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The University of Calabar, popularly known as UNICAL, is one of the most reputable universities in Nigeria. Most students love it due to its easily accessible school portal. It is quite straightforward, making it easy for students to maneuver through the portal. Have just heard of the UNICAL portal and are looking for its link?

University of Calabar
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Have you just finished your high school studies and would love to join the University of Calabar? Well, you can do so by visiting the official portal of the school which is

University of Calabar

The University of Calabar is an education facility located in Calabar, Cross River State, in the south-south direction in Nigeria. The university affiliation is not only celebrated for being one of the most successful educational facilities but also because it is one of the second generation federal universities in Nigeria. Formally, the facility was a campus of the University of Nigeria up to 1975.

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One of the most attractive features of this affiliation is its architecture. It was designed by the talented John Elliott. Given the appealing architecture of John Elliott, it is no surprise that the design of the University of Calabar is merely breathtaking. The institution was established with the aim of fulfilling its traditional mandate, which is the facility’s motto. The motto is ‘Knowledge for Service.’

Unical courses

There are a lot of courses offered in the UNICAL. Below is a list of the undergraduate courses offered here:

Faculty of Agriculture

  • B.SC. Agricultural Economics and Extension
  • B.SC. Crop Science
  • B.SC. Animal Science
  • B.SC. Fisheries
  • B.SC. Food Science and Technology
  • B.SC. Forestry and Wildlife Management
  • B.SC. Soil Science
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • B.A Christian Religious Knowledge and Studies
  • B.A English and Literary Studies
  • B.A French
  • B.A History and International Studies
  • B.A Linguistics Communication Studies
  • B.A Philosophy
  • B.A Religious Studies
  • B.A Theatre Arts

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Faculty of Education

  • B. Edu. Adult Education
  • B. Edu. Agricultural Science and Education
  • B. Edu. Business Education
  • B. Edu. Education & Economics
  • B. Edu. Education and Mathematics
  • B. Edu. Education and Physics
  • B. Edu. Education and Religious Studies
  • B. Edu. Education and Social Science
  • B. Edu. Education and Biology
  • B. Edu. Education and Chemistry
  • B. Edu. Education and English Language
  • B. Edu. Education and French
  • B. Edu. Education and Geography/Physics
  • B. Edu. Education and History
  • B. Edu. Education and Political Science
  • B. Edu. Education and Social Studies
  • B. Edu. Education and Art Education
  • B. Edu. Foundation and Guidance and Counselling
  • B. Edu. Educational Management and Planning
  • B. Edu. Educational Technology
  • B. Edu. Elementary Education
  • B. Edu. Environmental Education
  • B. Edu. Physical and Health Education
  • B. Edu. Special Education
  • B. Edu. Technology and Vocational Education

Faculty of Biology Sciences

UNICAL courses
Source: UGC
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • Geology/ Applied Geophysics
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Mathematics/Statistics
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Accounting
  • Banking/Finance
  • Business Management and Marketing
  • Faculty of Law/Legal Studies
  • Private Law
  • Public and International Law
  • Civil law
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

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Faculty of Oceanography

  • Research areas in this segment include:
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Chemical Oceanography, e.t.c
  • Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
  • Medical Lab Science
  • Nursing Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Public Health, e.t.c
  • Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmacology, and
  • Physiology

The University of Calabar admission list

Perhaps the most awaited segment in the official portal of this institution is the UNICAL admission list. The UNICAL admission process tends to take an extended period since a lot of students in Nigeria tend to apply to join this facility. However, when the news that the process is done and the applicants can now check their UNICAL admission status hit the headlines, practically everyone rushes to search for their name.

University of Calabar admission list
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If you are an applicant and are looking for your admission status at the University of Calabar, here is a guide on how to go about it:

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  1. Log on to
  2. You will find the C.E.S and from the C.E.S drop-down menu, proceed to step 3.
  3. The third step involves selecting the option of ‘Check Admission Status’
  4. Log on with your CES registration number

UNICAL school fees payment

The university affiliation of Calabar gives students the opportunity to pay their school fees both online and offline. Are you looking for the procedure on how to pay your school fees online using the University of Calabar portal? Then you are in the right place. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log on to the official UNICAL portal.
  2. Navigate through the portal and click on the icon labelled “STUDENTS”.
  3. You will view several options. From the options situated in the drill down, go ahead and click on the option of “Payment Portal”.
  4. After clicking on this option, it will require you to log into the portal using the Matric Number that is given in the following page.
  5. After successfully logging in, go ahead and generate the payment invoice and then print it out.
  6. With the payment invoice comfortably in your hands, proceed to visit the designated bank to make a payment on the e-transact platform.
  7. After the payment, ensure you get the receipt of payment.
  8. Go then and login into the UNICAL school portal to confirm your payment with the details on the receipt. If they are a solid match, then your payment will be confirmed.

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How to register courses on the UNICAL portal

University of Calabar portal
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When one has chosen the courses they are willing to pursue, the next step then becomes registering the courses. The course registration process for general studies and communication skills entail straightforward steps. The steps are the following:

  1. Visiting the Directorate of ICT at the University of Calabar.
  2. Upon arrival, inform the person available of your intentions, then head over to the UNICAL microfinance bank to make the necessary payments.
  3. Make sure you double check the course registration payment and also remember to obtain the print out of the course registration.

The print out is mandatory during the lecture, tests, and when one is visiting the examination venues with the aim of sitting for the exams. It is advisable for a student at the UNICAL campus to submit the photocopy of their print out at the general studies and communication skills center.

Honorable Alumni of the University of Calabar

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Some of the most significant individuals to graduate from UNICAL entail;

  • Chile Eboe-Osuji, who is an International Jurist and Current President of the International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Godswill Obot Akpabio, who is the former governor of Akwa Ibom State & Current Senate Minority Leader
  • Okezie Ikpeazu, who is the Current Governor of Abia State of Nigeria.
  • Queeneth Agbor, who is one of the most talented actresses in Nigeria
  • Biko Agozino, who is a criminologist
  • Isabella Ayuk, MBGN 2012
  • Grace Folashade Bent, who is an influential politician
  • Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, who is a talented and elegant actress
  • Anthony Ayine, who is the auditor general for the Federation

The University of Calabar has over ten faculties which can be seen when one visits the official UNICAL portal of the institution using the link The diverse courses give students multiple choices from where to select what best suits them.

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