Basketmouth, AY's 17-Year-Old Beef: 7 Takeaways, Key Revelations in Comedians’ 2022 and 2023 Interviews

Basketmouth, AY's 17-Year-Old Beef: 7 Takeaways, Key Revelations in Comedians’ 2022 and 2023 Interviews

  • Top comedian AY Makun recently made fresh revelations about his longstanding beef with colleague Basketmouth
  • AY's interview comes barely a year after Basketmouth equally sat down with media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
  • highlights key takeaways from both interviews as it involves the feud among the veteran comic stars

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Basketmouth and AY Makun have been at loggerheads for 17 years, but both parties might be on the part to a resolution now that they have both addressed their issues in public.

Over the past few days, the veteran comedians have become trending topics on social media, with many who were previously unaware of their rift getting fresh knowledge following AY’s tell-all interview with Chude Jideonwo.

AY Makun and Basketmouth interviews
AY and Basketmouth have both granted interviews where they spoke about their rift. Photo:
Source: Instagram

Although AY’s interview is more recent, Basketmouth equally granted a 2022 Bounce Radio live interview with media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, where he also shared his side of the story in sketchy bits.

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In light of the recent happenings, highlights key takeaways from the interviews granted by both parties.

1. It started in 2006

During his interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, AY admitted that he had a healthy relationship with Basketmouth, and the comedian would even have him fill in for him at shows where he couldn’t be present.

AY said a transaction went sour between them precisely in 2006 when Basketmouth held on to N30k, which should have been his payment. AY, who was still struggling at the time, resorted to sharing information with a client, an action which ultimately made Basketmouth feel betrayed.

In his interview with Ebuka, Basketmouth equally stated that they used to have a good relationship, but unlike AY, he wasn’t clear on the exact time things fell apart.

2. AY wasn’t allowed into Basketmouth’s wedding

Even amid their rift, AY claimed he made efforts to attend Basketmouth’s wedding, which took place in 2010, but he was denied entry at the venue of the event. According to AY, his wife Mabel’s name was on the guest list, while he was not included.

AY said his wife suggested they return home since they couldn’t enter the venue together.

3. AY tried to seek a resolution

During his interview, AY claimed many years after their rift, he once spotted Basketmouth at a club and approached him to have a chat seeking a resolution.

According to AY, he explained how they had both gotten significantly successful in every aspect of their lives, and as such, they should be able to move past their issues.

He, however, claimed that Basketmouth categorically stated that he is a beast that doesn’t forgive.

4. Basketmouth said that AY is disloyal

During his interview with Ebuka, Basketmouth made it clear that he isn’t one that messes around with loyalty, and this was exactly what ruined their relationship.

He explained that AY, who was struggling at the time, came into his personal space, a statement which corroborates the comedian’s claim about getting help from Basketmouth at the start of his career.

According to Basketmouth, AY came around and messed up with loyalty.

5. There was indeed a case of oversharing

Although Basketmouth left out the specifics in his interview, he recounted how AY had divulged information he shared in confidence with a third party. According to Basketmouth, the third party was his lawyer, Magnus.

Baskmouth’s claims also seem to corroborate AY’s claim about divulging information he shouldn’t have. However, AY claimed the individual in question was a client, and all he did was forward a message he received from both parties (Basketmouth and the client) to each other.

6. AY has apologised

During his interview with Ebuka, Basketmouth categorically admitted that AY apologised for his actions. He, however, said the incident already made him fall back into his shell and put up walls, ultimately leading to them going their separate ways.

7. Basketmouth says they are not friends, but they are cool

In Basketmouth's 2022 interview, he admitted that he wouldn't entirely describe AY as a friend, but they are just 'cool pals' who acknowledge each other in public.

His words, however, contradict AY's claims of them avoiding each other in public. AY claimed Basketmouth would always refuse to introduce him if they are both scheduled to perform at an event.

AY speaks on beef with Basketmouth

Still in a related story, reported that AY Makun shed some light on the reason why he and his colleague Basketmouth don’t talk.

AY said while he doesn’t have issues with Basketmouth, he has had to ignore his incessant childishness.

The comedian added that Basketmouth was battling with an uncontrollable superiority complex, a statement that stirred reactions online.


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