6 Fashion Trends, Items That Are Not Heaven-Compliant According to Nigerian Women of God

6 Fashion Trends, Items That Are Not Heaven-Compliant According to Nigerian Women of God

  • The years have witnessed numerous claims by supposed men/women of God about fashion trends that should be stopped
  • In recent times, videos of more women of God have gone viral in which they are seen condemning beauty and fashion accessories
  • In this article, Legit.ng takes a look at six different beauty and fashion trends that have been tagged 'not heaven-compliant'

If you're a Christian or believe in the concept of heaven, you might want to rethink your fashion choices so you don't miss out on your chance to enter the celestial paradise.

For the past few weeks, women of God as seen on fast-growing Instagram page, Dramatic People, have taken to social media t share some rather interesting and somewhat bizarre claims about landing in hell over certain fashion choices.

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Photos of a black shoe, threaded hair and a belt.
The women of God have condemned these fashion trends. Credit: Dima Berlin, @dramatic_people_ (Instagram), Krasimir Kanchev / EyeEm
Source: Instagram

In this article, Legit.ng spotlights six beauty and fashion trends that may land you in hell if you're a believer of these women.

Check them out below:

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1. Makeup

Narrating her experience going to hell, this preacher said she wept heavily about the situation, pointing out that she had stopped everything and was only using face powder.

To those who may want to doubt her claim, she says:

"Powder is an abomination before out saviour Jesu Christ."

2. Belt

Apparently, even the barest fashion apparel is not let out.

Here, this woman of God comes for people who wear waistbelts saying God is against it. Acknowledging that her claims may cause a commotion, she advised that people ask God directly about it, rather than argue.

She says:

"Jesus told me that those people who are wearing waist belts, when they die, they'll not see the kingdom of God."

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3. Lipstick and lashes

Although, not an uncommon claim - as many churches are against these things - this woman of God's claims about why people should not wear lipsticks or fix artificial eye lashes left wute a number of people stunned.

She said:

"This lipstick that they are putting on their mouth is the blood of those that the devil has killed. And the eyelashes people are putting on today is the armpit of satan."

4. Dreadlocks

Here, this woman of God can be seen bashing people with dreadlocks, stating that they will not make heaven because of how they wear their hair.

Also known as locs or dreads, these protective hairstyles are rope-like strands of hair formed by locking or braiding hair and have been around as far as 1600–1500 BCE, according to Wikipedia.

However, the evangelist stated that she saw a demon in hell with the same hairstyle, only his was made of snakes.

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5. Shoes with heels

In this video, the woman shows her collection of heeled shows, including a pair of pumps, heeled slippers, and sandals.

She revealed her plans to destroy them because they have heels and pieces of jewelry on them, making them 'hell's fashion.'

In her words:

"The reason I'm destroying them is because they are not heaven complaint."

6. Rubber thread

This video starts with the woman of God reading a message she claimed to have gotten from God.

The statement is a question warning the sisters who use rubber thread to make their hair, questioning if it is worth going to hell for.

This video is interesting seeing as most churches that preach again hair attachments, often rely on threading methods to style their hair.

These are some claims that have left social media users buzzing with mixed reactions.

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