"We're Not Enough," Media personality Temi Badru Opens up as Her 'Against All Odds' Series Kicks off

"We're Not Enough," Media personality Temi Badru Opens up as Her 'Against All Odds' Series Kicks off

  • In a world of blacks and whites, media personality Temi Badru has chosen to be the colour red and is unapologetic about it
  • Through her series 'Against All Odds,' the top lawyer and global revivalist is on a mission to tell the stories of ordinary Nigerians who have turned life's lemonades given to them into lemons
  • In this interview with Legit.ng, the founder of Voices and Faces Communications bares it all on her docuseries, which has successfully had its pilot episode

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Media personality Temi Badru is the poster girl for Catholic nun Mother Theresa's famous saying, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

The top lawyer and compere premiered her docuseries 'Against All Odds' on Workers Day at Transcorp Hilton, Lagos and has gone on to shoot its pilot episode in her quest to 'cast a stone' across the Nigerian waters to create impactful ripples.

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Media personality Temi Badru speaks on what motivated her new series 'Against All Odds'
Temi Badru is the convener of 'Against All Odds' docuseries. Photo Credit: @temi_badru
Source: Instagram

Temi tells it all in this explosive interview with Legit.ng, calling for more people to champion the cause of telling the stories of resilient people defying the odds stacked against them to shine a light in their corner of the world.

What prompted Temi's 'Against All Odds' series

While clarifying that her newly launched docuseries is not women-focused, Temi shared with Legit.ng what actually inspired her to start the inspiring venture.

"So I started the 'Against All Odds' docuseries because it was something that had been on my mind - To tell stories.
"For some time, I desired to tell stories, and I just knew that it was time to tell stories of people who have been able to turn their adversities into strength. And so in March, it was women's month.

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"And I thought, oh, this is another opportunity to tell stories of women again, you know, and you know, just even apart from women, men, other people who have been able to turn their adversity into strength, people who have been resilient..."

Speaking further, Temi added:

"I've always seen them and admired them. I've heard certain stories and thought, oh, wow, that's so interesting.
"I wanted to share the stories, but I felt that a lot of people didn't know those stories. And for people who we looked up to people who we admire, who we consider to be successful, a lot of times we don't know their backstory, we don't know how they got there.
"We don't know the process. And so I desire to tell those stories of how they got there, of the challenges they've had to put up with, of the struggles, of how they've been resilient, and how they finally overcame."

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Challenges encountered in creating the docuseries

While it has only just produced its pilot episode on Toyin Ogunniyi, a female carpenter who turned her adversity into strength, it was not without its challenges.

Temi shared some of the challenges she encountered. In her words:

"The first challenge, as I mentioned was funding, because it was self funded, so funding and funding because at that point, I knew that we wanted to do it and I wanted to do it within a short time.
"And you know, you a lot of people want to see what you've done before they partner. So this was the pilot episode. This was the first episode and so I needed to believe in it so much to put my resources and funding it.
"So that was also very important that I believed in it enough to put my own funds into it and show people this is what we have done. So funding yourself on that..."

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Other challenges Temi overcame resiliently:

"The second thing would be logistics. So at the point where we shot we shot the docuseries - the first episode 'I'm Woman' - in Lagos on the mainland. I traveled to Lagos for the shoots and and for some other event, and you know, on the day of the shoot, I think that morning, it was rainy. There was traffic. I was coming down, because I'd gone to do some events on the island and it was coming down from the island to the mainland, and the third mainland bridge.
"That was the time where they shot down the site, the two sides of the Third Mainland Bridge. So we had to find some shortcuts which ended up being longer to get to the venue. But thanks to an excellent crew that was led by the cinematographer Mr Taiwo Quadri.
"They had gotten to the site early you know, and started to get acquainted with the venue ahead of me getting there. It was also such a short time, you know, so we had to do things excellently without compromising on the quality in such a short time.

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"So that was another challenge as well you know, getting things done quickly. You know, all of the post production had to be done so quick. And then we decided we wanted to launch it, and then we had to put together an event and we had partners for the event."

Watch the first episode of Temi's docuseries below:

Temi's experience shooting the first episode

When quizzed about how the experience was during the shoot of the first episode, Temi told Legit.ng it was encouraging.

"The experience has been very encouraging. Very encouraging, to be honest, coming from somebody who just said, oh, I want to tell stories. I want to find it myself. To get into the scene speaking to people, even the lady Mrs. Toyin Ogunniyi - that's her name, the person whose story we shared in episode one, you know, speaking to her team, they were so warm. You know, there were so they were so warm.

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"Even the people around there were so warm, they were happy for us to tell their story. So it was positive in terms of reception from people was positive, even beyond during the shoots, to post-production, to primary needs, to people hearing the story, to the release."

Source: Legit.ng

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