Maintaining Beauty in The Heat: Big chop, 5 Other Hairstyles Perfect For Hot Weather

Maintaining Beauty in The Heat: Big chop, 5 Other Hairstyles Perfect For Hot Weather

  • Maintaining a beautiful sense of style during hot weather isn't always fun nor is it easy to execute
  • With hairstyles, one ought to think carefully so as not to end up with a look that would only make the heat unbearable
  • In this article, highlights some stylish hairstyles that are perfect to rock in hot weather

Getting your slay on during hot weather is a different ballgame altogether and while wigs make things convenient, the choice of wig matters.

Nancy Isime / Linda Osifo
Some looks for hot weather. Credit: Nancy Isime, Linda Osifo
Source: Instagram

From braids to sew-ins and wigs, going for a hot weather-friendly hairstyle is of topmost importance if you want to go out looking and feeling comfortable.

To help you slay better in these sweltering times, takes a look at six hairstyles perfect for the heat.

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Check them out below:

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1. Bantu knots

These are the perfect go-to for battling the heat while maintaining beauty.

Bantu Knots is a hairstyle with origins from the Zulu tribe of South Africa, where the hair is sectioned off, twisted, and wrapped in such a way that the hair stacks upon itself to form a spiralled knot.

With this hairstyle, you don't have to bother about hair getting in your face or touching you in the heat.

2. Pixie cut

This can be worn as a sew-in or even better, as a wig.

The pixie cut comes in different variations and is also perfect for slaying in hot weather. While a full fringe look is advised against, you can go for a side fringe or a very cropped full fringe.

It is short, easy to manipulate, and most importantly, gives you room to enjoy the cool breeze.

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3. Cornrows

Unarguably, one of the top picks for hot weather.

Cornrows are perfect for the heat because it gives your scalp ample room to breathe. You can decide to use your natural hair for the style or add hair extensions if you're a fan of long lengths.

4. Ponytail/gel pack

If you're a fan of hairstyles that keep away from your face then this is perfect for you!

The hairstyle which requires gel and hair extensions added at the bun of your packed hair is an easy hairstyle to rock in hot weather.

And when the ponytail begins to bother you at the back, you can always wrap it up in a high bun!

5. Shuku

This is what you can refer to as the braided version of ponytail/gel packing hairstyle.

Just like cornrows, it gives your scalp room to breathe between the plaits and can also be wrapped up or let hanging - depending on how you like to slay.

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6. Low cut

This is the simplest yet more daring choice of them all.

In times of battling heat, nothing is as alluring as the big chop. This is the best way to slay in the heat as you have the option of rocking your big chop or wearing a weather-friendly wig over it.

The best thing about a big chop? Shower time, as you can afford to run water through your hair without any damning consequence!

These are some of's top picks for battling the hot weather as a top babe!

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