn the NOT token.

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