Tacha and Mercy, Erica and Laycon, 4 Other BBNaija’s Biggest Rivalries That Rocked Social Media

Tacha and Mercy, Erica and Laycon, 4 Other BBNaija’s Biggest Rivalries That Rocked Social Media

  • The BBNaija show has continued to keep fans entertained for seven seasons for different reasons
  • The reality show, which has been described as a social experiment, has proven to be able to bring out the best and worst in people
  • Over the years, some BBNaija stars were involved in great rivalries that shook social media to its core

The BBNaija reality show has survived for seven seasons considering that it has been able to bring fans heavy doses of drama among other things.

Fans of the reality show have been known to get excited when controversial things happen on the show and even term shows without great rivalries as boring, according to them, they are there for the ‘vawulence’.

Interestingly, many of these housemates have served fans just what they wanted by being at loggerheads with one another.

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BBNaija rivals.
BBNaija stars that were great rivals on the show. Photos: @bigbronaija
Source: Instagram

In its seven seasons, the BBNaija show has had some of the biggest celebrity rivalries to rock social media and Legit.ng will be taking a look at some of them.

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1. Bisola and Tboss from See Gobe:

On BBNaija season 2, two of the most loved female housemates, Bisola and Tboss, were also not on the best of terms. The two ladies had been known to exchange words on different occasions and this divided fans on social media who had to take sides.

2. Boma and Angel from Shine Ya Eye season:

During the sixth BBNaija season, Boma and Angel were two housemates who gave fans perhaps the biggest first of their set. Angel was a young 21-year-old while Boma was in his mid-thirties. After a disagreement started between them, Boma did not fail to use Angel’s younger age to score points and this spiraled into a shout-fest that left social media fans excited. After this fight, the two housemates never seemed to get along till the end of the show and even after.

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3. Laycon and Erica from Lockdown set:

The BBNaija Lockdown show was another set that left social media in disarray as fans continued to do their best to support their faves. Interestingly, Laycon and Erica started out as friends at the start of the show but things changed after the young man expressed his likeness for Erica and she had eyes instead for another housemate, Kiddwaya. As a result, Laycon started to distance himself while Erica tried to still be there as a friend. The situation between them later deteriorated so much that it ended in a blow up from Erica which led to her eventual disqualification. After the show, these former friends still did not see eye to eye before some other celebs intervened in their case.

4. Sheggz and Adekunle from Level Up season:

These housemates were initially fan favorites and people expected them to get along on the show. However, they just did not seem to like each other and there were claims of one party making it a habit to gossip about the other or cases of one party regarding the other as being proud. They just did not see eye to eye and usually stayed away from each other.

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5. Whitemoney and Pere from BBNaija Shine Ya Eye:

These young men caused a lot of buzz during their BBNaija season over how they just could not get along, especially at the beginning of the show. Whitemoney had a friendly persona and he also loved cooking and did not mind taking up the chores in the house. Pere on the other hand greatly suspected Whitemoney and this developed into animosity for him. Their fight blew up when Pere verbally attacked Whitemoney by challenging him to repeat something he had said to the other housemates during a game. Pere’s approach came off as an attack and the other housemates stood up to defend Whitemoney. The display also caused great drama on social media from fans.

6. Tacha and Mercy from BBNaija Pepper Dem:

This is one BBNaija rivalry that will perhaps also remain talked about in the history of the show. Tacha and Mercy were no doubt the most loved housemates during their set but for different reasons. On the show, Tacha often came off as a one man army who did not get along with the majority of her co-stars. Mercy on the other hand got along well with others but she and Tacha maintained a wide berth for each other. Despite that, there was already animosity brewing between them. When they eventually fought, it got so big that it led to Tacha’s disqualification. Mercy was also issued a strike because of the incident. Their fight divided social media fans so much and these ladies were not spotted together for a long time after the show.

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BBNaija rivalries have become a big part of the show that fans seem to look forward to. Perhaps in the future, there will be a BBNaija season with no bad blood between housemates.

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