Nigerian Man With N100K Salary Asks Lady Earning N34 Million to Quit Her Job and Marry Him

Nigerian Man With N100K Salary Asks Lady Earning N34 Million to Quit Her Job and Marry Him

  • A young Nigerian woman has shared her experience with a young man who desired to tie the knot with her
  • The lady revealed that the man was earning about N100k to N200k annually while she earned about N34 million
  • However, he insisted that he wasn't happy that she earned better than him and asked her to resign out of love

A Nigerian man has been dragged mercilessly on social media after asking a lady to quit her job for him.

The young man who was earning about N100,000 to N200,000 annual salary said he didn't want his woman to earn better for him.

Lady shares experience with suitor
Lady shares experience with suitor Photo credit: @RapidEye, Carrastock/ Getty Images
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He asked for her hand in marriage and instructed that she resigns from her N34 million yearly job to be with him.

She politely turned him down but he went crazy and threatened to report the grown woman to her parents.

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RejiYates tweeted:

"This guy in Nigeria that knows my family asked if it would be okay for him to speak to my parents about marriage and I said no. I don’t have an interest in marrying him.
"He asked why and I have my reasons. He focused on the financial reason. I simply said we aren’t in the same financial place and I don’t think it’s fair on both of us.
"One, I don’t want to limit my lifestyle and he shouldn’t have to be pressured to earn more. It’s just unfair for both of us imo. He asked if I would give up my work for love and I said absolutely not. I explained I love my job, it’s something that brings me happiness and makes me who I am. It’s also part of my personal brand so it simply cannot go.

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"He said my reasoning is not realistic. He gave me a range of his annual salary in naira which was around 100,000 - 200,000 which is fine and I said that isn’t bad. That’s what he earns and good on him.
"I gave mine in naira which is 28 million - 34 million and he said I can’t earn more than my husband.
"I called him insecure and he said a man is suppose to be the provider and there is nothing insecure about that. So I told him to go and provide for someone within his bracket. He can’t provide for me so he said he will report me to my family.
"I don’t care if he reports me cause my family would legit laugh. The mentality alone is even madness. Why can’t I earn more and why would I give up that salary and work? He said women of now a days wants to be like men. Is this what Nigerian women deal with?"

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Social media reactions

Chima Mmeje said:

"Today is another day to be astounded and gobsmacked by the audacity of men!"

Naturalista wrote:

"Not in the wrong, he sound like he's having a tantrum rather than acknowledge your very reasonable stance. You'd only end up resenting each other."

Ahof3 Patri added:

"Weird behaviour. You can’t meet me at level 10 then tell me to come down to level 5 and accommodate you."

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