Moses Bliss: Father Ugwu and Ekene Umenwa’s Bestie, Deacon Famous, Drag Each Other Online

Moses Bliss: Father Ugwu and Ekene Umenwa’s Bestie, Deacon Famous, Drag Each Other Online

  • Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu and Ekene Umenwa's 'bestie' and wedding reception MC Deacon Famous had an altercation online
  • Deacon Famous told the clergy to leave social media and focus on God's work fervently after he pointed out the wrong the bride did by kneeling for Moses Bliss
  • Reacting to the callout, the reverend took the time to explain his stance and slammed Famous for faulting his views

Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has attacked Deacon Famous, actress Ekene Umenwa's 'bestie' and wedding reception MC, after sharing his opinion on her and gospel singer Moses Bliss' controversial embrace.

Deacon Famous had asked Father Ugwu to stay off social media and focus on God after he criticised Moses Bliss for failing to call the bride to order.

Father Ugwu and Ekene Umenwa’s bestie/MC Decon Famous
Father Ugwu and Ekene Umenwa’s bestie/MC, Deacon Famous, fight dirty over Moses Bliss. Credit: @fatherugwu, @deaconfamous
Source: Facebook

Famous said Father Ugwu ignored the wedding altar and focused on the issue.

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The priest wrote a lengthy Facebook response, indirectly criticising Deacon Famous for his past views.

He wrote on Facebook:

"Deacon_Famous, We can always agree to disagree; there is nothing wrong with that. Personally, I don't have any problem with Ekene. She may be very emotional; some people are like that. It might even be one of the things her husband loves the most about her.
"Some of us feel she could have had better emotional control. But it does not matter. She did not commit any crime by being expressive as she did. I think all we owe them is prayers. As a priest, my concern was more on the singer/minister. What was in my mind was: When you find yourself in a situation like that when a woman is literally in awe and excitement whether before or in the absence of her husband, what should a minister do?"

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The cleric reminded the MC how he became famous, saying he used to make caricatures of the sacred sacrament of confession on social media. He asked Famous if he could try that with some other religions.

"So, while priests are busy focusing on the Lord's work in their parishes following your 'almighty' command to us to leave Facebook, you are busy wearing cassocks and stole as though you are a priest and scattering all our works on social media. . . then, the same you will still turn around and quote for us how the harvest is much and the labourers are few.
"Even you, be sincere to yourself, what you said, does it make sense to you?"

Netizens react to Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu's post compiled them below:

Mary Charles:

"The problem we have with most people is the lack understand. Most people read without understanding the point of the post. illiteracy they say is a disease."

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Benjamin Catherine Chinecherem:

"Someone posted his reply to you I had to look up ur page to view your explanation because I don't like jumping into conclusions... I love how you explained and replied him. Kudos padre. On a second thought, so many priests wants and commands such respect and reactions from their parishioners and followers, especially the famous ones... I hope you equally correct them once you find yourself in the position to... Because I noticed a quite number of Catholics find faults easily with other churches or ministries... Mind you am equally a Catholic, just stating my observation."

Nora Clemz:

"Una no sleep? Since yesterday sosho media people never rest for this girl case, abi una carry am for mind sleep? make nobody surprise me with Frank Edward I have said it oo."

Fada Ebube Divine Mercy:

"Well, we are leaving facebook for no body. Our parishioners are here. Father Ugwu fire on. We are with you."

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Celebrities turn up for Ekene Umenwa

Meanwhile, reported that Ekene Umenwa's wedding to Ifeanyi Ogbodo Alex, aka Alex Kleaton, made headlines over the weekend.

The wedding, which took place in Edo state, saw popular celebrities like James Brown and Destiny Etiko, among others, in attendance.

Sharing a video of him in a pink outfit, James wrote:

"I was so snatched that I couldn't dance."


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