Lady Rents House, Changes Ceiling to POP, Installs Rubber Tiles, Makes it Look VIP Hotel Room

Lady Rents House, Changes Ceiling to POP, Installs Rubber Tiles, Makes it Look VIP Hotel Room

  • A young Nigerian lady who wanted her rented room to have the best look installed rubber tiles in her room
  • The lady made that decor change after she had used her money to install POP in the same apartment
  • Many people who reacted to her video said that the porcelain tiles her landlord made are far more beautiful

A Nigerian lady who had been making videos about her house renovation made another in the redecoration series.

The lady (@_navi__1) showed the moment she got rubber tiles and employed the service of a young man to lay them on the porcelain ones her landlord did.

Procelain tiles in Nigeria/Home decor ideas.
A man helped the lady fix her plastic tiles. Photo source: @_navi_1
Source: TikTok

Plastics tiles decor

She mentioned how she had made some miscalculations on the rubber tiles and had to go to the market a second time.

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The tenant was very pleased with the idea when the floor redecoration was done. The labourer applied gum carefully before placing the rubber tiles.

Some people believed she should have left the porcelain tiles. Before the flooring, she had done some ceiling and wall changes.

Watch her video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Gray goose wondered:

"Rubber tiles on porcelain tiles? Why?"

AbdulAzeez AbdulAzeez Olumide said:

"Rubber tiles on a ceramic tile amazing.. Well i can't allow any tenant do this to my house."


"Fr the normal tiles is ok than the rubber tiles."

Rexford Joseph Eshun said:

"The old tiles is far far nice than this."

BIG NAYA said:

"See person dey talk say I don't need to break a bank, but only this floor cost over 110."

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_GentleBoy asked:

"Are the rubber tiles removable."

She replied:

"Yes they are."

Snow Caps said:

"Person go build him house you renovate am."

My Queen said:

"Hope the tiles and gum will come off easily cos if person renovate my house like this I go swear for u."

Reginald Marlon said:

"So are you going to remove them before leaving the house? Because I know the rubber will fade out."

Gremlin said:

"For a small room, that once u furnish, the tiles will be barely seen."

Lady broke tiles in rented house

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian baker (@cakesbysharawow) shared a video of how she renovated her cake studio. She said after some searching, she was able to get a space.

The video she shared showed that she invested much into the interior decor to make the place fit for her business. After she was convinced that she could renovate to her taste, the lady changed the house tiles among others.


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