Age Not a Factor: 96-Yr-Old Man Takes the Dance Floor With Young Lady, He Refuses to Be Defeated in Cute Video

Age Not a Factor: 96-Yr-Old Man Takes the Dance Floor With Young Lady, He Refuses to Be Defeated in Cute Video

  • A 96-year-old man has proved that age is not a factor when it comes to dancing as he has been seen dancing so well with a young lady
  • The elderly man named Tom danced so well that he so much impressed the young lady with whom he did ballroom dance
  • The nonagenarian has wowed many people who have had the opportunity to watch the video of his nice dance steps as they praised him for his skills

A nonagenarian recently took to the dance floor and it was all a delight to behold as he did ballroom dance. The man named Tom danced alongside a young lady who also displayed incredible skills.

The sweet video of their dance has made it to Instagram and it has wowed many people who have described the man as very strong.

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Liya Kazbekova takes to the dance floor with Tom, displaying nice ballroom dance in a cute video
Tom and Liya Kazbekova danced it off, showing cool moves. Photo credit: Liya Kazbekova and @goodnewsmovement
Source: Instagram

He refused to be defeated

Despite his old age, Tom refused to give up his ambition to dig out on the dancing floor. He kept on dancing moving and swinging to the rhythms of the classic music. Commenting, Liya Kazbekova the young lady who danced with Tom said:

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"He is 96 and he is a dancer. My inspiration and motivation. Applause to my student - Tom. Once a dancer, forever a dancer."

Watch the video below:

Social media users react, praise man for his skills in ballroom dance

Tom's nice dance moves warmed many hearts after it was posted on Instagram by @goodnewsmovement. Here are a few reactions to the video:

@jovitawalker6 remarked:

"Brought a smile to my face."

@koukklabouloua reacted:

"I'll be his dance partner!!!"

@sheila.c_ commented:

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"Hes no dummy!! 96 and still holding and dancing w a beautiful woman."

@thishouseisfordancing wrote:

"Oh my gosh, I can't handle the cuteness. Keep dancing Tom. You look great!!"

@cat._marie said:

"He got the footwork down on time and everything! Wow!"

Old man in black suit dances with one leg up

In another story previously reported by an old man was spotted dancing so excitedly in public.

The man danced with a bottle of wine in his hand, raising his leg up and turning around many times to the admiration of many people.

Many wondered why the man danced so happily in the video which attracted many reactions online.


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