Nigerians Reacts as Elon Musk Prepares to Test his Company's Microchip with Human Brain by 2022

Nigerians Reacts as Elon Musk Prepares to Test his Company's Microchip with Human Brain by 2022

  • Nigerians have reacted spiritually to the news on Elon Musk company, Neuralink getting ready for the launching of the human brain microchip
  • Neuralink Corporation is a neurotechnology company developing implantable brain-machine interfaces
  • Musk had recently revealed testing with a monkey was very successful and the next stage is for humans

Nigerians have expressed different opinions after Elon Musk announced that his brain-interface technology firm, Neuralink, is ready to implant microchips into human brains.

They accused the world's wealthiest man of attempting to create human-robot hybrids, while others dubbed him "the man who will end the world."

Others saw the bright side, believing that the microchip would help ease the burden of reading for exams.

Nigerians go spiritual as Elon Musk prepares to launch his company's microchip for human brain by 2022
The brain chip insertion will be done with a robot. Credit: Neuralink
Source: Facebook

Here are some of the reactions

Chigbo Nnoli Victor said:

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"Discerning the signs of time. In the last days, wickedness will increase and the love of men wax colder...he who ears let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches."

Sam Olu:

"All these religious people are afraid of end time. Why are you guys afraid of end time if you are Christian? Are you not supposed to be happy that heaven came faster than expected? If heaven is such a great place, you wish to go, why can't you guys go today....what are you waiting for?"

Chinwe Obi-Onwurah:

"This portends a great danger! No right-thinking human should allow this in his/her brain! May God forbid that I will have this implanted in my brain! Whatever they want to achieve with this invention is not for me and mine!"

Rosemary Effanga-offiong:

"Elon musk, my brain is already filled with the problems of my country that chip will explode if I use it."

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Valentine EyeslookGod Cfrn:

"First is the lures and fascinations of the invention. Last last, people will hack into other people’s brains, play them like games for gains."

What is the function of the microchip?

Despite the fact that many Nigerians are concerned about the invention, Elon Musk has revealed that the chip is designed to record and stimulate brain activity in order to help patients suffering from significant spinal cord injuries and neurological illnesses.

He explained:

"Neuralink is working well in monkeys, and we're currently conducting extensive testing to ensure that it's highly safe and reliable, and that the Neuralink device can be securely removed.
“I think we have a chance with Neuralink to restore full-body functionality to someone who has a spinal cord injury.”

Musk also added that the chip could allow someone who is suffering from disability to use a smartphone with their mind.

Musk gives his opinion on civilisation, human progress

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World Richest man, Elon Musk has explained death is critical to human progress as people rarely change their minds.

He maintained that death is "important," and that scientists' theories about prolonging life make little sense.

As at Wednesday, 8 December, data from the Bloomberg index put Elon Musk's wealth at $278 billion.


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