"He Got Job Abroad": Lady Who Sold her Mercedes Benz to Pay Boyfriend's School Fees Faces Heartbreak

"He Got Job Abroad": Lady Who Sold her Mercedes Benz to Pay Boyfriend's School Fees Faces Heartbreak

  • A heartbroken woman narrated how she sold her car and paid school fees for her lover, but after graduating, he dumped her
  • Women flooded the lady's post, sharing things they did for love but later were dumped by their partners
  • Many advised the lady not to take the man back and let him suffer for dumping her after everything she did for him

A Kenyan lady has exposed her ex for using and dumping her.

The lady, identified as Monalisablack4 on TikTok, narrated that she funded the man's education only for him to dump her later.

Kenyan lady claims she paid fees for USIU student lover.
Kenyan lady reveals she sold her car to pay her boyfriend's fees at USIU. Photo: Monalisablack4.
Source: UGC

Lady regrets funding lover's education

She said she sold her car and settled the man's final year school fees, but after graduating and relocating abroad, he cut communication.

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The lady revealed that after two years, the man lost his job and returned to Kenya, begging her to take him back.

"I sold my Mercedes Benz; he was in USIU final year, and I paid for his fees. He graduated got a job abroad, and ended up cutting me off. Two years later, he lost his job and is back in Kenya. He wants me back again," she posted.

Here is the video:

Reacting to the lady's story, women shared their similar experiences, warning others against helping men.

Quinn S said:

"I did same he graduated and invited his ex he didn't invite me. They left and got married 10 years later they can't have kids or jobs."

Eve Fauzia Monds said:

"The things we do for love, I donated one of my kidneys to his step son and he left me still

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Bokkyscloset59 said:

"Darling watch Shera Seven."

Werrah_wesh said:

"You cannot love a man to that extent ."

Love_luna said:

"I need my Kenyan girlies to start watching the sprinkle sprinkle lady. I almost got a stroke reading the first part."

Gladys Wesonga said:

"Let me laugh... anyway we grow to learn now look for Shera Seven."

Rose wrote:

"Sold your what?eh eh my sister stand upp yoh."

Brenda Cherize said:

"Eish. unconditional love is for mothers and God."

Zanny wrote:

"Barbara de builder at least he got his karma."

Rebecca Drama Queen said:

"The things we do for love remembering how I took a loan of KSh 800,000 for him...then he dumped me and disappeared ."

Keke Jackson said:

"Never look back. Let him take his punishment."

Helga bonareri said:

"Take him back he said sorry…men are good people ."

Lizyte Maina said:

"I have so many questions coz the most I have done nikukopesha 2k."

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Milanlagasi said:

"It has happened to me. He is back and he wants me back ."

Man paid lady's school fees

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian lady went on her knees to appreciate the husband who paid her university fees.

According to the lady, the man had been sponsoring her in school since she was the man's girlfriend.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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