Man Narrates How he Lost Very Big Job Because of 1 Bottle of Beer, Forgets to Resume Evening Shift

Man Narrates How he Lost Very Big Job Because of 1 Bottle of Beer, Forgets to Resume Evening Shift

  • Chris Kim has narrated how he lost his job at Safaricom after he convinced himself to buy KSh KSh 40 (N205.15) keg beer instead of going to work
  • According to Chris, his intention was just to grab one for the road and then head to work, but when he walked inside, he met friends who bought him enough to make him forget going to work.
  • Safaricom looked for him all over until, one day, they found his sister and handed her his termination letter

Recovering alcoholic Chris Kim, aka Chris Recovery, has shared that he lost a well-paying job at Safaricom because of going to take KSh 40 (N205.15) beer.

Chris Kim.
Chris Kim who lost his job at Safaricom. Photos: Chris Kim.
Source: UGC

Ex-girlfriend gives Chris KSh 100

In a TikTok video, Kim said he was due to sign in at work in the evening.

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"I used to drink a lot, so that day, I had taken a walk and was very hungry; I was just telling God to help me get food as I had not eaten that day," he said.

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"I met an ex-girlfriend, and she gave me KSh 100; I went and bought sukuma wiki, tomatoes, and dhania. I decided to go inside a local pub called Kwa Irungu and say hi to friends while taking a glass of beer. Each glass of beer cost KSh 25," explained the former Safaricom employee.

Chris narrated that when he stepped into the pub, people started buying alcohol for him, and before he knew it, it was already 3 am.

Safaricom manager tries to call Chris

"A call centre manager had tried calling me. I had gone as far as where the brothel was to go and ask the ladies to sleep with me on credit. I entered the house at 4am and sold my sofa to my neighbour in the morning," said Chris.

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"I went to a pub called Aston Villa and that is the last time I went to Safaricom. They really looked for me, asked my sister Angela, but I was nowhere to be seen. The termination letter was given to my sister.

Safaricom had already sent Chris's salary to his account, and that is how he lost his job.

"My colleagues are now managers, but I always say God had a purpose. If I had stayed there I would have drunk myself to death and wouldn't have helped other people in the rehab," said Chris.
"It was a big loss, my family was disappointed," said Chris who now urges alcoholics to seek help and stop blame games.

Comments from netizens:


"I am 25 and promised to myself I'll never try get into alcoholism."

Jayneet Jay:

"Aki ""fobe"" wewe my bro sold my KSH 25,000 TV at KSh 2000 sijai heal Hadi waleo."

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"Hio Pipeline ni noma, tena kuna Club tonnies and Aston villa."


"Hebu niambie mtu akiwacha pombe huwa na anger issues coz my hubby stopped drinking like two months ago but ako na makasiriko sana hata hatuongeleshani."H

Pesh peshy

"I spend almost KSh 200,000 on alcohol within 1 month."


"So encouraging. I'm 4 days sober. I know the struggle after close to 20yrs with some breaks! But this time round I'm done!."


"Alcohol made my mum divorce my biological father at childhood...he died recently wifeless and childless.

Chris celebrates being sober for 5 years

In February 2022, Chris celebrated five years of being sober. The young man had been hooked on alcohol for years, and his life had taken a downward trajectory.

The more hopeless he got, the thirstier he became, until he got drunk one day and lost the laptop that was his only source of living.

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He took it upon himself to change his life for the better and celebrated five years of sobriety.

Another man lost his job

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian lady, Adeife Adeoye, narrated how her friend lost his writing job paying $2,000 (N2.3 million) after a friend snitched on him.

Adeoye said a man, without a job, reached out to her friend on X, begging him to be assisted with work.


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