Notcoin: Nigerian Mum Rolls on Floor after Daughter Bought Her Phone with Earnings from New Crypto

Notcoin: Nigerian Mum Rolls on Floor after Daughter Bought Her Phone with Earnings from New Crypto

  • A Nigerian lady who benefitted from the newly launched crypto project Notcoin has shown what she did with her earning
  • The young lady excitedly bought a new phone for her mother and captured her mum's hilarious reaction
  • Obani Ebenezer Nwokeoma, a crypto expert, has analysed the performance of Notcoin in comparison with Tapswap

A Nigerian lady has bought a smartphone for her mother with her earnings from Notcoin.

Since its listing on major exchanges like Binance and OKX, the viral Telegram Tap-to-Earn game has rewarded many of its players.

Video as lady gifts her mum phone with earnings from Notcoin
The young lady profited from Notcoin. Photo Credit: @maryjanee221, Medium
Source: TikTok

According to Nasdaq, Notcoin (NOT) is a game embedded in Telegram that has recently attracted millions of players. This play-to-earn game is a mini-app within the Telegram messaging platform, where users can “mine” or earn the NOT token.

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In a TikTok video, @maryjanee221 showed when she visited a phone shop and bought a smartphone for her mother.

@maryjanee221's mum appeared amused and rolled on the floor in excitement.

Notcoin versus Tapswap

In a brief chat with, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokeoma opined that Tapswap would do better than Notcoin.

Analysing the two crypto projects, he stated that Tapswap's blockchain is more valuable and popular.

"Tapswap is a good project with lots of promising potential. If you ask me, I see a possibility of Tapswap doing better than Notcoin because of the blockchain involved, known as Solana. Solana has more value than Ton, and its popularity was before Ton rose to fame this year."
"So if you ask again, I will say Tapswap has a huge potential that's been monitored closely, but in the crypto, things might be unpredictable. You say Tapswap will be launched, but the price is totally dependent on its popularity."

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Tap, tap, tap: Nigerian man displays AC he bought with earnings from Notcoin reported that Bitcoin raced to an all-time peak above $72,000.

Watch the video below:

Man buys AC with earnings from Notcoin

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had bought an air conditioner with earnings from his Notcoin cryptocurrency.

@oga_val posed with a new air conditioner and revealed he bought it with earnings from Notcoin.

Speaking on the trending Tapswap project about to be launched, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokeoma said it is a good project with promising potential. Ebenezer told that he sees Tapswap out-performing Notcoin and explained.

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