Mother-in-law Who Came for Omugwo Angrily Leaves as Son's Wife Tackles Her for Giving Baby Pineapple

Mother-in-law Who Came for Omugwo Angrily Leaves as Son's Wife Tackles Her for Giving Baby Pineapple

  • A Nigerian lady has narrated how her mother-in-law stormed out of her house after two weeks of ‘omugwo’
  • According to the lady, the woman got provoked after she called her out for feeding her newborn pineapple
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the video as netizens stormed the comments section to share their thoughts

A Nigerian mother has shared the root of her 'beef' with her mother-in-law who abruptly left her house.

The lady identified as on TikTok revealed that her mother-in-law who came for ‘omugwo’ left barely two weeks into the visit.

Lady tackles her mother-in-law for giving her two-week-old baby pineapple
Lady calls out mother-in-law for giving her baby pineapple Photo credit:
Source: TikTok

Lady says mother-in-law fed her newborn pineapple

According to the lady, her mother-in-law left angrily because she called her out for her wrong action.

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The lady claimed that she caught her mother-in-law feeding her newborn who was only two weeks old pineapple.

She narrated that her mother-in-law had angrily left the house and began telling people that she was disrespectful.

The lady further stated that she had only told her that the pineapple was unhealthy for the newborn’s immune system.

The lady admitted that her mother-in-law never liked her from the beginning. She also advised women with troublesome mothers-in-law not to try to impress them because nothing is ever good for them.

Reactions as woman calls out her mother-in-law

The comments section was filled with mixed reactions from netizens.

Kindy reacted:

“First thing first, how did u tell her not to give ur daughter the pineapple? I have learnt to start listening to both side of stories. Thank.”

@dr mehmet reacted:

“You forget say you seff go be mother-in-law someday.”

@spark angel reacted:

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“My dear that is how my gave my baby her urine that she kept for one week claiming that my one week baby is a witch me I left the marriage.”

@austin reacted:

“The question is that how did you tell her? what's the tone of your voice and body language.”

Norah Solomon reacted:

“2 weeks pineapple in the next 4 weeks she go begin give ur baby origin bitter.”

@confidence reacted:

“Una nor dy observe how she talks, obviously shows she didn't have manner of approach.”

@ndubyk reacted:

“You did nothing wrong that mother inlaw just wants to cause unnecessary fight.”


“My mother in-law said she will be the one to breastfeed my baby the first day i gave birth then the next day my motherhood wil start bi jst dey look.”

Nikkybaby27 reacted:

“You are not wrong but manner of approach matters a lot. how did you tell her, is it with hash voice?”

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@basictrust commented:

“The manner of teaching matters a lot. If she accused u of shouting at her, look inwards and reason it. If u shouted, change that, practice gentility.”

Treasuremoses1 said:

“Manner of approach matters alot yes some mother inlaws dey over do but Aunty the way u approached them matters.”

@princezzbintu reacted:

“I have a similar experience but mine was water when my baby was just 3 days old. When I said no she told me I don't own the child that my husband does.”

Watch the video below:

Lady dances as mother-in-law carries newborn child

Meanwhile, previously reported that a young Nigerian lady, @yanki_titi, has stirred massive reactions online after making a video of her mother-in-law carrying her child.

Describing the woman as a good person, she said that she hoped the woman who had come to help her with their newborn would not go back on time.

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