Sky Cruise: Inside Giant Flying Luxury Hotel Designed to Stay in the Air Forever, Video of it Stirs Reactions

Sky Cruise: Inside Giant Flying Luxury Hotel Designed to Stay in the Air Forever, Video of it Stirs Reactions

  • A detailed mockup video of a giant futuristic flying hotel designed in such a way that it will never land has caused a huge stir on the net
  • According to the creator named Hashem Alghaili, the flying hotel called Sky Cruise will be powered by 20 nuclear fusion engines
  • The Sky Cruise promises a sports center, restaurant, bar, playground, cinema, wedding hall, swimming pools, meeting hall and everything

A filmmaker and creator identified as Hashem AI-Ghaili and a man named Tony Holmsten are set to launch a giant AI-powered futuristic flying hotel called Sky Cruise.

A detailed mockup video of the hotel shared by @nypost on Instagram has stunned internet users and raised a series of questions.

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The Sky Cruise will be powered by 20 nuclear fusion engines. Photo Credit: NYPost
Source: UGC

Sky Cruise is designed to remain in the air forever

In a report by NYPost, the creator Al-Ghaili of the mind-boggling hotel believes it is the future of transport.

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Al-Ghaili also hinted at it not being driven by pilots.

"All this technology and you still want pilots? I believe it will be fully autonomous.”

Sky Cruise whose release date is unknown is designed to stay in the air forever.

The cruise which will run on 20 nuclear fusion engines will require plenty of staff to attend to the needs of guests.

The hotel promises a 360-degree view of the sky, an entertainment deck, wedding hall, swimming pools, meeting hall, a shopping mall, sports center, restaurant, bar, playground and a cinema.

Its passengers will be picked up and dropped off at their various destinations. The hotel aircraft has a passenger capacity of 5, 000. Running repairs will also be carried out in the sky.

Watch the mockup video below:

Netizens share their thoughts on the Sky Cruise

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@nalomal0 said:

"Um I doubt them engines can run all year round . It’s not like a car that you can stop and pull over .. if enything goes wrong up there expect everyone to die."

@zemer188 said:

"I would not want to stay here I feel trapped like I could go places but I can’t go places if that makes sense."

@wilkad said:

"No thanks!! Flying high in those altitudes mess up with your hormones, besides who would want to breath recycled air and be stuck in a place you can’t get fresh air."

@timberw0lf said:

"All fun and games till that turbulence hits you with that 10 feet drop Lmaoo."

Space hotel to be opened in 2027

Meanwhile, previously reported that mixed reactions have trailed a hotel that would be built in space.

The hotel named Voyager Station will be opened in the year 2027, and many say they will be willing to take loved ones there.

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The Voyager Station hotel is being constructed by Orbital Assembly Corporation which focuses on building gravity-enabled space constructions. The construction of the hotel has been reportedly delayed by Covid-19 but the company has said the completion of the hotel will be possible.


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