"Eggs Are Expensive": Mum in Tears as Her Baby Girl Breaks 12 Eggs Inside Kitchen to Fry For Herself

"Eggs Are Expensive": Mum in Tears as Her Baby Girl Breaks 12 Eggs Inside Kitchen to Fry For Herself

  • A mother expressed deep pain after her daughter broke 12 eggs in the kitchen, saying she wanted to fry them
  • After the mother discovered the development, she expressed anger, saying eggs are too expensive for 12 to go at once
  • Despite her mother's anger, the baby insisted that she was a baby and therefore needed to eat some eggs

A baby angered her mother after she broke 12 eggs at once and wanted to fry them for herself.

This much was seen in a video posted on TikTok by @anthessa2018 which has stirred reactions among netizens.

Baby who broke her mother's 12 eggs.
The baby said she needed eggs as a baby. Photo credit: TikTok/@anthessa2018.
Source: TikTok

In the short clip, the mother was questioning the child, asking her why she had to break the eggs.

The baby who was in the kitchen said she was sorry for the action but still insisted she needed to eat eggs as a child.

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The woman lamented that eggs were so expensive for her baby to have broken 12 of them at once.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as baby breaks her mother's eggs

@C.L.M. commented:

"I'm more impressed that she didn't make a mess like AT ALL! hmm."

@NAJAE said:

"But she’s sorry."


"She said she’s sorry! Leave her!"

@MM remarked:

"The neatness is impressive."

@AuDHD BBL said:

"She’s developmentally ready to help cook/food prep! Get her some tools and a stool & slide on over."

@T_Grigrio said:

"The jury finds her not guilty! She said sorry!"

@BlessedJewelsandGems said:

"Stop pressing her about them eggs...she made them with love while looking cute."

@Fia said:

"I’m sorry” would’ve folded me lol."

@beauty said:

“Real eggs are for kids. She’s adorable."

@Ari said:

"Okay she said sorry with her eyes, let’s not make a scene lol she too cute."

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She took time to put the eggs in order in eight layers that looked like a high-rise building.

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Source: Legit.ng

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